Friday, November 5, 2010

OMG Episode 13 : The Review

OMG gets intimate ....

It was a very intimate setting on Wednesday night. We weren't in the cavernous TV Theatre (it was being taken over by some chinese debate show), we were at Studio 1. No fancy backstage foyer, in fact, the quick change area for the contestants was right outside the studio door, with a mirror set up sideways on a table doubling up as a makeup/touch-up area. I'm not sure if you could tell from watching it on TV that we were in a smaller setting, but it worked for the night's Charity Special theme. Being so close to the Contenders, Judges, Hosts and cameras, you could feel the amount of heart everyone put in for the people they reached out to and helped.

It was a feel-good show from the get-go. No competition tonight, the remaining Contenders worked together on three big joint performances in song and dance. 

"I think this has got to be my favourite episode, to see them come together, not compete, to play together, perform together, is really beautiful." - Judge B 

Contenders' Performances : 
The first performance was a big group one. Everyone got together to sing Michael Jackson's "What More Can I Give". Props to all the non-singers like Luminiq's Hamster, CJ Crew's Jojo and Di and IFLY's Gerard for stepping up and taking on a mic to sing. It was shaky group vocal overall, but that was insignificant when you watch the heartwarming pictures on slide show going on behind them. 

Next up, we were treated to a high energy 'dancer segment' featuring Luminiq Crew, CJ Crew and IFLY prodigy. I totally loved it and lapped it all up - tons of power moves, b-boying and girls and boys flying and flipping. It was such a treat to watch live and just as fun to watch on tv. Music for the routine was Usher's 'OMG' - very appropriate! Imo, the Luminiq boys totally brought it - synchrony and faces were ON! And Danial's solo was sumthin' else - NICE!

The final group performance was a 'singer segment' featuring the Singapore Char Siew Baos!, Jill-Marie Thomas and Sean Harrison. Performing without a backing track, this bunch of talented singer/musicians backed each other up as they took turns to do their solos within a 3-song Medley comprising Black Eyed Peas' 'Where Is The Love' (performed by the Baos!), Alicia Keys' 'No One' (performed by Jill-Marie Thomas) and Jason Mraz's 'I'm Yours' (performed by Sean Harrison). Sean, Jill-Marie and Jacob on guitar, Jason on ukelele, Ruby with a shaker and Dominic on a cajon (yes, that wooden box is an actual instrument).

summerr says : 
I thoroughly enjoyed both the dance-only and singers-only segments. The energy for either segment was quite different, with the dance one being high energy and exciting, whilst the singer's medley was laid-back and relaxed. Both were definitely feel good and left me smiling - it was, like Beatrice said, 'beautiful' to watch everyone performing together cohesively. The dance routine moved seamlessly between groups, from the two crews to IFLY to CJ to Luminiq and then all back together. I loved that. And the singers transitioned so beautifully from one song to another and I loved that there was no backing track, that they were all musicians backing each other up as they took turns going solo. It was just so 'together' - gotta love it! 

Here's who OMG Cares reached out to : 
1. Jamiyah Children's Home
Contenders (including OMG alums Rhythm 'N' Moves, Desert Roses and Danny Koh) put up a mini concert at the home and spent time with the kids, and later took them to watch Voyage De La Vie at Resorts World Sentosa.

2. Bishan Home For The Intellectually Disabled 
Contenders threw a party for the residents of the home, playing simple games and spending time with them. 

3. Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School
Contenders brought the kids from Rainbow Centre Yishun Park to the Jurong Bird Park and even presented them with cupcakes that they personally decorated for them ... aww how sweet. 
To the OMG Mobile! LOL!

4. ONE Singapore
The Judges gave their time and support to ONE (Singapore), an organisation aimed at ending poverty. They participated in one of their social initiatives called Social Creatives and both FD and Irene painted murals. They later went on to highlight the plight of foreign workers here in Singapore via ONE Singapore's programme called TWC2 (Transit Workers Count Too) - I'm amazed to see there are foreign workers here caught in a limbo with nowhere to go, nothing to eat, and no one to turn to. 
Wanna help? Check out One Singapore's website here.

summerr says : 
Each video clip was just so heartwarming. It's always great to see big smiles on everyone's faces, especially those less fortunate than us. What really touched me was involved the Contenders let themselves be, especially with the children. It really looked like they didn't hold back and just reached out and bonded with the Rainbow kids, the Jamiyah kids and the residents at the Bishan home. I think their personal/physical contribution is worth way more than just cash contributions alone. I don't think any one of them came away without being moved by the plight of the people they met. So props to them all for taking the time out of their own lives and busy schedules to give selflessly to brighten someone else's day. 

SylSyl's come a long way...
To wind up the show, producers bring on special guest performer Sylvia Ratonel to sing her latest single 'Its Raining' from her debut self-titled album. I loved that she did the accoustic version - fitting right in with the warm, personal touch of the night's show. Her vocals were spot on impeccable and she looked scorching! You go girl! Our Sylsyl has come a long way ;)

I've just gotten her new album and its hawt, as Gurms said, "Get it or regret it."

Sylvia's performance was followed by the much-awaited results and reveal of who would be competing in the Grand Finals on November 17. The five going through to the Grand Finals are CJ Crew, I-FLY prodigy, Luminiq Crew, Sean Harrison and Jill-Marie Thomas. 
Luminiq boys elated that they're through!
It was the end of the road for the Singapore Char Siew Baos! and I think going out on a wonderful show like this Charity Special is probably the perfect Baos! way to exit the show - on a shiny, happy note. 

All in all, the show was feel-good (apart from the sad bit saying goodbye at the end) and left me happy and wanting to volunteer somewhere. 

xoxo, s.

ps. Happy Deepavali to all who celebrate this fab day. Don't forget to catch up with your contenders over the weekend at TWO (not one but TWO!) roadshows - Civic Plaza, Ngee Ann City at 2pm on Saturday and Plaza Singapura at 5pm on Sunday (the very hawt Jean Danker will be hosting this one!).

pps. More pics below ... post show! 
CJ Crew's Sam gets an I-FLY boost!


  1. Wao Lao, CJ crew??? They are rubbish. Even baos out. I start to understand the game play now. To kick out all strong contender so that Jill will have no one else to compete. Luminiq crew are kids, they won't do much of a harm to file a complain. Unlike the pervious top 8, all are rich, power and have background.

    From the rolling credit, Jennifer the boss right? What the hell are u doing to the show. It was nice at first and then turn out to be rubbish

    Keep changing rules and game play. Make the host look like fools u know. I remember Host saying these

    1) no more challenger from ep 6 onwards
    2) every wk one challenger will appear
    3) one contender will leave every week
    4) today not one buy Two will leave
    5) you know what, all are staying tonight
    6) no one going home tonight, but baos out?

    What kind of rubbish is this. This Jennifer woman, are been fair to those contender from the past or not. I really pity them, been through so much work and what leave on the show to replace them are rubbish.

    Except Jill and luminiq, those new contender has no style, image or character. Bringing them into the show is as good as promoting how sucks the show is. No skilled at all. Too common contender.

    I really enjoyed myself watching the previous 8 until one by one out becasue of this lousy management and game play by the Jennifer. Now that the baos are out, nothing much to see leh.

    This show started of great but ended like a piece of shit

  2. You're right Faith. Someone high up should sack Jennifer she doesn't know what she's doing. There IS talent in Singapore but she doesn't recognize it. Bring in some fresh blood Mediacorp.

    This is what was planned from day one. My friend worked for Fly Entertainment and said Jill was represented by Irene's company a long time ago before the competition. And like you said Faith they kicked out all the strong contenders fast so Jill would have no one to compete with at the end. It could have been a great original Singapore program done properly. What a waste...

  3. 2 me, IFLY & CJ crew are not going to win as they came in so late 'cause the fan's already got their fav contestant, rite? Sooo, they got less fans. But seeing their postive respond over their last few weeks, i have 2 see, they got me worried but i have total faith in J.M.T!
    If they were two awards, singles & group, J.M.T &
    Luminiq Crew would win hands down.

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