Monday, July 26, 2010

OMG Fun Facts

Did you know TV Theatre had a B5? I didn't.
Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a good weekend :) I'm all chirpy cos its a super-packed week for me and I'm looking forward to going to the OMG! press conference this Thursday, 29th July. Mark the date and join me on Twitter for live updates on site! You'll be the first to know if you guessed the judges/hosts identities right cos I'll be twitpiccing!

Here are 10 OMG! behind-the-scenes tidbits to kick off your week, and hopefully get your curiosity going too :

1. So far, only 3 contestants have brought musical instruments along. Betcha wondering what everyone else is doing right?

2. Only one contestant so far has envy-worthy abs, and its not a guy!

3. Injury count thus far : 1 sprained ankle, 1 sprained back, 2 have lost their voices, 1 burnt arm, 1 burnt tongue, quite a few broken hearts and shattered egos.

4. Out of the contestants I interviewed, most have said they would either share or give their prize money to their parents (aww so filial!) or use the money to go on holiday. Only two have selflessly proclaimed to donate it all to charity.

5. Prior to the actual show recording, contestants don't know who the Challengers are or what they're talents are either. The four challengers are kept hidden away in a dark hallway with yucky green carpeting one floor below the theatre, they only get to come up for air when they actually go on-air! (Who knew TV Theatre had one more floor below? The lift only has buttons down to B4. This is actually B5, and its creeeeeepy. I must take a pic to show you guys!)

6. One groups outfit's were so coordinated and colourful, it prompted someone to nickname them 'Garden Gnomes'. Seriously, they looked a little like the Travelocity gnome that's always featured on Amazing Race.

7. The biggest group thus far is a 7-member act.

8. One of the contestants used to make a living on the streets of Latvia! (Wth! And they're not Latvian ok!)

9. Another contestant did pirouettes onstage, and nope, this contestant's talent was not dancing. Soooo not their talent, according to Zaki (lol!)

10. With each passing episode, contestants have edged closer and closer to the judges in a bid to impress them up close and personal. One such contestant got so close to a judge, that said judge actually stood up in order to avoid any, ahem, close proximity awkwardness. Hello, personal space?

Hope you enjoyed that, don't forget to follow me on twitter by Thursday so you can be 'at the presscon' with me :)

xoxo, s.

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