Sunday, November 14, 2010

OMG! Wednesday Night Rehearsals - Vids

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!
Last Wednesday night, there was no show, but the OMGers were hard at work rehearsing for the upcoming Grand Finals. On the rehearsal menu that night was group items. At Training School, the singers sat with Indra while the dancers were with Zaki.
Jamming along the corridor....
I was told to meet them at Film Studio which is that huge-ass warehouse way at the back - I recorded the 'walk' there as promised - here's the vid. @siproducer Jolene walked with me and we took the 'shorter' route. Its creepier in person. By the way, when we got there the door was locked. That was a bit of a fright, but anyway turns out everyone got relocated to Training School. 

That was such a nonsense vid right? 

Anyway, back to business, here are the vids of the rehearsals.
This vid was recorded outside training school while the singers waited for their music director Indra Ismail to arrive. They'd just been assigned the Travie McCoy song "Billionnaire" and were singing it together as a group, for the first time. 

In this next vid, you'll see the singers have moved to the Ping Pong Room, where the echo is just fab for recording singing. Indra is assigning parts to the various singers.

While the singers are sorting themselves out, across the hall in the Dance Studio, the OMG dancers have gathered to rehearse their segment of the opening number for Zaki to see. In this vid, you'll just see Luminiq Crew, CJ Crew's Joanna and Jun, and IFLY kinda warming up...

IFLY's two Vincents (Yeo and Fok), Yvonne and Nellie sit and wait to get started...
While they warm up, I head back to the singers to see how they're doing and looks like they've made progress. Parts are assigned and everything's slowly comin' together...
Indra giving the singers a few tips...

Back at the Dance Studio, here's the rehearsal for the opening number - looks pretty exciting - I love seeing everyone come together to do group numbers, plus its great to see Rhythm 'N' Moves again.Vertical Dancers are not here for the rehearsals, but they'll also be part of this routine and so will Danny Koh.
Thank goodness the ceiling is high enough for IFLY....

After Zaki is done with the dancers and they've been dismissed, its time for the OMG singers to learn their blocking for the opening number. Very unglam, but here's a peek at how its done...

Zaki once told me he loves to do blocking cos its like moving life sized chess pieces here and there, sometimes like a jigsaw puzzle ahahha. Okay, and now to put the whole thing to music. The singers just got the song assignment just before this, so they're still reading lyrics off the sheet.

Well, that was a very long Wednesday night. Call time was 7pm. We all left Mediacorp around 12.30am.

Next up, weekend rehearsals!

xoxo, s.

ps. Here's the last time we'll see Sean Harrison with a full head of hair - he enlisted for NS the very next day. 

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