Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Its OMG! Day!! - VIDEOS!

The One With All Dem OMG Vids!
Yes, summerr is back with her trusty e71 videos. As my good friend @izked would say, "you always see summerr's phone pointed at you before you see her". I have to say that's kinda true. Hey, you all liked being 'up close and personal' with the Idols right? Well, I'm gonna try and do my best to get you up close and personal with your OMG!ers. So support the blog and RT like crazy siao to all your friends/followers yo!

But first, I got some disclaimers ah .....

1. Sometimes vids won't be best quality cos I don't have editing facilities. So be prepared, its always totally raw, just as how it all went down. Uncut.

2. You may see more vids of certain contenders than others simply because either they were there more often and yakked more, or the others were just quiet and declined to be filmed. I can only film whoever wants to be filmed ;)

3. Its still early days now and no voting yet, so the vids are real random, mostly just who's around. But once we get to the elimination rounds, you can bet I'll be tracking down every Contender to be filmed. This is where you can help - if you have burning questions for your favourites - send them in to me! I'll ask and get them your answers on video!!!

Ok, now that I have made you all read all :)

Here are some Behind-The-Scenes (BTS) vids with some of the Contenders up in the makeup/dressing area about 10 minutes before they head to the backstage area downstairs (right beside the stage)...

Vertical Dancers a little coy about what they're bringin' if they get challenged...

Check out this next vid that shows what their 'new' prop is.... Watch this vid decide for yourself whether they shaped up...or had to be shipped out - then watch tonight's show for confirmation of your guess ;)

Channel 5 also just released this vid recently - its Challenger Pretty Boyz struttin' their masked stuff on stage. V. cool right? Who do you think they challenged?

You're in for a great show tonight peeps! So don't forget to set your phone alarms and be home by 8pm to catch Episode 4 of One Moment of Glory only on Channel 5!

xoxo, s.

ps. If you have vids of your favourite contenders and would like them featured on this blog, just drop me a note via the comment box or at and if the Contenders agree, it'll be put up!

pps. Think you can do better? Email and hide your talent no more - producers want you! Personally I'd love to see a stand-up comedian take the stage and rawk the 90 seconds. Or someone who can play traditional chinese instruments while bending over backwards in yoga poses that even yogis can't do. If I just described YOU, PUHLEEEZE join the show!!!!

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