Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy OMG Day!

OMG! For A Frighteningly Good Time!

With Halloween just around the corner, Singaporeans are lapping up all things freaky and frighty (ok, that's not a real word, but it works right?). 

Even Daiso has gotten into the act - they're selling all sorts from bags to hats and capes and its just $2 - no excuse not to join at that price man!

OMG!'s not to be outdone, we're celebrating Halloween with the theme 'Fright Night' tonight. Its gonna be spooky fun and lots of theatrics (hopefully!), I'm really looking forward to tonight's show. 

I hope everyone who's coming for the show dresses up - that's the best part about Halloween right? Dressing up! Hehe, I hope the Judges dress up - but then again, how to take critique seriously if you're talking to a Witch or a Pirate or something more exotic right?

Ok, all that aside....

Have you met our Challenger for the week yet? If you haven't - check out IFLY prodigy's profile here. They are what Alan the leader calls 'Acrobatic Entertainers' :)

Alan and Vincent Fok dropped by the Class 95 studios this morning for a quick radio interview and here are the pics! 

Think the boys are cute? Show 'em your support, watch the show, and vote tonight. I can't wait to see their routine in full costume and lighting - their theme is Twilight wheee!

In total, there'll be six acts performing tonight - Jill-Marie Thomas, Sean Harrison, Singapore Char Siew Baos!, Luminiq Crew, CJ Crew and Challenger IFLY prodigy. Who will judges favour, who will be at the bottom of the judges' ranking? Who will give us the biggest and best 'SCARE'? 

PLUS! Tonight, the guest judges are none other than 987fm's MUTTONS!!! I LURVE THEM! I can't wait to hear what they've got to say to the contestants - Mutton, sorry la Mutton, cannot make it la Mutton etc etc...

Can't wait, tonight, LIVE at 8pm, One Moment of Glory, only on Channel 5!

xoxo, s.

ps. Have you read the OMG! Contenders' ghost stories yet? Its creepy and freaky and you'll love it! Click here to start! Then take part in the poll on the right sidebar and tell me which story you liked best!

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