Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sean's Encounter with Lady In White

In preparation for our Halloween themed episode called 'Fright Night', I got the Contenders to tell me their scariest ghost stories... here is Sean Harrison's story. Thank you Sean for sharing.

This happened to me, when I was about 16, it was around the time I was sitting for my N Levels. 

It happened at our old house in Siglap. I used to hang out in the study til very late at night - singing/jamming/studying, ok well not so much of the studying, but yeah, would stay there till very late la. 

This happened over two nights. On the first night, I was there, in the study, and it was quite late and I saw my sister Sharda head to kitchen. My sister has really long, black, wavy, hair. Anyway, I assumed she was getting something to eat or drink, so didn't really pay any attention to her. 

Then at about 2am, I started to feel uneasy. You know, like hot flashes around your head and neck, and like, just really uncomfortable. I sat there for a while more in the study, trying to ignore the feeling. 

The study is quite small, and it has two doors, on my right is a sliding door and on the other side is a normal hard door. So the sliding door was open, and out of the corner of my eye I saw something white flash by really really fast, like so fast! I whipped my head around to see what it was but didn't see anything. 

I still felt really uneasy, so I decided to go upstairs. 

Then the next night, I was back in the study again, and around the same time, I felt the same uneasy feeling. It was like my head, my neck and chest were having hot flashes and felt like something was watching me. 

Then I was like, "Sean, snap out of it, you're a man! You are going to deal with this. You're being scared of nothing!" I told myself to just carry on doing whatever it was I was doing and to just ignore it. I told myself not to give in to the fear. And as I decided that, the feeling got more and more and more intense. 

I felt really uncomfortable, so I closed the sliding doors. And at that point, the doors started to rattle. Like really rattle! So I kicked the door!

And the door kept ratting like it had gone insane! 
That totally freaked me out and at that point I started praying. I'm not a religious person, but when you have no choice you'll definitely turn to a religion to keep you safe. I prayed and decided to leave the room quickly, but because I'm actually kinda an environmentalist, I actually turned off the computer and the lights before leaving 

(summerr says : LOL! how hilarious is that? Freaked out with a ghost on your tail and you still wait to shut down the comp and turn out the lights!)

I dashed up to my room and grabbed the rosary and put it on. I still felt really unsafe because hello, the thing could be chasing me and could still come after me, I was afraid if I opened the door it would be there! 

After that I went to Sharda's room and thankfully she was there, so I told her about what happened downstairs and what happened the night before. And then she told me, "Sean, I wasn't home last night, I stayed over at my boyfriend's place."

Oh my gawd!!!!

The next day I told my Mom what happened and she actually got a psychic lady in to have a look at the house. We saw a red marking on the glass of the sliding door. It wasn't like blood or anything, more like red ink and it was in like a character. The psychic just told me not to hang out in the study anymore after late hours. Apparently there was a female spirit lurking around. They told me much later on that it was a "Pontianak". Mum later tells me Siglap used to be a Malay cemetary.

The whole episode really spooked me out man. 

summerr says : 
Brrr, my fingers were cold and shaking a little while I was typing this out. Just hearing the story in my head made me feel uneasy.  But I hope you enjoyed that chiller...more to come as the day goes on. 

Don't forget to catch your fave Contenders on One Moment of Glory tomorrow night, Live at 8pm, on Channel 5 - its Fright Night!


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