Tuesday, July 20, 2010

OMG Judges - My Verdict

OMG : Judging the Judges
Dare I? Judge a group of heavyweight entertainers (who between them probably have over 60 yrs of experience in the biz) who are the OMG judges on this blog?

Skali I kena blacklisted how? The media industry is very small you know. But aiya, then again, I shouldn't get ahead of myself, not that many people read this blog anyway right? So now, you probably think I'm gonna lambast them.

No la. If you followed my tweets last night you'd know I really enjoyed listening to their comments last night.

I had the pleasure of sitting with ex-Idol-now-OMG choreo specialist Zaki throughout the show, and we were both saying how this panel's style of judging is so different from the way DFK comment. (For the uninitiated, DFK = Dick, Florence and Ken, the Idol judging trio).

What's the magic number?
If you've been following my blog, you'll have read that a last minute addition to the panel occurred over the weekend, so instead of 3 judges on the panel last night (2 regular + 1 guest judge), we had 4 - they added another guest judge.
See the chairs in the pic above? (nice chairs btw!)

The promo people were running around reorganising publicity materials and press conference details to accommodate the new recruit whilst mumbling something about b*tchslapping producers for the unexpected change, twas certainly a sight to see, but I think maybe a fourth judge wasn't such a bad idea after all.

And this particular guest judge (no idea how many episodes they'll be guest-judging for) is a little younger than the other 3, so their perspective is totally different, I was actually surprised by most of the comments from this judge, it was always something I didn't expect them to say - I enjoyed the unpredictability.

In fact, I only have good things to say about each judge, and its not cos I'm dead scared of being shunned (please la they have no idea who I am anyway, much less shun me right?), its because I truly felt they gave constructive, honest and fair critiques, and never disrespected the contestants on air.

So polite this show.
My favourite judge is the one with the uber long legs. Imo, she speaks so well and makes so much sense, I just msn-ed @siproducer today and said she should be the 4th on Idol, should Idol ever return. But then again, not sure if her background is suitable to judge a singing competition, but I just love hearing her critique. Its kind, constructive, well-constructed and intelligent. Good wat? Sumore this one is a guest judge, future guest judges better be able to top her man. (Skali so good producers ask her to stay on for the full season woot!)

The lone male judge also had very constructive feedback, and since he's been in the industry for over 30 years, its safe to say he's probably seen it all. I thought he could have ended up being the harshest judge, as sometimes being in this line for so long, you may get jaded, but nope, I found him to be quite open and candid.

Speaking of candid, the last judge I haven't covered is just that. She's candid and the levity she brings to the show helped keep it light. Don't get me wrong, she wasn't cracking jokes up the wazoo, just a few calculated punchlines occasionally was enough, because like it or not, this woman comes with a lot of experience (and credentials to boot), so she knows what she's talking about.

The Verdict :
I think as much as the show is about the contestants, I dare say that what made the show enjoyable for me was the judges. The panel's mix of personalities added a level of credibility a show like this needs and I hope when voting time comes, viewers will listen carefully to their critiques so that the most 'deserving' act wins the $50,000.

xoxo, s.

ps. There's one more recording for the show tomorrow night, so if you're keen to get tickets, email omg@mediacorp.com.sg NOW.

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