Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Luminiq Spyro's Smoking Ghost

In preparation for OMG's Halloween-themed episode called 'Fright Night', I got the Contenders to tell me their scariest ghost stories, here is Spyro's story, as told by crew members Vik and Afiq .... thanks for sharing you guys!

About two months ago, during his NS time, Spyro had to go patrolling and prowling. His prowling route covers the smoking corner. 

This story happened at the smoking corner, around 4am one night.

The smoking corner was more like a room. Its very dirty, full of cigarette butts and ashes. He was walking past the glass window when he thought he saw something inside the room. The distance between him and whatever it was that was standing in the room was literally about just a two and a half arms length away.

He flashed the torchlight at it, shining towards where the feet should be first. 

It was all white.

And as he trained the flashlight upward, it was still all wrapped in white. He slowly moved up and up and up, until he reached 'its' 'face'. 

What he saw totally freaked him out. The ghost's face was all bloody and infested with maggots, like it had just died. It was a grossly horrible sight.

Then it started to hiss at him. 

Spyro stood there frozen for a while. He could feel himself zoning out and he did his best to fight the fainting feeling. He finally managed to overcome the paralysis and snap himself out 'its' trance and quickly walked away. His partner who was with him, almost wasn't as lucky, he was much worse for the wear despite standing further away from the 'ghost'. Luckily Spyro helped to snap him out of his trance too and they left unscathed. 

summerr says : 
EEEEEEEEEE! Spyro! Hero la you! Standing just ONE METRE away from a ghost and you can still slowly shine torchlight into its face?! Wth! *bow bow bow*

Read the next Luminiq Crew ghost story at 11pm.

Catch One Moment of Glory tomorrow night, Live at 8pm, on Channel 5 - its Fright Night!

xoxo, s.

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