Friday, September 3, 2010

OMG Episode 4 : The Review

Are Solo-Crooner-Guy Challengers Done For?

Last week, new Challenger Dan Thompson impressed as the first Challenger on the show. But before the show could wrap, he got challenged and had to relinquish his hard-fought podium spot. Same thing happened on Episode 4. Jon Max Goh barely had a chance to leave his footprints on the podium when he got challenged by fellow Challengers Singapore Char Siew Bao. Is this a trend/curse? Are all solo male crooners doomed on OMG?

One might argue that couldn't possibly be true because David Lin's still around. My theory on that is this :
1. David isn't a crooner. He's more indie than crooner.
2. Everyone thinks he's a judge's favourite, so its unlikely he'll get challenged any time soon. Then again, by saying that I may have just jinxed him. Sorry David!

What did you guys think of Episode 4?

All in all, it was a pretty entertaining show for me. There were two big group performances, an awesome cool inline skater (not rollerblader as Terence will have you know, that's a 'brand'. Like back in the 80s, people would say 'let me Xerox that for you' when they meant 'photocopy'. Xerox's branding was so strong, people used it to mean the action. Like how parents use the word 'Pampers' instead of nappies or diapers. Ok, I am rambling semantics, sorry!) and the big highlight of the show (according to Judge Irene)- the Vertical Dancers. Plus its the first time (after 3 weeks!) that Luminiq Crew has been challenged. And boy, they never got lazy and they totally brung it! (kids, the correct word would be 'brought', not 'brung', this is just for entertainment value only).

Challenger #1 : Pretty Boyz
Contender : Luminiq Crew
Pretty Boyz decided to take on 'the best', so they decided to choose Luminiq Crew. While the Pretty Boyz did bhangra inspired hip hop, Luminiq decided to use more conventional hip hop tunes. What I really respected about the PBoyz, was that they wanted to use the prize money (if they'd won it) to help less fortunate children who love to dance. Doesn't that just make you go aw? Dark Knights with a heart of gold.

What did the judges say?
Hossan :
Both groups have excellent technique and both groups are having so much fun. What I'm looking for is that sharpness, that x-factor, so I'm not too sure about one group.

Tay Ping Hui :
Pboyz, congrats on your courage to challenge Luminiq Crew. I liked that you put a little bit of ethnic element into the dance. But the ending was not coordinated. Maybe you could just work on timing wise, and you could be better. LC, only one word for you, you guys got attitude.

Irene :
Pboyz, compared to LC your energy is a little bit lower, but you made very good use of the stage.

FD :
I think your energy level was fantastic but I did catch some of you watching everybody else to take your cues. LC, you are wonderfully playful, you haven't gotten lazy, but my question for you now is , if you stay - whats next?

summerr says :
Both groups went out there all gung ho with loads of energy. Where I think LC trumped PBoyz was on 3 counts - wardrobe, music and choreography. They were matched on energy and attitude. But because of their makeup, you couldn't see any facial expression for PBoyz, and a lot of LC's sell, is attitude and it shows not just in their body language but their faces. So, point to note, if you've got your faces painted, you gotta really BRING IT via body language and choreo.
In terms of choreo, PBoyz had a number of stunts but they were all over the place and some took time to set-up or get into formation - flow was affected, plus the music kept changing pace abruptly, so it wasn't as smooth a performance. LC's choice of music was pieced together well, even giving group members time to lipsync, which they did very well too.

So basically, LC looked more 'together'. Which is probably why they kept their spot on the podium.

Result : Luminiq Crew
TPH : "As a whole I think they danced as a single unit and they were more polished. To Pretty Boyz, they had the guts, we admire that. Don't give up your dreams, keep on training."

Challenger #2 : Jonathan Maximilian Goh
Contender : Zul Mystroe
JonMaxGoh chose Zul Mystroe because he wanted to see how Zul would up his game and what else he would bring to the stage after last week's beatboxing.

What did the judges say?
H : To JMG, being a singer and pianist I understand the difficulty and technique you need to sing and play at the same time. I love the clarity in your voice, its very refreshing, I think you're gonna be a star. To Zul, I'm amazed how one person can produce all that sound. Very high entertainment value. But I need to be brought on an emotional journey and well, after the first 30 seconds, I was like wondering where's this going?

TPH : (To JMG) You have a really great voice, fantastic mid range, some of the high notes a bit thin. Zul, I love your message to the challenger ("I am your father!"). I am amazed how you can produce all those, what I call, multi-dimensional sounds.

I : (To JMG) I was trying to find fault with you but the only fault I could find was that you loook like Hossan. Zul was one of my fave contenders last week. You sang and beatboxed at the same time, but you didn't do that this week. I was a little disappointed.

FD : Zul the first 30 seconds I thought you were gonna do a 'trash Jon set', but it didn't happen. I do admire your talent, and there are not many people in singapore who can do what you do, you're almost a master at what you do. To Jon, you are a beautiful baladeer, you have a wonderful relationship with the piano, I just don't know what you're gonna be like without the piano in front of you.
summerr says :
I have to agree with the judges about the first 30 seconds of Zul's performance. It was like he was ready to do battle, I mean did you hear what he was saying? "Boy, you ain't nothin' compared to mah talent. This year. One man. One mission. Fifty Thousand Dollars. I. Am. Your. Father. " Phwoar. I mean, I was ready to go into battle with the guy. But somewhere after I heard 'autobots' and some random boom boom buzz sounds, I was lost.

Looks like Desert Roses also a bit lost, but still very loyal, in fact all the Contenders banded together as usual and supported each other backstage.

I really enjoyed Jon's rendition of "Use Somebody". He has a good voice and can sing well, but I think the fact that Zul's performance was less than stellar was what made Jon the clear choice.

Result : Jonathan Maximilian Goh

Challenger #3 : Terence Cheung
Contender : Vertical Dancers
Why would an inline skater choose to compete against a pair of vertical dancers who are clearly judges' favourites? "I just want to see them perform," he says with a dreamy smile. Ah, got it T! *wink*
Later, cameras caught Terence watching the Vertical Dancers during their performance and he said, "Chances of me losing are very much higher now but I am very entertained by their performance." (btw, his eyes hardly left the backstage tv screen while he said this - LOL!)

What did the judges say?
H : One was going back and forth (Terence) and the other up and down (VD). I could never skate. And I could never climb up a pole (because I'm a man). So excellent job everyone.

TPH : For a show, I've actually done rollerblading. For a charity show I've actually done the cloth thing. To Terence, I really loved the reason you chose to challenge them - cos I agree! I wanna watch them perform! Technically, you're very very capable. But I think what is lacking is I didn't feel a connection with you. Vertical Dancers, its good that you added an extra element other than the pole. Technically, you were awesome but your item was very distracting. (summerr : because they were on different props doing different things)

I : Vertical Dancers, you were the highlight of the night. As a team you must always be one.

FD : Terence, after your honesty, every man in Singapore wants to offer you Singaporean citizenship (Terence is originally from Hong Kong but is a PR here). Vertical Dancers, I think you are visually brilliant.

summerr says : I think its a shame that Terence chose the Vertical Dancers cos I really thought he was so talented. Comparing the two, judges would definitely have to put the dancers in because of the sheer technical difficulty factor. Terence's slalom skills are no easy feat either, the guy's ranked 3rd in the world leh! I guess like Ping Hui says, where he feel short was the lack of connection, if he were to pursue entertainment with his skills, he would need to learn to look up a bit more and add in a bit of showmanship - like the 'ta-daaaa' moments. If Terence had continued, I think we would have been in for tons of stunts which woulda been awesome! Good luck Terence!

Result : Vertical Dancers
FD : "Terence, you have shown us what OMG is all about, you had the courage to come here and show us your talent. We salute you."

Challenger #4 : Singapore Char Siew Baos
Contender : Jonathan Maximilian Goh
Barely had time to relax on the podium, like poor Dan Thompson, JonMaxGoh was called to perform again. The Baos say they thought JMG was very 'polished' when he performed, and they are very passionate performers, so they decided to pit the 'polished' against the 'passionate'. Huh?

What did the judges say?
H : Singapore Char Siew Baos, I really love your energy and the happiness that comes through that performance. To Jon, as a 20 year old singing a song like that, I would have liked to see some depth.

TPH : (To SCB) You guys are the only group that me tapping my feet tonight. (To Jon) A bit thin on the voice initially but you built it up and I really enjoyed myself.

I : I think SCB are very unique. Your package is really one bao. I really loved watching you cos you're so happy. Jon you seem like you were less prepared but I don't blame you.

FD : Singapore Char Siew Bao, you are old school Singapore talentime. That was very good! If I had to scoreboard them, it would be 10/10 and 10/10!

summerr says :
If the Baos ever needed a new name for their group I would suggest 'Shiny Happy People' cos that is just what they are - they're so smiley and happy :) and they have shiny instruments (and teeth). This one was a really tough call. On the hand you have a really good soloist - Jon has a great voice. On the other, you have this very personable group who offers a different type of music - folksy, feel-good type. I guess at the end of the day, judges had to pick the act that would be able to offer more in terms of entertainment value in weeks to come - unfortunately for Jon, having to perform twice in a night reveals flaws, especially when you're taken by surprise and don't come off totally prepared.

Result : Singapore Char Siew Baos
I'm now thinkin', if you're gonna come on the show and be a solo singer, you gotta be Adam Lambert to beat out everyone else.

Well that's it for this week's review, sorry it was a little late, had some trouble gettin' the pics up and didn't want to post up a text only entry - y'all woulda fallen asleep by the second sentence! Next week, we'll have four new challengers, check out the profiles over the weekend :) Episode 5 is pretty dramatic, so plenty to look forward to and of course, more Judge *Swoon* !

LAST NOTE : Come support your favourite Contenders - C-Murda, Desert Roses, David Lin, Danny Koh, Jill Marie Thomas, Vertical Dancers, Luminiq Crew and newbies Singapore Char Siew Baos - this Sunday at AMK Hub @ 2.30pm! Its a Channel 5 roadshow so they'll be joining the casts of Silver Lining among others, so come early and chope a place cos it'll be packed. I'll be there, so follow my tweets/twitpics k!

xoxo, s.

ps. Did you guys see Danny's magic tricks during some of the backstage shots? Nais!

:: All pics courtesy of Shawn Pang, Channel 5 Marketing Team ::

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  1. JonMaxGoh was the clear winner. You are absolutely right it seems they are pushing for David Lim to win protecting him by not having anyone better. It's a pity as the show is a great concept but with bad judges it will become very bad. Sad thing is JonMaxGoh and Dan Thompson were both better singers than David Lim and like you said he'll probably win.

    Who's the short chubby guy from Luminiq Crew always talking (hogging) the camera with a big ego? He's the worst dancer in the group! which is ok every group has to have a bad one but his ego? For a short ugly kid he's going to be the weak link in that group that will bring them down.

    I'd go and watch this Sunday but at the moment there is no one on the show worth watching. The Judges have really messed up. I'm only watching for the challengers now as the rest are boring. I hope they keep someone good in Episode 5.

  2. Me again, actually I think Danny Koh is great!

  3. standing up for the judgesSeptember 3, 2010 at 8:55 PM

    Agree, I think Danny is true talent.

    But I disagree with judge slamming. Its not really their fault. The challengers go and choose everyone except for David, what can they do? They still have to only pick between the challenger and the person they chose wat. In this case, I have a feeling JMG just unlucky that the charsiewbao chose him. You should be asking why those baos choose him instead of David? If they chose David even higher chance of them being in right?
    i believe the judges are doing the best they can. They already said it was a tough decision and both deserved a 10/10 score.

  4. To dear anonymous... i didnt hog the mic... there are reasons y im ALWAYS on the mic..:D. and also, the ego part.... its TV, we were told to say all that..In reality, we are total opposites of wat we are on TV!..LOL!.. peace! :)

    P.S. This post is Just damn funny!!! :D:D:D:D:D

  5. The chubby short ugly kid is One of Singapore best popper! and btw,in Luminiq, theres no bad dancer!

  6. If he is one of the best poppers in Singapore that doesn't say much for Singapore. hahahaha! you just got served sucker!

  7. Luminiq Crew You are told what to say? So sad, nothing on OMG seems to be real. Thanks for clarifying.