Friday, September 17, 2010

OMG! Quickie : Collaborations List out!

Contender + Celebrity Collaborator = Winning Formula?

As you all know, the first theme for Elimination Rounds on OMG! is called Collaborations! Each of the Top 8 Contenders will be collaborating with a local artiste and I've got the list of who's working with whom. Check it out : 

Danny Koh                                                Bosco Francis
Desert Roses                                             Amit Gilboa
Luminiq Crew                                           Elaine Daly
Vertical Dancers                                       Melissa Faith Yeo
Jill-Marie Thomas                                   Sylvester Sim
David Lin                                                   Jack & Rai
Singapore Char Siew Baos!                     Eunice Olsen
Rhythm & Moves                                     Adele Wong

Haven't got a clue? Need some faces to names? Look out for more info on the collaborators this weekend. I'm off to do my research and grab pics so you'll be well-versed before Monday's recording - you guys are coming riiiight??? ;)

xoxo, s.

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