Friday, November 12, 2010

Who do YOU think is gonna win?

5 More Days To The OMG! Grand Finals!
With just five days to go to the Grand Finals, take the poll on the right and let's see who y'all think will win this thang! Are you behind Luminiq Crew, CJ Crew, IFLY prodigy, Sean or Jill?

Go on, take the poll now and let's see who's got the most support :)

xoxo, s.

ps. Don't forget to tune in to 987fm later today at 4.15pm to catch Luminiq Crew on-air! 


  1. Hoping CJ Crew wins, but I'm guessing that Luminiq Crew has qute a large amount of supporters to consistently avoid elimination over the weeks despite their low rankings with the judges.

  2. I would go for Luminiq Crew because they somehow survived from the auditions all the way to the finals.

  3. JLS Crew will win. Jennifer-LucasChow-Singtel Crew. The rest have all lost. The real deal are all out also. Agree?