Saturday, October 16, 2010

OMG Top 8 : PSC Rehearsals

OMGers for President's Star Charity!

Thursday night, our Top 8 were hard at work at one of the last few PSC (President's Star Charity) rehearsals. The show's on Sunday, so everything's almost all there. Here are a coupla behind-the-scenes pics and vids from that rehearsal - enjoy!

The Top 8 will be performing a segment that starts off with the singers, namely the Baos! and Jill-Marie (had David's passport stayed alive, he'd be part of this ensemble too :P), followed by a 'dance' segment performed by Luminiq Crew, Desert Roses, Rhythm 'N' Moves and the Vertical Dancers. 

Danny Koh does a bit of fancy fire stuff between the two segments. Check out the dancers in this vid - its rather raw, they're in casual clothes, I didn't want to post the full dress rehearsal so that I don't give away the 'magic' of the routine - end product looks good k! Must watch tomorrow!

This is a vid of the singers' segment. They are singing one of my fave songs, 'Seasons of Love' from the RENT soundtrack. Check it out.

Since no vid, here are pics from the full dress ...

After all that hard work (and scolding from Zaki), its time to makan-makan! Plus it would be Irene's birthday the next day, so the OMG gang surprised her with a cake :) So sweet right? They is like family laaa :)

Check out who I bumped into outside the TV Theatre :)

Airi's performing with a sweet 9-year old named Adeline. She'll be playing the piano and singing together with him and the most amazing part is, she's visually impaired. Wait, no, the most amazing part is that Airi will be singing a classic mandarin tune. Its just the most touching duet ever, I didn't video it, thought I'd let y'all watch it live on the show on Sunday.

Also performing on Sunday night will be SylSyl, not sure what she's singing/doing, but am sure she'll do great - her current single It's Raining is just awesome, click here to have a listen if you haven't yet heard it.

The President's Star Charity 2010 airs this Sunday, LIVE at 7.30pm on Channel 5.
For donations, please call the following numbers :
1900 112 8821 for $5 donation
1900 112 8822 for $20 donation
1900 112 8823 for $100 donation

Every little bit counts, so do you part to help those in need today.

Hope you enjoyed the lil sneak peek of what the OMG crew will be up to on Sunday. Zaki's been whipping them into shape for the last month, so fingers crossed all will go well! I'm sure its gonna be an awesome show - can't wait to see Airi and Sylsyl perform too. 

xoxo, s.

ps. Head on down to Tampines Mall tomorrow at 3pm to catch the Top 5 + Challenger Sean Harrison at the OMG Roadshow - Level 4 Open Plaza. Lots of OMG goodie bags to be won and a chance to get up close and personal with your fave OMG Contender.

pps. Producers are still on the look out for Challengers. To join the show, email! Who knows, you could be the one who wins it all!


  1. Oh my favorite piece of blog! this is wat i call FAMILY :)The photos here cant be more beautiful~ See love, not hurt :D

  2. Haha, the PSC's setting look kind of like Breaking The Magician's Code's setting. Dark and mysterious.

  3. You said it Danny :) I wish people would choose to see the 'love'too.
    xoxo, s.