Saturday, October 23, 2010

OMG Roadshow at Lot One

OMG Roadshow @ Lot One : Pics & Vids
It was a hazy Saturday afternoon all over Singapore, but our OMG Contenders and new addition CJ Crew gave it their all as usual. Since we're down  to just five acts now, each Contender got a full five minutes with the crowd. The singers got to perform two songs each and the dancers got to do longer choreos. Check out the vids and pics below....

Before the roadshow starts proper, everyone just hangs out during the sound checks....


First up for the day were the Singapore Char Siew Baos! From left to right, Dominic Cai, Jason Loo, Ruby Chen and Jacob Teo.

Their laid-back renditions of "Superwoman" and "Oh Carol" was really soothing, I could almost imagine lying on a beach somewhere sipping a cocktail! (mocktail for those of you who are underaged :)) - Nais, me likey (the music, not the mock/cocktail). Watch...

Luminiq Crew was up next, and they brought along 'secret weapon', mini Luminiq star, Aziz. Sorry about the video being 'dark', I was on stage right this time, and it was clearly not the best place to stand.

Once those boys were done, it was another boy's turn.

Sean Harrison sang his heart out with Kings Of Leon's "Use Somebody" (this is the 3rd time someone on OMG has performed this song - Jon Max Goh was the first, David Lin performed it at the Jurong Point roadshow, and now Sean. But notice how different each rendition has been - each singer has his own take on the song - Sean's being the most unique so far imo. Thank you Jason for that bit of trivia!) Watch...

After Sean, the performers took a mini break while Jean Danker played some simple games with the audience to give away exclusive OMG! goodie bags! Right after that, Jill-Marie took to the stage.

Jill sings two songs, the first is crowd favourite "Nobody", check out the CJ Crew girls (Diyana, Yuzhen and Evy) dancing to it by the side, they knew the choreography :) and of course the LMQ boys fooling around to the song too. After that Jill sings a medley of songs called  "The Fire Medley" and its dedicated to Danny firstly and the rest of the ousted Contenders. Sorry her performance got cut into two separate vids, don't know why the phone just stopped recording halfway!
For a moment today, when Jill was singing, I realised again what a wonderful voice she has and her gift isn't just her voice, its her ability to connect with the crowd and put them at ease so that they enjoy her performance.

Last but not least, our Challenger for the week, K-pop dance group CJ Crew. Unfortunately one of the girls, Jun, hurt her back, so the crew was one girl short for the day, but their performance was seamless nonetheless. Performing today were (from left to right) Evy, Jojo, Diyana, Joanna, Yuzhen and Samantha, seen here chatting with Jean just before performing...

Check out the vid here ...

Just as the roadshow ended and we said thank you to CJ Crew for a wicked cool routine, the rain came lashing down. Time to pack up and ciao, but not before thanking some lovely fans and signing a few autographs and of course, taking a few fan pics ;)

And by fans, I don't just mean OMG fans, the Baos! also had their 'groupie' moment with the gorgeous Jean Danker.


Next Wednesday, its gonna be an awesome show - Halloween's coming early to OMG! with the theme "Fright Night!", the Baos! have told me they're gonna do 'Superstitious' but not the Taufik version, mashed up with another song (sshh! secret!) and the CJ Crew girls have only one hint 'Freddy Krueger'. (I'm a huge Nightmare On Elm Street fan, the original series by the way, and I absolutely love/hate Freddy! Can't wait to see what they're gonna do with his character!) 

What will Sean, Luminiq and Jill-Marie bring to 'scare' us? What will the new Challenger, a cheerleading squad do to fit in with the theme?

Plus, will the Contenders and the new Challenger be able to impress our brand new  guest judges - 987fm's The Muttons Justin and Vernon A. 

Its set to be a good brou-haha come next Wednesday! Watch! 8pm. Channel 5.

xoxo, s.

ps. Tickets to the LIVE show are available. Just email

pps. Whee! Gonna catch my first glimpse of next week's Challengers tomorrow at 4pm. Follow my tweets if you want a sneak peek too!

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