Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Episode 8 : My Singapore Dream - Trailer

Just One More Day!
Tomorrow night we'll see the eight OMG Contenders still in the running perform to theme of 'My Singapore Dream'. Check out the trailer...

This was last week's ranking according to the judges :

1. Desert Roses 
2. Vertical Dancers
3. Danny Koh
4. Luminiq Crew
5. Rhythm 'N' Moves
6. Singapore Char Siew Baos!
7. Jill-Marie Thomas
8. Capoeira Argula de Ouro Singapore

Two are going home tomorrow night ...
Did your votes change the order? If it didn't, it's bye bye Jill-Marie and Capoeiristas ....

After that, the remaining 6 Contenders will be joined by a new Challenger - Jigri Yaar. Will they do enough to rank high? How will the others do within the Singapore theme? What will Debbie Gibson think?

I'm a mixed bag of emotions. I am thoroughly excited to see Debbie Gibson play guest judge. But I'll be real sad to see any of the OMG family go. Last night we all hung out for a bit at David Lin's 'crib' at Haji Lane and it was nice to just hang out without the 'OMG competition' hanging over everyone's heads. More on that later tonight - long story short - David's heading back to Taiwan tomorrow morning for national service! I've got a video of his 'swansong' that he didn't get to sing on the show. Its slowly uploading to youtube as I type - so check in with the blog again later tonight ....say 10?

Catcha later chicas!
xoxo, s.

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  1. any one that leaves, i will cry for the top 7.... =(

    will miss them...