Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More OMG Collaborations! Videos

More Vids!
Channel 5 has just uploaded the remaining Collaborations! videos for this weeks OMG! theme. 

Last night's recording was awesome, go check out my twitpics if you haven't seen 'em. Everyone looked great - there was a LOT of tall hair :) - and everyone gave their 110%, both Contenders and Collaborators. Can't wait for you guys to watch the show on tv! In the meantime, check out these lil behind-the-scenes of the Contenders and Collaborators prepping for the show. 

Here are rock duo Jill-Marie and Sly (try not to be too distracted by Sly's pink-ish shorts though ahahha - sorry Sly, couldn't resist!) 

Next up is Amit Gilboa, the middle-eastern drummer whose collaboration with Desert Roses  will see them performing together something neither has done before...

And last but not least for today, the very sexy model/blogger Melissa Faith Yeo, collaborating with the Vertical Dancers. Check out that last pose in the trailer - power k!

More on Melissa Faith Yeo and Amit tonight, sorry folks - busy bein' Mommy at the moment - but I couldn't NOT post these vids!

xoxo, s.

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