Monday, September 6, 2010

OMG at AMK Hub

"I'm part of the crew! Reallyyyyy..."
Producers, I need a crew pass man. Wait. That doesn't work. Cos a Channel 5 staffer next to me was also told to move away from the stage area- we were at the side, not blocking anyone's view, hiding beneath a large speaker. Even the official camera woman who was filming stuff for tv was told not to go near the stage too. Me and the camera woman looked at each other like, "huh?"

Oh well, you give some people a little power ....

Ok, so here are the vids I managed to get yesterday at the AMK roadshow. Before you watch what they actually did on stage, here are some backstage vids of the contenders just hangin' out and kinda rehearsing a little...

Now on to the actual performances onstage :
First up, the very flexible popper-locker C-Murda :) Btw, I hitched a ride with Charles to AMK, and found out that this guy, has a double degree in Finance AND Law. Phwoar - he was giving me property investment advice k! Respect ah!

Here's David singing Coldplay's "Yellow".

After a break where the cast of Silver Lining took the stage, it was Luminiq's turn to strut their stuff.

Jill-Marie was up next with "Nobody".

And after another break where the cast of Fighting Spiders came on stage, Singapore Char Siew Baos! and Desert Roses were up to close the roadshow.

Fail moments...
I haven't included the vid of Irene from Vertical Dancers doing her pole thing yet. For some reason, the vid's a little corrupted, so I'm trying to fix that. Aside from that, its a pity fire artiste Danny Koh wasn't able to join us on Sunday - he had work commitments.

Sorry to everyone for jerky bits here and there, they were due to interruptions caused by AMK Hub staff asking me to move. I tried to continue filming while moving back but its not easy mah.

Big sorry to Jill-Marie for the jerky vid and abrupt cut off while you were mid-sentence. Again, please go find big lady bouncer person at AMK Hub for that. Wait. Forget her, lets do another vid of you singing somewhere where there are no bouncers. :)

Well, thats was Sunday with the OMG crew. Its just 2 days away from OMG Day - don't forget to tune in on Wednesday at 8pm to see how the four challenged contenders will fair up against the four new Challengers - Robert, Erika, Akiko and Rhythm & Moves.

Plus, Judge B is back in the house ;) woot!! We've missed her...

xoxo, s.

ps. So tempted to rant about the whole bounder incident (cos I feel very wronged) but aiya, that would be petty right? So in all ohmness, .... moving on.

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