Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy OMG Day! ...well, sort of....

Remember ah - No Show  Tonight!
Just in case y'all thought there was a show tonight, there isn't. Cos our Top 5 are busy rehearsing like mad - the OMG! Grand Finals are exactly a week away. 

Sean, Jill-Marie, CJ Crew, IFLY and Luminiq Crew have been holed up in a large warehouse-like studio somewhere in the back lots of Caldecott Hill. The walkway to that empty (and very creepy) studio is so snakey, I always get lost going there. Its like, start at the makeup unit, go round the back,then left, right, past the benches, then left, up three steps, turn right, cross mini drain, take slope, turn left, then turn right round the green bin, then go down stairs,then left again, then up another slope, past the smoking area, some stairs, go through a door, then another door...and're there.

Ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit. But only a bit. Tonight, I will video this walk and post it up.

Anyway, so yea, the Top 5 have been rehearsing their moves. Last Sunday, right after the roadshow, the dancers (or more like, non-singers) were all whisked back to Mediacorp for an all-night session with Zaki. Here are the pics from Sunday night's rehearsal....

While everyone was just hangin' around and waiting for Zaki to arrive, it became an impromptu Luminiq Crew workshop. IFLY and CJ Crew were both getting pointers from the Luminiq boys on how to do their tricks, and the boys were more than happy to share. (Feel free to check out my twitpics from that night here - sorry for the blurry pics, lighting wasn't very good there and if you see anything ghostly, please don't tell me!)

 I had one more pic of the IFLY girls trying to balance on one hand, but erm, I didn't realise my angle was so unglam, so I've decided to trash that pic.

The minute Zaki arrived, it was all business for everyone. Each group broke off to a corner to huddle and work out their moves. 

While IFLY worked on their routine, CJ Crew was off working on theirs too..

And in another corner, we had some familiar faces hangin' out at the Blog TV set. Rhythm 'N' Moves boys Fen, Derek and Liang Bin were back along with Danny Koh, cos they're all part of the big opening item that involves all the non-singers. I wanted to say 'dancer's segment' but Danny reminded me that he doesn't 'dance' :) Of course, Danny will be doing fire....

After a long night of waiting and rehearsing and waiting again, the night's almost over.

Tonight, its another round of full rehearsals for these guys PLUS the singers. And from here on in, its rehearsals/wardrobe/imaging/blocking/reviews/individual rehearsals every day til next Wednesday. I'll be heading over to that creepy studio tonight at 7pm, so follow my tweets/twitpics to get a sneak peek at what your OMGers are up to tonight.

xoxo, s.

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