Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy OMG Day!

Good Morning y'all it's OMG Day!
And from tonight, OMG goes live every week! The pressure is on! Live shows are known to be scary stressful for everyone working on the show - so good luck to the cast and crew for tonight!

Tonight's theme is Come On Baby Light My Fire! If you haven't seen the trailer yet, check this out (sorry I only have the 'tomorrow' version which played the whole of yesterday).

Tonight's guest judge is none other than the gorgeous Michelle Chia. She of the beautiful hair and lithe body despite a gazillion food shows under her belt (how does she do it?). I absolutely love her, I love that she's effectively bilingual and switches it up between the two languages with so much ease. The one show she did that really moved me was the series about helping less fortunate families improve their living conditions - its called Renovaid. Check out Michelle's full bio here

Tickets! Tickets! Lelong!!
Now that we're in Elimination Rounds, the studio is certainly filling up. So if you want tickets to the show, please email ahead of time, just in case. 

As mentioned in earlier blog entries, the 'Challenger' element on the show has and always will be there. This is a key element of OMG. The only episodes that don't have Challengers are the first episode (where 10 Contenders got whittled down to 8) and Episode 7, which is the first episode of the Elimination Rounds (our Top 8 performed with Collaborators last week). 

Every week ONE Challenger....
From tonight onwards, there will be a new Challenger (just one) coming in every week to 'rock the boat'. Making it that much harder for the Top 8 to keep their positions. In fact, at the start of tonight's show, it'll be Top 7 + 1 Challenger.  And next week onwards, two will go home every week.

Too complicated? Lost you at 'Challenger'? Aiya, just follow the show week on week lah. Don't worry about the mechanics so much - just remember TWO things : 
     1.  Vote to keep your favourite in.
     2. Email if you want to be a Challenger. 

That's it for now, look out for my mid-morning (circa 10am?) post on tonight's Challenger - that's right - I gots the low-down on them for ya later! In the meantime, catch them on Class 95 at around 9am this morning to find out who they are!

xoxo, s.

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