Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OMG's First Photoshoot : Judges & Host

Who's That Girl?
Is that a judge or one of the hosts for OMG? Guess?

"..... its meant to be more glam."
Thats what one of the hosts (ah, yes, there's more than one host for OMG :)) said to me today, describing the feel of the show.

And 'more glam' it was. Today's photoshoot set was all decked out in black, similar to the feel of the show's on-air trailers.

The judges and hosts were all dressed to the nines, heels super high for the ladies, and smart suits for the men. Everyone and the set looked 'glam' indeed. Throw in the fancy feather-sequined masks (used to keep their identities secret for the upcoming ads) and it was almost like a shoot for a high-end Cirque show.

The morning didn't start off as promising though. I had arrived at Mediacorp's makeup unit on the dot at 9am, but no one was to be found - no hosts/judges, no photographers, no handlers (artiste managers) - na da.

OMG's promo person was looking a little worried when Host #1 walked in about half an hour later, followed by Host #2 ten minutes after that, and Judge #1 shortly thereafter. Ah, 3 down by 10am, phew! Not too bad.

I wasn't at liberty to snap their mugs, so I snapped bags, shoes and er, wardrobe.

After that, I managed to score an interview with 3 out of the 5 that came today, and I must say it was lovely chatting
with them.

To be honest, I was a little starstruck because producers have selected some pretty well-known, and well-respected artistes to carry the show. The two hosts and the three judges I met today are experienced entertainers with substance - its a pretty solid panel. When all five were on set, it was pretty cool to watch because each one has an equally big personality and all are pros in front of the camera.

Also they're all so tall and glam in person (even before hair and makeup). Ok, maybe its cos I'm short la. (But seriously, they all don't look that tall on tv mah.... note to self, next round must wear my 'Malaque' platforms.)

Check out this lovely leggy lady who's one of the judges on the show! The freakish lighting happened because I took the picture at the same time the pro photog's flash went off nearby.

And that's one of the masks one of them will be wearing for the shoot. Very 'dangerous liasons' looking!

I've just learned that the Press Conference for the show is on 29th July, and the identities of the hosts and judges will be revealed then, so sit tight .... I get to attend it, so I shall drop ze bomb at the press con :) (to be held at a very fancy room/suite/space at *scape! So happening!).

In the meantime, am just waiting for the publicity team to send me some preview pics of the ad so I can give you guys a sneak peek, and maybe you'll be able to guess correctly who's doing what job :)

xoxo, s.

ps. Erm, and in case you were wondering, no, those aren't really your judges, those are Channel 5 interns Sean and Riza (did I spell your names right guys?) .... I suddenly miss Syarif and James!

pps. Btw, if you like the trailer above, you should check out the rest of Channel 5's on-air campaign at OMG's Facebook page (under Videos), I quite enjoyed watching it, well produced and edited trailers :), hopefully the show lives up to the marketing ;)

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