Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CJ Crew's House Guest

In preparation for OMG!'s Halloween-themed episode called 'Fright Night', I got the Contenders to tell me their scariest ghost stories .... here is CJ Crew's Diyana's story. Thank you Di for sharing. 

Every house has their ghostly residents. That's what the Malay community believes. And apparently my house also has one. It's called a Penunggu (direct translation would be 'The One Who Waits').

There was one morning when my sister woke up, she said she saw me standing outside her room door staring at her. But on that morning, I had already gone to work. What she saw was our 'Penunggu'. 'She's' a young girl with long hair, like a teenager. I guess about the same size as me.

Actually I've seen 'her' around, but I always tell myself to ignore it, that its a figment of my imagination. Like once, about three years ago, it was really early morning, and I was rushing because I was late for school. I had just rushed out of the toilet and as I passed the living room, I saw from something from the corner of my eye. 

Her head popped out slowly from behind the tv. You know,.... like Ju-On. 

I just ignored it and carried on. My father has always told me that its best not to acknowledge 'them'. 

Things like this have happened to us before. My brother has actually been 'possessed' before. It was dusk (summerr says : Yikes, Muslims believe dusk/twilight is the worst time to be out because its that time when day turns into night and the spirits are out), and he and his friends were returning home and decided to take a shortcut through the mangrove swamp. As they walked through the swamp, one by one, each started to not feel good, so the group decided to turn back and take the long way home instead. 

My brother Daniel, apparently caught sight of something jumping from tree to tree and the minute he saw it, his friends said he 'changed'. He turned around and started heading back toward the mangrove!
*What Daniel saw was most likely a ghost known to the Malay community as a langsway (say Lang+sway). It lives in trees in the jungles/swamps, and is normally in white, some say she is naked with pendulus breasts. I don't know because thank GAWD I have never seen one. She is similar to the 'western ghost' called the Banshee.

When his friends called out to him, "Daniel, where are you going?"
He said, "I want to go back home. I want to go back to where I belong," and started walking back toward the swamp again!

His friends had to pin him to the ground and carry him home. When they got him back to my house, they told my father what had happened and my dad told me to stay home with him while he went to my grandmother's to get some holy water. He had kind of snapped out of it by this time, but no way was I going to be left alone with him - I made my father bring him along to my grandma's house.

I refuse to believe that I've seen anything, I tell myself its all a figment of my imagination!

summerr says : 
Whoa. To have a member of your family be 'possessed'. Creeeeeeeepy! And to be living with 'someone' at home. How you do it Di I don't know. I guess you're right, you just have to tell yourself to ignore it!

2 more scary stories comin' your way, (three actually, coz Luminiq's got two). Check the blog again tonight at 6pm, 8pm and again at 10pm. MUAHAHAHAHAH!

Don't forget to catch your fave Contenders on One Moment of Glory tomorrow night, Live at 8pm, on Channel 5 - its Fright Night!

xoxo, s.

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