Thursday, September 16, 2010

OMG Episode 6 : The Review

Four Successful Defends on OMG!
Host Gurms flew solo last night, co-host Michelle was off filming something, so he started the show off by asking Judge B for some final words of wisdom for the Contenders.
"Its not the night to be polite and hold back to give more for next week - fight it out to stay in the competition - so bring it!" And bring it they did.

Its the first time on the show that not a single Challenger has managed to kick someone out. Desert Roses, Vertical Dancers, Singapore Char Siew Baos! and Rhythm & Moves successfully defended their podium spots against this week's four new Challengers - Jamila, Raz, JPU and Dan - to make it into the Top 8. They certainly fought to stay in the game, and last night's show was like Judge B asked for, "Dog fight. Dog fight. Dog fight!"

Without further ado, lets review each act one by one ....

Challenger #1 : Jamila
Contender : Desert Roses
She chose to challenge Desert Roses because they are in the same genre.

What did the judges say?
Beatrice : This is like the hapiest start of the show we've ever had because both groups look like they are genuinely enjoyed themselves. Jamila you're a very inviting performer, I felt connected to you. Desert Roses, you're like the Bananarama of belly dancing. You've been with us from the start, and every week you have never failed to surprised us, well done!

Tay Ping Hui : Jamila, you are technically really excellent, all your belly dancing techniques are really good, technically faultless,  you didn't miss a single beat. It was very hot and very passionate, I was totally drawn into your performance. Desert Roses, I love the interaction that you had with the audience and that's where you had the advantage.

Irene : Both groups are very sexy. Jamila, when I watch you, like Beatrice said, I feel very invited by you. You took time to connect with the judges and the audience at different points, I noticed that. I liked how you were confident but not intimidating. Desert Roses, I've always liked you from the beginning, you take the judges comments very seriously and each week you bring forth something new, you are very marketable.

FD : Desert Roses you always surprise us. Jamila you are the best belly dancer we've seen on the show, I just don't know whether Singapore wants three or one.

Result : Desert Roses
FD : Desert Roses, you got through by the skin of your teeth, the next round, you have got to do much better. Next time you perform, you've got to do a lot more.

summerr says : 
I enjoyed watching both performances. Jamila is certainly very beautiful, she has such an engaging smile, the best smile I've seen on the show so far, and like the judges have said, she is a very inviting/welcoming performer. But like in Charmed (anyone remember that show?), 'the power of three will set you free' and I guess having a group of three increases the visual impact of the performance. Plus, that Harry Potter-esque mood at the start was an inspired move by Desert Roses - it totally took me off guard. What I saw in studio that the camera didn't catch, was that moment, timed with the drum beats, at the start when the girls looked up in synchrony and the black hoods fell away to reveal the shock of red hair. That, for me, was a moment. Good job on drama and imaging girls. 

What you also didn't see on the show, was FD telling the girls that they should have used the drums more. And by this he meant, they could have 'walked' the drum about the stage more to impress. I'm sure DR will listen and they'll bring that trick out in the weeks to come. 

Perhaps Jamila, Fatema and Akiko (the number of accolades collected by these three together is mighty impressive) should come back as a trio to challenge Desert Roses - for thought! Phwoar the more I think of it the more I want to see it!

Challenger #2 : Razlyna a.k.a. Raz
Contender : Singapore Char Siew Baos!
Raz chose to challenge the Baos! because they were in the same genre. Btw, did you guys hear Raz singing 'Pyramid' in the background of her video clip? She sounded awesome - maybe she shoulda sung that on the show? But 'Mercy' has attitude. 'Pyramid' is power vocals.
What did the judges say?
B: Raz, I want you to think you are a star already, cos I think you deserve to be. Singapore Char Siew Baos!, you guys thought through your number very well, because you gave us a musical gem every 15 seconds, so you've calibrated your performance very well. Well done!

TPH : Raz listening to you is like driving a sports car. Your voice is very powerful and you're very dynamic on stage and looks like you're confortable on stage too. Baos!, listening to you is like driving a classic car, 1968 convertible, basically it's a trip down memory lane. I loved your act.

I : Raz, what I loved about you is you're not well, but you continued performing, I really applaud you for your spirit. Char Siew Baos!, I was let down today, by your singing. Unfortunately Ruby, you were the weakest link today, the energy for the boys was so good and everytime it came to you, it dipped.

FD : Raz, I love your choice of song, but I worry we might see the same Raz every week. Char Siew Baos!, vocally you gotta admit that Raz is much better than you guys, but you've got great musicians. So my question now is, we gotta decide - old skool or new skool?

Result : Singapore Char Siew Baos!
TPH : Singapore Char Siew Baos! your'e very different. Raz we loved your song, you were very powerful, but we felt that the Baos! could perhaps offer more dimensions in the music they provide.

summerr says : 
Er, Judge Swoon, cryptic much? Oh well, no matter, let me spell it out. Again its the group vs solo act. The simple fact that there's tons of happy, shiny energy from four people on stage, already gives the Baos! an advantage. Raz is an amazing vocalist, I just love her voice, she reminds me of Nurul Huda from Idol 3 - husky and powerful. But unless you're Beyonce, its tough to match up to a band. Granted that Ruby's vocals were no match for Raz's, her style is different anyway, but the Baos! just radiate happy, shiny, welcoming, positivity - very hard to beat that. 

The Baos! once told me that 'Close To You' was one of their weakest songs, so *kok* why la you all choose that song for a Challenge?!

I would love to see Raz come back as a Challenger/Wildcard, whatever, maybe sing a slow song - Adele maybe? And then, if she went up against David, *jeng jeng jeng*, that would be a fairer fight.

Challenger #3 : Junkyard Percussion Unit (JPU)
Contender : Vertical Dancers

We want the pole to add to our collection! 

What did the judges say?
B: JPU here's the truth, I think your concept was better than your actual drumming. So because of that, I expected more, but your actual drumming didn't actually give me that wow.
Vertical Dancers, you never fail to wow us because you have this athletic, sexy, acrobatic routine. You're absolutely fearless at what you do, so well done!

TPH : JPU I really liked your start, but in the middle it just became really messy, I'm sorry I was quite disappointed. Vertical Dancers, you carried yourself very well, its a very good performance.

I : JPU, the energy doesn't match your costume and your set up. So pls work on your loudness cos junkyard is supposed to be loud. Vertical Dancers, one thing about you every episode you will up up up and wow wow wow us, I  can't wait to see you in the finals.

FD : Vertical Dancers, as always, you surprise us and bring something new to the show, you're great to watch, and every time I watch you I say thank God I'm a member of mankind.

Result : Vertical Dancers

summerr says : 
I think this one was pretty obvious la. Although JPU was interesting and unique, when you take a step back and ask which one was more entertaining, I'd go with the Vertical Dancers. Plus you also have to take into account the level of difficulty involved in what they do. 'Nuff said.

Challenger #4 : Dan Thompson
Contender : Rhythm & Moves
Dan chooses to challenge Rhythm & Moves because he'd "like to show them what rhythm and moves are all about, while singing!" (Sometimes I think this kind of playful sarcasm is lost on local viewers, and people get 'offended' or think Dan's being 'ya-ya'. Aiyo, peeps, lets not take this (or ourselves) so seriously can?)

What did the judges say?
B : Dan, it was very clear you had a single-minded resolve to come here and win so well done you left no stone unturned in your performance. To Rhythm & Moves that is one of the most exciting performances I have seen in the last 6 weeks.

TPH : I think you are a born showman. you started off really really well, I loved your tap dancing. But I was a little let down with your singing. I think in future, you need to consider your strengths and focus on that instead of trying to do too many things. R&M, I liked the way you split up your performance, dancing at the beginning and more martial arts at the end. What you was very difficult and very technical. I could tell you missed a coupla moves here and there.

I : Dan your whole choreography was good, I enjoyed the front and the back, I really didnt enjoy the middle part cos it went flat. R&M, three of you are very watchable, you always bring on new costumes, new stuff. I liked that you didnt use the same props.

FD : Gotta agree with everybody, the tap was great, that first song was a bit weak. The second song that is YOUR song. And to do those 3 things in 90 seconds,  that's Dan Thompson. R&M, I loved the energy, there was so much energy tonight, you tried to wow the audience. You were more hungry tonight than you were previously.

The Result : Rhythm & Moves
Judges say : It wasn't a unanimous decision. Dan, I think it was the middle part of the performance that let you down. I'm glad you came back on a wildcard, you've already had two moments of glory on this show.

summerr says : 
First of all, I was just as surprised as you guys were to see Dan come back as a wildcard. I didn't even know the show had a wildcard element. So apparently it does. How that is determined - well, like all 'wildcard' elements, its Judges' choice. (hello, you've watched American Idol right? They don't explain it there either :P)

Secondly, I couldn't put my finger on what was 'wrong' with Dan's performance. He did the tapping right (and that was really good tapping by the way), and he had the big voice and the showmanship. But something was off. My husband said he was just cheesy. Maybe thats it. Too much of that Colgate smile? It probably works for private events, but maybe on TV it doesn't translate as well. 

As for R&M, that slip up at the beginning, where Fen tried to climb up Liang Bin's shoulders unsuccessfully, only seemed to spur them on even more during the rest of the performance. Of course the thundering dramatic music helped - they were like angry raging men in black fighting some bad guys to save an imaginary emperor. I'd put them through based on the energy and like FD said "hunger" too. 

Well, that's the end of the Survival Rounds, from next week on we move into Eliminations. I can't wait to see how the voting portion of the show is going to affect results. I'm expecting more drama - judges and viewers disagree, etc etc. Woot woot! OMG is pickin' up steam y'all!

Come on down for the recording of Episode 7, next Monday, 7.15pm - tickets at reception on the way in. Recording Monday - telecast is on Wednesday. Thereafter, from Episode 8 onwards, its LIVE RECORDINGS every Wednesday (starting 29 September!), so come on down to support your favourite Contenders!

Last words from the judges to the Contenders : 
FD : You have now got to realise that you've spent the last 6 weeks trying to convince four people that you should stay, from next week, you have to convince a nation that you must stay. So Its no longer just the four of us, it is Singapre you have to convince. If you have stepped up your game by 100% in the last 6 weeks, you've gotta step it up by at least another 100% next week.

Beatrice : It's no longer that time when you come on the show and just strut your stuff. You need to think of your performance carefully, plan it well, rehearse it well, come in here and blow our minds apart!

Good advice. So Contenders - BRING IT ON!

The next two big questions are : 
1. Who is next week's guest judge? 
2. Who is the very first 'Mystery Challenger'?

Plus of course, there will be a parade of local artistes from Eunice Olsen to Bosco the Magician (no points for guessing who he's collaborating with), in next week's episode themed 'Collaborations'! Woot woot!

xoxo, s.

ps. Still waiting for someone in production, anyone to call me back on the judge/mystery challenger thing. Will clue y'all in as soon as I know!

pps. Apologies, for some reason, the last few pics in the post won't load up so am just gonna let this be published first, will keep trying to add the pics again later. 


  1. Hello! Any chance you could email the pics to me?

    Sorry your husband thinks I'm cheesy haha! I guess he's not a Glee fan like us. Glee would be way too much cheese for him.

    I'm glad you get my humor and don't take my Three Moments of Genius too seriously ;-)

  2. Rhythm 'N' Moves is the correct name. Not Rhythm & Moves, not Rhythm n moves or some say rhythm and blues. Sorry for the confusion ya. Paisei paisei.

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