Saturday, September 18, 2010

One more OMG Collaboration Vid!

Have you had your breakkie yet?
Here's one last trailer from the batch of four trailers I received yesterday. Check out my previous post to watch the first 3 vids. This is the 4th one - featuring Luminiq Crew collaborating with actress (and dancer) Elaine Daly (she's currently on Silver Lining).

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday, look out for more on the Collaborators tonight! 

I'm off to do some volunteer work today - the kids (yes my lil 5 and 3 year old) and I are off to help pick up trash along Changi Beach - its Global Coastal Clean-up Day! If you're free today, come help pick up trash along the coast, every little bit counts - oh and car pool if you're driving, lets try and reduce our carbon footprint today!

xoxo, s.

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