Monday, July 19, 2010

OMG Recordings TODAY!

First OMG Recording TONIGHT!
Good morning folks! Its Monday! And normally I'm not a fan of Mondays, weekend withdrawal syndrome an' all, but today I'm rather upbeat, because I'm looking forward to all the OMG firsts happening tonight ...

1. First recording for the OMG series, and I'm guessing this will be Episode 1 (although this may not always be the case with pre-recorded shows, but we'll see.)
2. First time I'll get to see the contestants (really hoping to be very surprised by whatever they're talents are and hopefully hopefully blown away, so I can come back and report to you guys that there IS a show worth watching come August 9th!)

3. First time I'll get to see the judges and hosts in action (am curious to see the tone they'll be setting for the show - upbeat, serious, funny or atas?)

4. First time I'll get to see/find out who the brand spanking new FOURTH JUDGE is.... SOOOO curious lor! No amount of bribery or cajoling could get it out of the Ch5 people over the weekend. I was just told to be patient and see for myself on Monday pffft!

Anyway, am gonna head over to Caldecott Hill around 7pm, so I can nosey about backstage a little before the taping starts at 7.45pm, so be sure to follow me on Twitter for updates and twitpics! Hope me and my cam don't get banned!

Thanks for the emails!
Btw, just wanted to say thank you for your email responses (sorry didn't thank you guys earlier) for when I asked if you had burning questions you wanted to ask the judges/hosts. :) Thanks for taking the time to write, although, er, some of you got the 'assignment' a bit wrong hor.... I asked you to send me your questions for them, not ask me questions about them laaaaa.... *kok* LOL!

Anyway, feel free to leave comments below or email them to me at if you're the *shy* type :)

More emails...
(eh you all this year new trend ah, don't wanna comment, just email ah?)
Recently, a number of you have asked me how the show works. This is as much as I know at this point, but I'm hoping it will be clearer after tonight (usually the show hosts will give viewers an overview of the show in the first ep).

1. Auditions were opened to anyone, any age, any race, any nationality in June. From there, I believe producers narrowed it down to a select group (not sure how many), who have made it onto the show.

2. One Moment Of Glory premieres on Channel 5 on August 9th, right after the National Day Parade. Thereafter, its weekly timeslot will be on Wednesdays at 8.30pm.

3. The first 6 episodes will be pre-recorded prior to their airdates. Results of who goes through to the next round (or next episode?) will be determined by the judging panel.

4. The LIVE shows begin in mid September and I've not been clued in as to how those will work as yet, but I think viewers will get a say in who goes through. I have been assured however that this is not a straightforward programme, and that viewers will have lots to look forward to as there are plenty of twists and turns to the format. So we'll just have to sit tight and follow the show from week to week! (Sounds like publicity people being secretive but still promoting the show hehe!)

Ok, thats it folks, am gonna go pack up my stuff and get all me chores done so that everything at home's in order before I ditch my babies to for TV Theatre!

xoxo, s.

ps. See y'all on Twitter later!!

pps. If you're keen to come for the studio recordings of the show, there are two more tapings this week - Tuesday (tomorrow) and Wednedsay - so just email Recordings start at 7.45pm at Caldecott Hill.

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