Thursday, September 16, 2010

No Nat Ho :(

No Nat Ho for OMG!

Sorry guys, for all those drooling and swooning in anticipation of catching the hunky Nat Ho on next week's OMG! episode, sorry but he's not available to do the show.

His name was in a list given to me about a week back, but I guess something came up or there were some contractual no-nos somewhere, so Nat is no-can-do. It was the sweet boy himself who texted me late last night when he saw my 'enthusiastic' tweet - oopsies, sorry Nat, hope you're not in any trouble! We still love ya! *lookit that hemsem face, sigh!*

Ok, so this is what I've heard. The person originally meant to do this particular collaboration in the first was *wait for it*..... Ris Low! *jaw drop right?!*

Ok, let it sink it.

Yupe. Ris Low. She was actually gonna be on a bonafide Channel 5 show.

Wondering what producers are thinking? Yea that was my first reaction too. But after some thought, I guess Ris does have that entertainment value - good or bad, you all make your own minds up.

Anyway, somehow along the way, when I got the updated list, her name was replaced with Nat's. And I was like, WOOT! Not cos I didn't want her on the show, truth be told, I woulda liked to see how she would fair - especially working with this particular contender *hint* difficulty rating very very high - but I was super excited to see Nat perform.

Ok, all that is moot. Ris out. Nat out. Who's in? I've texted producers, but no reply. Will update y'all soonest!

Here's to hoping Nat makes an appearance on the OMG! stage some time in the future - who knows right? maybe he can 'guest judge'? Speaking of 'Guest Judge', I have no idea who's the guest judge for next week! Everything's like 'so secret' right now - why ah?

xoxo, s.

ps. Ok time to get back to the review! Blogger hates me from last night til this morning, none of my 'colours' are appearing properly - thus the all black look on my post last night pfft! Donch likey!

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