Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy OMG Day! SylSyl is coming!!!

Happy OMG Day y'all!
Its the Charity Special tonight and guess who's stopping by the studio? Its our very own SylSyl! Ms Sylvia Anne Ratonel who's album just dropped nationwide last week is coming to OMG! and will be performing - what she'll be singing, I don't, we'll just have to wait and see :) Hopefully she'll sing 'Raining' which is my current fave. Drip drop drip drop....

Check out Sylsyl looking all gorge in pics from her debut album ...

Here's a vid of a recent interview she did with CNA (just yesterday I think), and you gotta hear her accoustic version of 'Its Raining' - you can really hear her voice here - worth a peek.

More on the OMGers later!

Tune in tonight at 8pm, LIVE! on Channel 5 for OMG Cares - the One Moment of Glory Charity Special. No voting tonight, just lots of entertainment and the results from the last two weeks of votes. Who will be going home?

xoxo, s.

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