Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy OMG Day!

It's OMG Day!
And tonight, you guys are in for a treat! Its a night of many firsts in OMG!

1. First time there will be no Challenger, tonight the Top 8 will battle it out amongst themselves - and on next week's episode, someone will be going home. 

2. First time WE, the public, get to have a say - WE GET TO VOTE. Every vote counts, and viewer's votes make up 50% of the result. 

3. First time we'll be seeing Collaborators who are there to help (and hopefully not hinder) our Contenders. 

Here's how the voting will go. Lines will open at the end of the show. Each call/sms will cost 60 cents. Lines will close at midnight tonight. Once lines are closed, votes received from the viewers are tabulated and combined with the Judges' votes to obtain the final result which will be revealed at the start of the next episode. This will be the drill for the upcoming weeks. 

Here are the all-important voting numbers peeps, pay attention.


Got it all down? Good :) Don't forget to catch One Moment of Glory, tonight, 8pm, only on Channel 5. 

xoxo, s.

ps. Mystery Challenger element begins next week, so if you have talents you'd like to 
showcase or have a mad talented friend - email producers at!


  1. Is rhythm & moves out ? So fast, seldom see much abt them. Can show them more more a bit

  2. you forgetten to add danny in... =(

  3. Sorry folks, for some reason danny's and rhythm 'N' moves pics went missing when I hit publish the first time. They are there now - good that you all noticed - thank you for telling me!
    Watch the show tonight ya and vote vote vote!
    xoxo, s.