Saturday, September 11, 2010

OMG! Ep 6 Challenger Profiles : UP!

Challenger Profiles are up!
Good morning everyone! I trust everyone's pigged out from yesterday to today, I mean its Raya right? Even if you aren't celebrating the Eid, its a long weekend - excuse to go out and chill and eat and be merry :) To all the Muslims out there celebrating, Selamat Hari Raya, maafkan zahir dan batin.

Check out the Challenger profiles for Jamila, Raz, the Junkyard Percussion Unit and Dan Thompson right here on the blog.

Dan the Man is back!
Looks like the 'wildcard' element may just be in play. From what I heard, it was the Judges who invited Dan back for a second chance. Perhaps they'll do the same for JonMaxGoh and C-Murda? Who knows. Anyway, since he's been here before, I've already got Dan's profile up from his previous episode. Check the sidebar for the link. (However, I am in the midst of updating it with new pictures, but like last week, for some reason the pics won't load, so I'll try again later today).

Any idea who's gonna take on whom next week? See if you can guess who's left standing by the end of Episode 6.

By the way, this is our last Survival Round. After this episode, we'll move into the next stage of the competition called the Elimination Rounds. And folks, this is where it gets exciting! We start off with the Top 8 and each week, there will be eliminations. And who goes home is decided by votes - 50% cast by the judges, and the other 50% by your votes. So you will then have a say! Cool right?

Happy reading, and I'll catch up with you all again later. There's a photoshoot for the Top 8 going on later today, so if you want some sneak peeks at what's goin' on, follow me on Twitter! Tweet up from 12noon!

xoxo, s.

ps. In case you haven't figured it out yet, David, Danny and Jill who have immunity on Episode 6 are automatically confirmed to be in the Top 8. So most likely, you'll be seeing them in my twitpics from today, cos I can't reveal who else got into the Top 8!


  1. Ahh yes! Finally! I always wanted a photoshoot, especially of David Lin! :D Really looking forward to the photoshoot and the next episodes! OMG is one of the best shows ever!

  2. I cannot believe Dan is back again. Is so unfair to the past contender and challenter. It means as long as the producer likes you, he can always brings you back to the show! While many are eagerly waiting for their chance on the show!

  3. Summerr/Tracy, do you have an email? I kinda have a long letter that I wanna write to you. Do reply to this comment, thanks!

  4. To anonymous above I agree it's unfair. I think it was also unfair that Dan got put on by producers as the 1st challenger and then Jill who's "girlfriend" Rebecca Tan works for Irene was put on last to win. So nothing about this show seems fair. Irene or Jill should be disqualified. All the contenders should think themselves lucky to be there as no one really deserves it. My idea of a true top eight would be

    Jon Max Goh
    Raz from next weeks episode (I was in the audience supporting Dan)
    Danny Koh
    Erika Chen
    Dan Thompson
    Zhai Jian

    Now that would be a good show! I hope they show what Dan does this week without cutting backstage hearing every moaning about it being unfair he's back. He deserves that at least.

  5. I agree with it not being fair Dan Thompson is back. He shouldn't even be on the show. He's too good for OMG they should not have professionals on because it's unfair to the remaining contenders.

  6. agree...ermm... he is a professional..but other than singing what else can he do? I have heard tons of bad comments about should he be back?

  7. Girlgirl to answer your question Dan can do loads more than anyone else on the show. Watch episode six and he tap dancers. The producers wanted him only to sing but he performs impersonations of Michael Jackson, Elvis, Kermit the frog, and many more he also sings in Chinese. Unlike everyone else on the show he actually can do more than one thing! He's also a writer, director and producer. Look him up on Youtube.

    Dan was not allowed to do what he does for a living. And what are these tons of bad comments you are hearing? You sound like a jealous competitor to me.

    Maybe your Jill's girlfriend that knows Irene personally. So here is little bit more about Jill. She's not youtube star. Youtube stars hit the 100 thousands sometime millions of views. If Jill is a singer "songwriter" why doesn't she perform her own songs on the show? Maybe they suck as bad as she looks. Raz that is on this week blows Jill out of the water in everyway, singing, looks, personality, voice, presence on stage, musicality.

  8. To Dan's House Mate,
    Don't you see that's the reason they brought Dan back is because he probably told Producers about Jill's connection to Irene. They never wanted to bring Dan back but they felt they had to cover up for potential laws suits. He was brought back to fail.

    It's also not fair to anyone that goes up against Jill like Erika.

  9. What? Jill knows Irene!!!!!? Come on that can't be... I understand everyone helps there friends get jobs etc but if this is a competition. LET IT BE a real competition. I actually liked Irene before... this is just wrong.

  10. To Richard... ROWL... but would'nt that be like threating them? seems that there is something more than meets the eye over on this issue..

    To Dan's House Mate... Seems you know a lot about Dan that is a little close to home for comfort..... nothing to pinpoint on or comment about Jill.. or any of the other contenders..those who have challenged and lost including Dan are professionals in their own rights.. those who have won and stayed on.. kuodos but I AM NO JEALOUS COMPETITOR.. i am just saying what i have heard from my friends who saw him live.. I will not hit someone under the belt..that is not ethical..

  11. Irene should be replaced as a judge.

  12. To Girl girl. Yeah I know Dan very well he's my best friend. I think what they did to him is terrible.

  13. Hi Everyone, It's Dan Thompson here. My friend Steve just told me about this page and I want to say please stop writing bad things about Jill and Irene. I'm fine and happy. Steve thanks for your support but this will not help anyone. I'll talk to you later.

    I wish everyone on the show my best. Stay cool,
    Dan xo