Tuesday, October 12, 2010

OMG Ep 10 Challenger : Sean Harrison

Meet The New Guy ...

Kinda looks a little bit like Mark Salling (Puck) from Glee doncha think? Maybe its the shaved head and the lushes lashes? Sorry I digress, meet 21-year old Sean Harrison. He's a singer-songwriter of the indie persuasive and on the phone, he sounds a little bit like a cross between John Mayer and David Tan from Electrico. I heard a small sample of his singing on his MySpace page (check out his version of 'You & Me' and his original 'Girl In A Black Dress'), I dare say he has an interesting tone and style - jazzy like Jamie Cullum and laidback like John Mayer. 

Here's the phoner from earlier today ... 

So how long have you been performing? 
Professionally, for about a year. I mean like, playing in proper pubs. 

What do you mean in proper pubs? What kind of 'un'proper pubs were you at before?
Well, I've been playing music since I was 14.  I was always the bass guitarist.  I was kinda the background guy la. And whenever I wanted to step up, they would always say, eh no, we need another guitarist la, we need a bassist, so that would be me.

He volunteers this next piece of info randomly - he's real easy to talk to :
Most of my music is inspired by women. When I was 16, my first crush liked Michael Buble. So I pushed myself to sound like him. I bought a cheap guitar for $45 and went all out. I know its cliche and all, but I love the idea of singing a song for a girl. 

Where are you from Sean?
I'm totally Singaporean la. I eat Katong Laksa, I love belachan, I love durian. My dad is half Brit, half Chinese, and my mom is Eurasian Pakistani. (wow so exotic lor!)
I have an older sister and two step brothers who are half German and half Chinese. My parents split up ages ago but we are an annoyingly 'not-broken' family. We're a big team. My dad is the cool guy with the long hair and the earring. A few years back when I decided to 'quit' school (Sean was doing horticulture - that's code for landscaping artist and dropped out to pursue music), I thought I was being rebellious and was ready to 'get it' from my dad when I told him I wanted to pursue music. And all he said was, "yea sure, go ahead, want a beer?" No drama at all. 

So you decided to pursue music... 
At 19, I started busking. I was so attracted to the story of the struggling artiste, starting from the very bottom. You know, the story of the lone busker, who's like a vagabond, busking for no one sometimes, trying to make it in the world. Its such a beautiful story.  When I started to perform in pubs, I started out at the dingiest pubs I could find. People were like, hey why don't you try out at Timber, nope, not me.

So are you well-known now?
My gigs have been pretty niche. I guess you could say I'm still pretty 'undiscovered', but work's starting to pick up a little. 

So what made you join OMG!?
I guess you could say the hardship of busking is really starting to get to me. It really is very tough trying to make a name for yourself. It doesn't matter what you're singing, I've been at gigs where I'm singing to just three people in a pub. I just want an audience of more than three people. I just want to perform, really perform. I mean, it would be great to win the $50,000, but at this point I really just want to perform. 

My friend Paul (Twohill, of SI2 fame) was the one who encouraged me to audition for the show. I have been playing backup for Paul for a few years now, and he kept asking me to join - he would say, "eh $50,000 prize money you know!" And amongst friends, we all thought, that could be 'easy money'. But after watching the show, I'm thinking no way am I gonna be able to beat Danny and Jill-Marie. Honestly, I think they're really good. The dancers and pole dancers and all are great, but Danny has this ability to deliver totally unpredictable kinds of stuff. 

When I was busking, my mentor was this magician busker who taught me all the little tricks that buskers do to pull in the crowd, and to hold their attention. Danny has all of that and more. He's a serious magician, I've seen his lil card tricks and fire work. I actually still have a little bottle that he signed and gave me to me a long time ago. He's totally outdone everyone. (<--- Danny look! You have a fan!)


As for Jill-Marie, I'm really impressed with her. I think she can play the guitar really well, I saw her on Youtube and she has a great voice. Guitar-skills wise I think she can outdo me, but vocal-wise, maybe we could be on par. The only thing I have (to set me apart) would be that I have a different style. Where Jill is more wholesome, I'm more the rock-it-all-out type of guy. I love to push the boundaries and make it intense! I believe in making people feel what they're listening to. 

Say you do win the $50,000, what would you do with it?
I would set aside $1,000 to spend. I promised my four best friends I'd give them a $1,000 each. And the rest will go to my education. Its always been my dream to score music. I would love to just spend all day every day writing music whether its classical or contemporary or whatever, I just want to write music. When I walk around, I'm always thinking about my life's soundtrack.
(Scoring music is basically writing music for a film, think Hans Zimmer - still wondering who? Google it.)

What will you be performing on the show?
I'll be singing Five For Fighting's 'Superman'. (OMG I LOVE THAT SONG, video reference right at the bottom in case you don't know it -tsk!  It was on the Smallville soundtrack and the theme song for the premiere season). Previously I was in and out of little flings and so this year I decided I would try to make things work with people but it backfired. The song's about someone who's trying their best but still unable to deliver because everyone else's expectations of them are different. The song just spoke to me. And then when I met with producers, one of them actually suggested I try out this song and it was like the universe was speaking to me. The song's a classic.

Catch Sean Harrison (I wonder if he's related to George Harrison - as in, from the Beatles, I mean, his dad's half Brit - could be....) on Class 95's Morning Express tomorrow morning (OMG DAY!) around 9am

And don't forget to tune in to OMG! LIVE later at 8pm on Channel 5. Feel like watching the show live in studio? Come on down to Mediacorp Reception to pick up tickets at about 7pm and join the studio audience - live shows are always better in person of course!

One Moment of Glory! airs LIVE every Wednesday at 8pm only on Channel 5. 
Watch past episodes of OMG! at xinmsn.com/catchup.
Want more dirt on Sean? Find him at his Facebook fanpage and MySpace page.

ps. Want to be a Challenger on the show? Email omg@mediacorp.com.sg and tell producers what your fab talent is and you could be the one to beat them all!

pps. Here's the video of Five For Fighting's 'Superman'.

Lyrics here if you want to sing along ....
(also just coz I had it handy, this is actually one of my all-time fave songs) :

Superman by Five For Fighting
I can't stand to fly
I'm not that naive
I'm just down to find, the better part of me

I'm more than a bird
I'm more than a plane
More than some pretty face beside a train 
And its not easy to be me

I wish that I could cry
Fall upon my knees
Find a way to lie, bout a home i'll never see

It may sound absurd but don't be naive
Even heroes have the right to bleed
I may be disturbed
But won't you concede, even heroes have the right to dream
And its not easy to be me

Up, up and away, away from me
Well its alright, you can all sleep sound tonight
I'm not crazy for anything

I can't stand to fly
I'm not that naive
Men weren't meant to ride, with clouds between their knees

I'm only a man in a silly red sheet
Diggin' for kryptonite on this one way street
Only a man, in funny red sheet, 
Lookin' for special things inside of me
Inside of me, inside of me
Inside of me, inside of me

I'm only a man in a funny red sheet
I'm only a man lookin' for a dream
I'm only a man in a funny red sheet
Its not easy, ooh ooh ooh, its not easy, to be me


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. oppsy, accidentally deleted my comment! haha, just saying, i love this song too! have a great OMG day!

  3. What the f...., another singer. Producer, what are you thinking? He's better than David meh? Or Those two martial arts group. The standard of this show is dropping. Summerr, do us a good deed. Please feedback to them. So this guy comes in tonight and become top 6 already. And those season people like Char Siew, Vertial, Danny, roes, luminiq & Jil might be leaving. Not fair, he's just top 6 without stress.

    For these new challenger....WRONG name to use. These are just lucky people. Because this OMG management got problem. They didn't challenge anything, just walk over and wait for people to vote. And they are wasting time, they don't even care whether they are going to stay on or not. Cos they already got the title top 7 or top 6 and next week worst top 5 Lo.

    This OMG has no meaning at all, at first is still ok to watch. Now is a total rubbish. The previous top 8, I pity you. You guys been played around by OMG.

    Please, help us feedback to producer. Lousy show. The contender are ok, and to be fair, the challenger got something lah. But the system is wrong. WRONG game play. #%^*+€¥ producers


  4. I agree that perhaps the show isnt, run quite smoothly, or fairly, I cant see how someone who has been singing for 8 weeks suddenly gets kicked out and thats it, stepped on by someone who comes in much later. I understand your anger and frustration for I too do not understand this. However new talent walks in and out, sean happens to be my brother and I support him. You are right, the show is a little, messy and how to win-is unclear and a little unfair but it is called one moment of glory and they all do receive their one moments of glory, its a show, its taking the stage- money to be won? great. but its about showcasing talent and i can safely say coming from the industry myself, that omg is a relfection of the entertainment business. Just got to deal with it.

  5. Are you sure you're the sister and not blogger Summer again supporting a favourite? It looks like she likes singers more than other talents. Even to the point of defending the beloved Jill. If Sean gets in tonight he will be assured of great support from producers too who seem to likes only singers. Why not just call this Singapore OMG Idol?

  6. GOSH.... you guys must have the wildest imagination in the whole of Singapore.., you must stepped on a huge bunch of lemons today... or each entry that some write will not have a tinge of lemon in them...

  7. joe sounds so bitter. newsflash: that's how the entertainment business works. as heidi klum says it so brilliantly, "one day you're in and the next day you're out." and if the producers didn't have a concept like that, it wouldn't be much different from idol would it? everyone's entitled to their own opinions, i understand. but when you whine about how you're right and how the producers got it wrong, you look awfully dumb unfortunately. if it's a lousy show, simple, don't watch it. we don't really care for your whining, to be honest. that said, have a good one! (:

  8. disgusting. your eyelashes look fake, you look gay, you look blind when you sing, your voice becomes so thin and you can't hit high notes, you disgust me cos you just do, you can't sing at all, i hate you, you shouldn't be on this show cos the producers are shitty

  9. I missed it juz nw so dunno how he fared, but I can cfm tat the show is getting off the track already... Wads up with the new challenger coming in taking up vacancy left? It's very unfair to all current and past contenders and challengers, who went thru much difficulties getting to where they are nw... In tat case, no point gg for auditions in the 1st place... Juz wait till left wif last 2 or 3 contenders b4 gg on show as challenger and win the prize money... Wad were the show's management thinking?!

  10. This is a new way of showcasing talents and the producers need to twitch with the "rules" and stuffs to make it original. However, i understand that it's unfair for those who got eliminated in the game to leave and get replaced by other new contenders.

    But, look at the bigger picture. All those remaining contestants have an advantage over him. Like, they have more chances to prove to Singaporeans, and if they don't vote for them, it's their problem.

    @joe i understand you being frustrated and stuff, but hey, that's they way the show goes man. Even everyone in OMG! is like family, so who's out isn't the matter. OMG is just a platform to many greater things. I mean, everything isn't about winning or losing. It's just the effort.

    @Sharda - hey, i agree with you on this. Producers change it to make it different, although it may seem unfair at times. :) cheers.

    @the following anon - Thats why the show is twitched. So, don't complain?

    @the 2 other anons - No point discouraging people because of their looks? What makes you think you're perfect? Hate the show? Simple, don't watch it, no one even ask you to watch in the first place. Also, the show's management's thinking of a new way to make it different from other shows. It isn't about winning, it's about exposure, and experience. Get it right.

  11. Omg. Do you guys even have anything better to write about? Please anonymous, if you have nothing good to say just don't say it. Sean sings damn well and I know it for a fact because he's sung for me before so enough with the hate messages. If you don't like him then suit yourself. But you don't have to do it so publicly and sound like a complete moron! Lol!

    Gd luck Sean! Xx

  12. the format of the show is like this. Sean is not coming in to 'take anyone's place'.Maybe producers should consider revealing results the week before so that they can help draw the line clearer for stupid viewers who are so close-minded that they blame a newbie for 'kicking out' someone who didn't get votes.
    HELLO - you didn't vote enough so don't complain. If every one of their fans voted, do you think the martials arts guys would be gone? Do you think anyone wanted to see the Desert Roses and hot pole dancers go? NO. But bottom line is, no votes.
    So producers, I think to reduce confusion, why not have just one hour voting and come back with results on the same night since the viewers are so stupid don't know how to distinguish between the end of one show and the start of the neext part of the show.
    Don't blame Sean, he just got on the show. I think he did great. Good voice and looks aren't everything - actually i think that Anon is blind cos Sean is CUTE!
    By the way the only time anyone can blame a contestant/challenger for 'taking' anyone's place is during previous round when its 1 to 1 competition. One is in while the other is out. Now its level playing field amongst all contenders!

  13. @ anonymous....(the one with the sister comment)
    I am sean's damn sister and Ive worked hard to support him. I do have a blog, shardaharrison@tumblr.com.
    Thank you Nicholas. I agree the show has its ups and downs but one cannot discourage new talent and especially if the new talent has somehow captured the judges causing them to rank sean as their number one choice last night. It is going to be difficult cause sean is a musician and the other acts are FANTASTIC.
    But one moment of glory to me, is nto about winning, its about (what the name suggests) one moment of glory to showcase yourself. And that space, that moment, can assist any struggling artists in their pursuit for career.

    And I dont think Tracy (summer in the shower) is being biased. She is just passionate about assisting each performer and writing about whomever she wants to write about.
    The human race has become so narrowminded most of us seem to be going down just one rat hole, especially the one with poor grammar and diction.

  14. Aft watching yesterday's show, i really wonder wat's OMG all about.

    Is it really a show for true talent where talent really counts or something that is totally controlled by the pple in charge?

    from Sean's performance last night, i honestly think it's the latter.

    His performance was the worst I've seen that night, he's singing was flat and his guitar playing was worse than an amateur.

    I don't really see why he can be ranked #1. What were the judges thinking? I seriously think there are people controlling this, maybe the producers wanna introduce another David Lin character?

    If Sean hopes to be able to continue further in the competition then I would suggest for him to step up his game, yesterday's performance will get him no where. Learn from the rest of the contestants, they really improved week aft week, some of them were deemed to be really bad but they worked hard and showed the rest of Singapore what they can really do.

  15. OMG is really nice to watch. But the format sucks.

    Look at luminiq crew, they have to think of different acts all the way from the 1st episode. And sean, coming in at the top 6, have to only think of a few more acts to the finals.

    P.S im not a sean hater, just a OMG format hater :P

  16. okay, everyone has got their own perspectives, i understand, so if yours is negative, keep it to yourself. save time, save trouble. Its just a show folks.

  17. hhhhhmmmmmm, i don't understand, why must the negative opinions be kept to ourselves and only the positive ones to be told?

    can't take the harsh reality world perhaps? :)

  18. @anon

    Harsh reality world isn't about negative comments. Why say negative things about people to discourage and make them feel bad? Seriously, it's not nice, i'm 15 and i've been through alot. I know what's its like to feel the harsh reality, and yes, you may think, at 15, what can you even experience?! Well, age doesn't count to experiences. It's how you approach matters. Saying negative things is hurtful. Why do you want people to feel hurt of the things you said? Don't you feel guilty? You won't, unless you have a heart of gold. Whatever it is, it's not nice to say negative comments about people. Reflect eh.

  19. @ nic

    tht's building a self-defense wall ard yourself. hiding in a corner with self-pity, whining "oh, dnt hurt me"

    i won't doubt the experience you've had in regards to this as it's your own life but do you think that by hiding like this will make you advance in life?

    perhaps there's misinterpretation of the term "negative comment", to you, it's all all hurting the person but i just want to bring across the point that it takes 2 hands to clap.

    when a comment is given, does the receiver take it badly and get hurt or does he/she take it as a point to improve on? I'm not saying tht all comments need to be accepted but neither am i say tht all shld be ignored :)

    you've asked me to reflect, now i'm asking you back to reflect too. reflect on how to grow up, move on in life and how to deal with such situation that you gain from it instead of moving ard in circles. :)

  20. Anon

    Agreed, comments need not always be accepted. Comments can be positive and can be negative. What I think Nic is trying to say is that there is a difference between commenting in terms of a critique and commenting as a personal attack.

    Sure, comment about how the singing can be improved or how one's performance or image can be improved. Give constructive comments/criticism. Don't just attack a person like saying 'you look like you're blind!' comments like those do nothing to help the performer - ok, maybe he can try to open his eyes bigger.
    Its so easy to slam people anonymously, while you hide behind the anonymity of cyberspace. if you really say what you mean and mean what you say, why not put your name down.

  21. @Angie T. and @anon

    Hey, yes, all i wanted to say is negative comments and constructive negative comments.

    [ps i thought i posted my other comment, well its not here so be it.]

    So yeah. Arguing won't do anyone any good. It's hard to change one's perspective on something. So lets end here, shall we? Peace.

  22. this show is lousy,,,don't watch it.esp the judges just dumb,,hey OMG ONE MOMENT GONNER hahaha

  23. This show is just a way to increase their ratings and earning money thru votes. That's how the 50,000 comes abt!!

  24. @nick

    Oh come on, just 15 and you went thru a lot? You.re joking right? What kindda harsh reality you went thru? Being dumped by gfs, failed in exams or no help from friends at all? Is that what u meant by HARSH reality? Haha, you haven't really face 1 then. Stay away from here and study hard cos if you stay here any longer, more ppl will be critising u or commenting abt you and by then you will face HARSH reality.

  25. @ Anonymous (post on 11:21pm 14 OCt)

    hey dude, give the kid a break yah.

    it might be true that at tht age, he might not really have went through a lot but everybody have their threshold/limits yah.

    the amount of things happening to him might not hurt you as much but it must have hurt him differently.

    how would you feel next time when you are really really hurt but the bystanders just tell you tht's nothing man. kind of sh!tty yah?

  26. @hong ming

    alright dude, im apologetic for my comments...

  27. to the anon who posted the following;

    Anonymous said...
    disgusting. your eyelashes look fake, you look gay, you look blind when you sing, your voice becomes so thin and you can't hit high notes, you disgust me cos you just do, you can't sing at all, i hate you, you shouldn't be on this show cos the producers are shitty

    YOU'RE SO WRONG!! only real eyelashes are pointing downwards, even if it's long... besides, his vocal is way way better, not to compare him with the girls, than David Lin's... at least he dun fake his vocal when singing, from what i heard, even if he did went a bit off pitch...but overall it's a great performance!!

  28. the mood here is so tense....

  29. to anon who posted:

    YOU'RE SO WRONG!! only real eyelashes are pointing downwards, even if it's long... besides, his vocal is way way better, not to compare him with the girls, than David Lin's... at least he dun fake his vocal when singing, from what i heard, even if he did went a bit off pitch...but overall it's a great performance!!

    you're right. I am wrong. his eyelashes don't look fake. it makes tim look like a giraffe

  30. Omg yes, I was thinking he looked like Puck when I saw the advertisement. I've never watched this show before, but I had to google him just because of that. (I was wondering what Mark Salling was doing on OMG. :|)

    From what I've seen, he has a unique voice and I can't help myself but love it. It's.. so.. sexy.. :| Anyway, I digress..

    Concept wise, the show is a little weird, yes, and if they decide on a 2nd season, I'd recommend they do some major tweaking. But I guess, if you're truly hmm, for lack of a better word, great. You'll be able to capture the audience, entertain them and gain their support, for sure as hell more than a couple of weeks.

  31. Stupid people. Not happy with the show then don't watch lah. Waste current whining it here! Waste your current also you watching it on your telly since you hate it. -.-"

    Better still.. Talk so much, why dun you start your own show and see how people will like it?

  32. To the anon above,

    Don't understand your english, brush it up before commenting here... What is ''waste your current'' anyway?

  33. OMG is just a stage for all talents to showcase he/her talent, there will be no winner aftermath.

    The winner is someone who has have audience even you had lost in this competition!!!!
    Do yo still remember anyone who inspire you ?

  34. I predict like many talent show:

    The winner will be one good singer who could move the judge and audience at the time of judgement.
    Aftermath, The winner will be forgotten easily, because there are too many good singers around, lest see what happen after OMG

  35. if you had a choice to judge winner of this OMG

    who is the champion dancer?
    Who is the champion singer?
    who is the champion of other skill?

    This will be fairer for the fans of talents of their choice.

  36. It is fairer and better that like " Britain got talent"
    THe Judges must show he/her liking instantly, and audience too, it is more exciting than OMG model

  37. To Me, OMG is like variety show combine with talent show, it is a good variety show rather than a talent show...
    I enjoy the show more if it had added other pop star to perform in the show.

  38. channel 5 has to produce this type of variety show,if channel 5 is serious about getting more viewers like channel 8.
    channel 5 is for international viewers and not just local.

  39. Channel 5 has millions of international tourist viewers each year, nomally i watch news only on 5, now I keep tract of OMG which is not the best but i enjoy it like watching taiwanese variety show.

  40. but I do nmnot like the channel 5 drama,the standard is not up to mark of channel 8, save the money to produce variety show.talent show etc

  41. Singapore is a global village, a unique culture is forming now, channel 5 is the right plate form to export unique Singapore life style to the rest of the world, OMG as a plateform will eventually attract global talents to participate and join in the fun, and this is uniquely Singapore not any other place in Asia, so channel 5 is a very impotanr media to carry out its duty.

  42. channel 5 should produce show that will attract international talents who reside in Singapore or wanted to join in the show, to showcase he/her talents and perform along with the local talents like OMG, I am waiting that one days it happen, and I will come home early to enjoy the show.

  43. OMG, stop spamming with your opinions on singapore and channel 5! No one cares or gives a shit!

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