Sunday, November 7, 2010

Roadshow Vids/Pics + FINAL OMG! Roadshow TODAY!

Last OMG! Roadshow Today!
Happy Sunday morning all! It's the final OMG! roadshow for the season today, after this, the grand finalists are gonna be left alone  to rehearse and prep for the big finale on 17th November. So come on down one last time to show the finalists big love and support! 

TODAY, 5pm, Plaza Singapura's Open Plaza at Level 1 (right outside the main entrance)

In the meantime, check out some vids I got from yesterday's roadshow at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. It was actually a roadshow for Children's Charities and our grand finalists made a guest appearance to entertain the crowd :) 

Here are the vids and pics from the roadshow .... 
*Sorry to CJ Crew and CJ Crew's fans, I got there a little late due to traffic and totally missed out their performance :( When I arrived it was already Sean's turn to go on! *

Vids first ....
This first vid is of Sean Harrison singing 'Blowin' In The Wind' ...

This next vid is of Luminiq Crew struttin' their stuff to Usher's 'OMG'. Some parts of the routine are what they performed on last Wednesday's show. This was originally a routine for them with CJ Crew and IFLY. They rejigged it Luminiq style :)

This last vid is of IFLY prodigy, or rather, a smaller version of IFLY :)  Today's group is made up of only four members - Alan, Vincent Yeo, Jessie and Yvonne. The rest weren't able to make it to the roadshow due to prior engagements. But these four sure knew how to 'fly', and they helped a few audience members 'fly' too. According to Sam (from CJ Crew, who has 'flown' with them), its pretty scary up there with just a pair of hands holding you up by the feet!

....and here come the pics :) Just keep scrollin' cos there're so many - sorry didn't have time to collage/caption them all - pics are taken from both my own cam and Channel 5's Fiona Heng's cam. Thank you Fiona for sharing as always!


Next up, Luminiq Crew!!




Final OMG! Roadshow later today at 5pm, Plaza Singapura! Come show the finalists some love k!

xoxo, s.

ps. After the roadshow, I'll be heading back to Mediacorp with the Grand Finalists to have a sneak peek at their rehearsal for the opening sequence of the finals - follow me on twitter for sneaks too!

pps. Jill-Marie Thomas won't be at the Plaza Singapura roadshow because she is at a gig in the Philippines, click here to watch her special video to all you guys, direct from Boracay!

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