Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Grand Finals Sneak Peeks

OMG Grand Finals Semi-spoilers...
*not really that spoiler laaa*
But if you reaaaally prefer to not be kaypoh and be totally surprised by tonight's performances, you can stop reading now :) This post has behind-the-scenes vids of Sunday's rehearsals and pictures from last night's full dress. There's still plenty more to see on the show, this just gives you an idea of what to expect and ...hopefully...whet your appetitie for tonight's show!

Let's start with Sunday rehearsals. Check out this vid of CJ Crew's first rehearsal for Zaki's assistant Pam. Zaki wasn't in town on Sunday, so Pam sat in for him.

Next up, here's a vid of IFLY mucking about before rehearsals. They're pretending to be Luminiq. The moves they're doing is a segment of Luminiq's choreo from the opening sequence. Not bad right?

Last but not least, here's a sneak of a segment of one of Luminiq's items for the night. I love it. Spyro plays Luminiq drums.

After rehearsals on Sunday, IFLY headed to wardrobe for their imaging session and it took quite a while to get eleven people kitted out for two items plus group items.
Check out what IFLY boys are wearing...tiger prints, very jungle er chic...
Vincent Yeo looking like he's just stepped out of Lion King.
We have quite a few Georges of the Jungle :) 
Girls being girls, are left to sort out what belongs to who for the boys...

There, everything nicely folded and labeled after the girls are done!
IFLY boys trying on their second outfit, a bit 'shy' about something poking through their shirts! LOL!

Vincent Yeo chillaxing across the corridor....imaging for 11 takes forever!
Here are pics from last night's full dress rehearsals at the theatre. Before we started the full run through for the night, we celebrated a few OMG birthdays ;) Today's birthdays are Azmi from Luminiq Crew, Jessy from Desert Roses and Vincent Fok from IFLY. Sophia's birthday is next week so she joined in too to cut the cake.
Chillaxing while waiting for the birthday people to arrive...



Sean raced over for rehearsals the minute he was released from camp!

Ok, that wraps up the Performance show rehearsals, time to rehearse the Results Show stuff, here are the pics ....
Check out these two OMG monkeys :)
Well, the show's not really over, there's still a long debrief, as usual, after the full dress rehearsals, and everyone's slumped over...

Overall, the show's lookin' good, everyone looked real spiffy in their hair/makeup/wardrobe. Hope the pics got you guys excited about tonight's show. I'm even more excited now after posting them haha. 

Of course, here's what I'm actually looking forward to in tonight's show ...apart from the results I mean ....
Judge Swoon will be guesting on tonight's finale yay!
Am sure you guys are just as excited as I am about Tay Ping Hui coming back to the show :) Apart from the swoon factor, I seriously think he was the best guest judge on the show - constantly giving detailed and constructive and honest criticism. So it only makes sense that he would be invited to rejoin the show at the Grand Finals.

Okay guys, am off to pack my cameraS and bag for the show. If you see me, stay clear, cos I have a bad runny nose and a cough - I'm sicky :*( - BUUUUT....please feel free to follow my tweets and twitpics as I update you on what's happening in real time backstage and on the show!

AND DON'T FORGET TO VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Voting deets in the left sidebar!

If you haven't already, check out your grand finalists' profiles here (click on each link to go to their profile!) : 

Gah! So eggciting! Wooot! It's the Grand Finals y'all OMG!

xoxo, s.

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