Sunday, October 17, 2010

This week's theme : School's Out!

OMG Contenders will work with Kids ...
This week's theme is called "School's Out!" and our contenders have been busy working kids. That's right, they're incorporationg kids into their acts. How many kids and how they are incorporated is totally up to the Contenders. 

So far, I know that Luminiq Crew's working with some awesome 9-year old b-boy named Aziz who's already part of the crew. The Baos! are working with a young drummer. Jill-Marie and Sean have each got a few young performers who will be singing and dancing with them. Haven't found out what Jigri Yaar and Danny are up to yet and how they're getting kids involved. 

Here are the publicity pics that were taken of some of the Contenders for this week's theme. Cute and colourful right? These pics were taken by the Channel 5's marketing team when OMG! got to the Top 8. Unfortunately I don't have these publicity type pics for Danny as he left early on the day of the shoot. And of course, I don't have any for Sean and Jigri Yaar as they have just joined the show. 

Here's an exclusive peek for you at the pics of those who didn't make. All these pics were shot ages ago for all the themes, so had David, Rhythm 'N' Moves, Desert Roses and Vertical Dancers made it, these would have been their publicity pics for this week. 

Did you catch the OMG segment on last night's President's Star Charity? I thought our Top 8 did great. Everyone looked very coordinated and it was like a big blue 'circus'. I was really moved by the beneficiaries' stories ... Adelyn's in particular made me tear, and I teared again watching her perform her heart out. I also loved the Shaolin Monks segment and flexi Alexi phwoar!

Just two more days to OMG day! Have a great week ahead!
xoxo, s.

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