Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy OMG Grand Finals Day!

D-Day Is Here!
Its been two long weeks of waiting while the OMG Grand Finals have been busy gearing up for that one last battle (last two rounds actually considering each of them are gonna be perfoming two items on the show).

Will it be Singers vs Dancers or Old vs New?
Is tonight gonna be the night where the physical dance trumps emotional vocals? IFLY, CJ Crew and Luminiq Crew have all prepared fast-paced, energy pumping, music-thumping routines, while Jill-Marie Thomas and Sean Harrison are pulling out all stops on the emo train vocally.

Here's a vid featuring the singers performing together (along with the Singapore Char Siew Baos!) at the Charity Special (episode 13).

Here's a far out vid of the dancers collaborating for that same Charity Special. (Thanks Vik for posting!)

Or will lines be drawn based on 'old' vs 'new'; Jill + Luminiq Crew, part of the original Top 8, vs the newbies CJ Crew, Sean and IFLY who came in as Challengers?

Who will the night belong to? 
Who do you think will win the $50,000?

It all happens tonight! 8pm Performance Show and 10pm Results Show. Remember, lines open at 8pm when the show starts. Here are the voting deets.

For IFLY prodigy
Call 1900 112 1201 or sms '1' to 71199

For Jill-Marie Thomas
Call 1900 112 1202 or sms '2' to 71199

For Luminiq Crew
Call 1900 112 1203 or sms '3' to 71199

For Sean Harrison
Call 1900 112 1204 or sms '4' to 71199

For CJ Crew
Call 1900 112 1205 or sms '5' to 71199 

Voting lines close at the beginning of the Results Show, so keep voting even throughout News, cos every single vote counts! Vote to help your favourite win! Its the OMG! Grand Finals y'all woot!

xoxo, s.

ps. I'll be at the show from about 6pm, so follow my tweets/twitpics for that all important backstage access :)

pps. More birthday shout outs for today - Happy Birthday to Luminiq Crew boy Azmi, Desert Rose Jessy and IFLYer Vincent Fok! Wishing you guys the best of luck for tonight's show - break a leg y'all!


  1. CAN'T FRIGGIN' WAIT! hahaha! looking out for your tweets, summer! ;)

  2. How come no mention on the return of your fave OMG judge? Just wondering... hope u dont err, swoon over seeing him later. Yep I cant wait to see the finalists later tonight!! :-)