Monday, November 15, 2010

OMG Saturday Imaging + Mediacorp's Family Day

Just 2 More Days to OMG Grand Finals!
Happy Monday morning all.... we're just two days away from the OMG! Grand Finals on 17 November. The Grand Finalists have been keeping busy and tonight, they'll be at rehearsals all night at Mediacorp. In fact, all weekend they've been in and about Caldecott Hill.

On Saturday it was wardrobe time for Luminiq Crew and Jill-Marie Thomas. Each of the boys and Jill had to try on numerous outfit combinations until they found the ones that were just right for their individual performances as well as all the group numbers. Imagine changing clothes like a gazillion times in the space of an hour. 
Check it out, they the Green Team!
When they were done at wardrobe, Jill and the boys got roped in to participate in Mediacorp's Family Day festivities. While they were busy trying on clothes, the rest of Caldecott Hill was buzzing with staff members and their families. One of the 'sites' set up was a mock up of the OMG set in Studio 1, where people got to perform on the OMG stage and show off their talents. Guest performers that day included Desert Roses Sophia and Jessy (Susan was away in Egypt), and now Luminiq Crew and Jill-Marie Thomas.
'Stealing from craft services LOL!'
Pretend OMG judges for the day were Darren Tan and Jade Seah. And 'pretend hosts' were Andie Chen and Michelle Chia. (Danial obviously thinks Jade Seah is super hawt - and she is! And tall!)

Here are the vids from Saturday...

Sorry I missed out a vid of Sophia and Jessy performing together, I didn't have a clear enough shot of the stage during that performance - the ushers were not too friendly, guess we were 'in the way' a lot.

Here's the vid of Luminiq doing their thang. Spyro wasn't around on Saturday cos he works Saturdays - he's in NS.

And last but not least, the vid of Jill singing 'Nobody' with Danial providing beatbox back up. 

Just two more days folks, coming soon are - updates from Sunday's rehearsals plus CJ Crew, Jill-Marie Thomas and IFLY prodigy's profiles. 

Don't forget to tune into 987fm today at 4.15pm to catch CJ Crew live with The Muttons in studio. Or drop by *scape to say hi to the girls and The Muttons :) Have a great Monday ahead!

xoxo, s.

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