Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quickie Post : OMG's First Taping

And we have lift off....

Last night was the taping of the very first episode of One Moment Of Glory. And to be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect, especially after having been in 'Idol' mode last year, when someone says 'talent show', my reaction is to expect 'idol'-type shows.

I have to say it was a surprisingly refreshing change.

The atmosphere backstage was nowhere as tense as back in Idol days. But where tension lacked, variety was abundant. At times I felt like I was in a circus. Ok, maybe not circus, cos then you'd be expecting like 'freaks' to appear come August 9th. It was just a case of a lot of colourful sparkly costumes and props. You don't really get a lot of props at Idol, save for a Gibson guitar here or a baby grand piano there.

Ten acts took to the stage last night and only eight made it through to tonight's show (Episode 2). I was tweeting away last night after almost every contestant, so I shan't go into great detail except to say that overall I think everyone brought something quite different to the stage, some a little more so than others. Not bad la, got fire on stage k. More than once.

Confidence and showmanship are so important in winning the audience, and the judges, over and a handful of last night's competitors had both in spades. But some were a little lacking, on both fronts. Perhaps it was nerves or just inexperience, but hey its just Ep 1, still early days.

Holding back, maybe?
I spoke to some of the contestants (there were soooo many sparkly-costumed bodies moving about, I couldn't catch them all) backstage after their performances, and began to wonder if maybe it was part of their game plan - hold back now so they had something more WOW to show at the next stage? But holding back also means risking elimination.

When asked, many said that if they got through to the next episode, they had tons more tricks up their sleeves to impress judges. Looks like they like taking risks. One of the contestants gave me a laundry list of all his other talents (apart from the one he had just performed) and they were the kind that make you go....."holy crap you can DO that?" That was my first reaction, my second was, "why didn't you whip them talents out just now?"

It's clear if I ever got on a show like this I would fly by the seat of my pants cos I usually have NO game plan.

Balancing act...
I guess its not easy to strike that balance between a fab trick-filled routine that has enough to wow and surprise, yet leaves yourself just enough space to up the ante if you get to the next stage.

Which is TONIGHT.
Yes, they are taping Episode 2 tonight! Not much lead time to prepare rightt?? So people who watch the show later on, don't think they had a whole week to get a new routine together etc, they had to do it literally overnight!
(Although, I met an act who literally came up with their act overnight.... they were at Mediacorp from 11pm the night before til 6am yesterday working on the routine they put up on the show last nght. Talk about pulling an all-nighter!)

And get this, the 8 that made it through last night, will be facing FOUR NEW CHALLENGERS tonight! At the end of the night, only 8 acts will make it to Episode 3 (which tapes TOMORROW night!) Chee-kek right? (thats Cantonese for 'exciting' btw!) Producers weren't kidding when they said got twists and turns.

Can't wait to see who the 4 new challengers are for tonight and see if the current 8 are able to defend their place on the podium (see pic of set, there are eight 'podium' spaces for the top 8 of each episode).

Contestants......are. you. ready. to. BRING IT?!

xoxo, s.

ps. Note to self. Bring DSLR. No longer have fab photog @norasyraf to leech pics from.

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