Thursday, September 16, 2010

OMG Ep 7 Recording Next Monday! COME!

Congratulations to the Top 8!
Desert Roses, Danny Koh, David Lin, Singapore Char Siew Baos!, Rhythm & Moves, Jill-Marie Thomas, Luminiq Crew and Vertical Dancers have survived the 6 weeks of Survival Rounds. Its now time to move into the Elimination Rounds.

From here on, each week will see the Contenders compete within a theme.

Each week, a Mystery Challenger will be introduced.

And each week, as the name of this stage of the show implies, people WILL be going home.

From here on in, the judges' votes account for just 50% of the result. The other 50% is left to public voting - so YOU get to vote, YOU have a say!

First theme : Collaborations
Next week, the first theme for Elimination Rounds is called 'Collaborations' and each Contender will have to work with a local artiste for their act. They have to incorporate this artiste seamlessly into their routine whatever it may be. Some guest star names to look out for - Nat Ho *swoon/drool/stare*, Elaine Daly, Adele Wong and Eunice Olsen. And psst, a little birdie told me to look out for one of the Idol alums ;) - who? They wouldn't say. Well, Nat's covered, so its not Nat. Whatever it is, I'm excited to see what Nat Ho's gonna be up to - sing? He hasn't sung since Idol I think....

So much to look forward to right? Come on down to the recording for Ep 7, next Monday, 20 Sept at 7.15pm. Just come to reception and pick up tickets on the day itself.

Congrats again to the Top 8 who've made it through - time to buckle down and give 1000% to put on a kick-a** show! G'nite all, look out for the review tomorrow!

xoxo, s.

ps. Oooh, Jonathan Leong! Or, maybe um, Joakim Gomez? Paul Twohill?

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