Thursday, September 9, 2010

OMG Episode 5 : The Review

Survival Round 5 Rawked!
I don't know about you peeps, but I quite enjoyed watching Ep 5 of One Moment Of Glory last night. Firstly I'm happy that Judge B is back. Secondly, everything about the was entertaining from performances to judges' comments to the banter backstage and the clips shown before performances. I was most impressed by Rhythm & Moves' clip, they looked quite formidable in their black long tailed suits, add a pair of sunglasses and they'd be from The Matrix. Those looked waaay better than the shiny white satin mini vests they wore for their actual performance - but I guess that outfit was in line with their choreo.

Survival Round 5 had fire, dance, singers, sand art, close fights and a big upset. Quite a variety and quite the drama, so on to the review! Oh and have you noticed, as the weeks go by, the Contenders come up with weirder and fiercer expressions for when the camera zooms in on them for a 'challenge' - they're gettin' comfortable on that podium....

Challenger #1 : Rhythm & Moves
Contender : C-Murda

Fen from Rhythm & Moves said they chose to challenge C-Murda because he looked 'cute', like Super Mario brothers. Ok la, a bit. :) Cute but the guy is skilled - the camera turned to the R&M guys a few times backstage during C-Murda's performance, and they were so riveted to the tv, they didn't comment at all.

What did the judges say?
Beatrice :
R&M, I think you guys are great movers, but you did everything I expected you to do. Having that wow factor is to be unexpected, and that's what was missing for me. C-Murda, with a name like that, you never know what to expect, and I think thats what you're successful in achieving - I never wknow what you're gonna do next.

Tay Ping Hui :
(To R&M) Between dance and martial arts you guys have a good mix. C-Murda I saw your first performance but today I felt you had too much of the miming, and should have shown more of the body popping.

Irene :
(To R&M) You are the most graceful male chinese dancers I've ever seen. Graceful without being sissy. (To C-Murda) I have always enjoyed your performances, I understood your mime. You moved me.

Flying Dutchman :
(To R&M) I loved your opening. It came alive when you used the ribbons. C murda, it was almost like the puppet strings were missing, and if they were mising, then I wished I saw a puppet.

Result : Rhythm & Moves
Irene : We agree that C-Murda is a very polished craftsman and artiste, therefore we expected more from you. But tonight (your performance) did not go up, you remained the same.

summerr says :
Rhythm & Moves was like Beatrice said, predictable. The minute I saw their costumes and props, I as prepared to see what they brought. They are good dancers, especially Derek whose moves are sharp and tight. But again, like Beatrice, what I preferred about C-Murda was the surprise element. I always looked forward to his performances because I never knew what he would do - every move is a surprise, and not something you would have seen on local tv before.

In hindsight, I guess in terms of energy, C-Murda's choice of song and choreo may not be able to match up to something as high-energy as a martial arts infused routine. It was a tough decision to make I think, and although I understood the Judges' decision, I was surprised by it, I thought they would give Charles another chance after some constructive advice, just cos his talent is quite rare. I mean, even his fellow contenders were genuinely shocked!

But oh well. I think C-Murda has plenty more places to go after this one moment of glory. Producers - WILD CARD PLEEEASE!

Challenger #2 : Robert Tan
Contender : David Lin
Robert chose to challenge David because he feels their talents are similar. Robert sees himself as a singer/musician, and so is David. Robert's story is such an inspiration, self-taught musician despite being visually challenged - truly inspiring..

What did the judges say?
B : Robert you have a great air about you, its very nice and very easy, you're very very watchable, but was that performance at the piano extraordinary? For me, no. David, this was the performance I have been waiting for from you.

TPH : I think OMG! is a testament that talent is without demarction. I think you (Robert) play the piano really really well, you hit every note on the dot, but i feel that you were actually let down by your singing. Whether or not you move on, I think you've already won. David, in terms of the feel and the emotions, you've got it right on, I felt a lot of the emotions of the song.

I : Both of you have great stories, both of you have great packaging but my boyfriend (she means David), darling, dearest, baby, you sang the song, you convinced us, you were very "feeling"!

FD : David you nailed the song. And Robert, if anybody remembers anything from OMG!, they will remember you as the one true inspiring moment.

Result : David Lin
TPH : Robert, you're an inspiration for us. And we really admire you for coming out here. Honestly, personally I don't think even I have the courage to go on stage and put myself out there. David you have everything, packaging, the looks, etc. You have to work on your technical notes and not be so nervous and you'll be perfect.

summerr says :
I think Robert is like this big smiley teddybear ;) He's always got a smile on, and he's always so gracious. Just when David got challenged, he said to a roving camera, "I can't make you rock, but I'm gonna make you cry". Ok, so he didn't make me cry, but the hairs on my arm did stand when he sang - Hallelujah indeed - the song fit him to a tee, lucky for David.

Challenger #3 : Erika Chen
Contender : Jill-Marie Thomas
Erika chose to challenge Jill-Marie cos she's a solo female contender, and Erika is also a solo female performer. So in her mind it was a fair fight.

What did the judges say?
B : I think what Erika does is some sort of gentle seductive performance art. Jill is always very exciting, I love the rockin' out and the connection that was made.

FD : Erika I think you're excellent. I think the whole concept that you brought to the show was totally different. And that is what OMG! is all about we're looking for unique talent like that. Jill as always you got up there, you enjoyed yourself and you're a bundle of energy. At the start you said you were gonna bring and you brought it.

TPH : I think the sand art was really nice, it was like a soft breeze on my face, I liked it. But I was distracted by your singing. I think if you focused on one thing it would be much better for you. Jill it's always dangerous to take someone else's song and do your own rendition. It can either be great or you could fall flat on your face. Today, you rocked. I think you are so far the best singer I've heard tonight.

I : I think you're the most beautiful contestant on OMG!. I like your sand art but I've seen better sand art. Jill you always win people over - you're a people winner..

Result : Jill-Marie Thomas
B : We went for the performer that came on stage and gave 10 upon 10. Both are very unconventional performers. Erika you bring two things together in a most unexpected way. Move forward with that, keep improving your sand art and the singing as well.

summerr says :
When I watched Erika in studio, I wasn't too impressed with her act. But watching it on tv, I was better able to appreciate her talent. Her sand art story and the song together spoke to me more when I wasn't distracted trying to watch the her on stage and her sand art on a the big screen in the theatre. But that said, Jill's ability to either draw you into a song or make your feet thump along are undeniable, both live and on tv. Tough fight imo, because I would have loved to see what else Erika could do. But I'm not really ready to let Jill go either, especially not after the fight she put up to stay - Gaga go grilled man!

Challenger #4 : Nadia (Akiko)
Contender : Danny Koh
She chose Danny to avenge her friend Fatima's exit. She also said it was because he was cute and 'hot'. But she also said she was gonna be 'hotter'. You gotta love that kinda sass right?

What did the judges say?
I : I think you're very brave to choose Danny Koh. But you do have a very compelling reason to choose him cos he beat your friend, sisterhood rocks! Danny you took the judges' advice very seriously, you changed your hairstyle, you also upped your skills and your act. I saw that you burnt your hands, but I applaud you for continuing on.

TPH : (To Akiko) I loved your choreography, but there wasn't enough belly dancing. Its a pity you stayed on stage, because FD has told us that belly dancing is all about getting up close. But otherwise great performance. Danny, the fire whip, great performance.

FD : Your second half was better than your first. Are the words 'no room for error' gonna haunt you tonight? I don't know, we'll see. Nadia, you're very intense when you dance.

B : Nadia, there's something very unselfconscious about you that makes you very compelling to watch, and downright sexy. Danny, I thought that your choreo was very difficult, I don't really care about mistakes, for me its more in the what you give off at the end of the performance that matters.

Result : Danny Koh
FD : I have got to say this was not a unanimous decision but Danny consistently has to deal with a very high degree of difficulty and he successfully pulls it off. We now want to see how you can top what you did tonight. Bt Nadia, we take nothing away from you, you are excellent, you really are.
summerr says :
Akiko was definitely intense and riveting. Her routine was very interesting, and kept me riveted all the way through because of the many transitions in costume/props/tricks. Very clever. She definitely brought it. Danny on the other hand, upped his game even more. Did you see that crazy jump he did with the fire goin' round his legs? See pic above. Definitely riveting. In fact, I think at this stage, only another fire artiste (a better one) is gonna be able to upstage him.
I'm kinda sad to see Akiko go, cos I really thought she was a very cool character. She just has such a cheeky sense of humour. But I'm real glad Danny stayed. Did you see him in the video clip with those glasses? SO CUTE! *I want those glasses*

Overall a pretty good episode, each 'battle' was well-matched and everyone went in fighting. Biggest shame of the night was seeing C-Murda go. I really liked the guy and his talent. I'm not saying I don't like Rhythm & Moves, not at all in fact, I think they bring something else to the show. I'm just sad C-Murda's not on the show anymore - again I say...producers....WILDCARD PLEASSSEEE!

This weekend, check out the profiles of the final four Challengers from next week's show. Its the last Survival round before our final Top 8 move into the Elimination Rounds.

The four Challengers are Razlyna, Junkyard Percussion Unit, Jamila and Dan Thompson. And these four won't be spoilt for choice because there are four of them, and only five contenders to choose from - Luminiq Crew, Vertical Dancers, Singapore Char Siew Baos!, Desert Roses and Rhythm & Moves. (David, Jill and Danny are immune).

Look out for the Challenger profiles coming to the blog this weekend!
in the meantime, if you know anyone you think would be perfect for OMG! (cos their talent is so awesome they can only compare with the awesomeness that is Barney Stinson), please help shine the spotlight on them by emailing yours and their deets to NOW!

xoxo, s.

:: pics courtesy of Shawn Pang, Channel 5 marketing team ::


  1. Hate to see C Murda off last night, his performance was actually quite good, but maybe because the song was quite boring (not as much body movement as the 1st one). What I enjoy most from him is that his movement was flowing smoothly from beginning till the end. I agree, please have a wild card for C MURDA!!

  2. Yeah Agree With Andrew!!!

  3. Can they bring people on as wild cards? Wow that would be sooo cool. All the people that should have got through could be brought back! Now that would be entertaining. The sand girl was also much better than Jill. And the belly dancer rocked! Honestly it's like the best people are knocked out almost every time. Bring C MURDA BACK! Also what's his real name so I can look him up please?

  4. Hey folks, I'm HOPING for a wildcard element, cos you never know what Producers will pull out of their hats. But so far, I have not heard anyone buzzing about coming back.
    Fingers crossed there will be Wildcard, some of the acts I want to see back are Bottle Flipz and of course C-Murda. And Fatema. Or Fatema and Nadia should TEAM UP and come back together - phwoar!
    Well, lets all keep hoping! Thanks for commenting!
    xoxo, s.

  5. I see that Dan Thompson is coming back the next episode. Maybe C-Murda could do the same...

  6. C-Murda should stay in the competition. Judges' have stamps covered their eyes. R&M is good but not good enough. Judges should judge the 2 performances and not their last performance. To maintain at he's peak is not always possible. What we are looking for is creativity, entertaining and quality of performance.

  7. Yeah... they should be judging the performances between the contender's and the challenger's, instead of judging between the contender's 1st and 2nd performances. This is not fair... There is always a limit to how much u can improve on something. Maintaining his or her standard is the hard part...

  8. That would be great if they bring C Murda back because then he would surely go to the end. They would have to be mental to bring someone back on as a wild card and knock them straight out again.

    I agree with the above comments the judging is not fair.

  9. hi ,this is Jamila here,you interviewed me when i did the recording day.its really nice to chat with you,may i have your e- mail or any contacts pls? before you upload the new blog,i got sth want to talk to you urgently,or you can text me at 90177507,appreciate it,thx a lot

  10. Whats the song title of C-murda's performance?

  11. I think Ericka Chen was/is much better than Jill. Ericka has a better voice. She's better looking and obviously more talented.