Thursday, October 14, 2010

Updates on the OMG Scandal post

Quickie Update on 'Scandal' post ...

Hey folks,
Just a quick update to the post I put out yesterday regarding the 'Scandal'. 

1. Article out only on Friday 
Got a text from Charlene after my post went out saying that the article is only comin' out on Friday. Sorry folks, especially those who went out and got The New Paper only to find nothing in there on OMG! - SORRY! 
Apparently some replies to her questions came in real late so they pushed the article back. It'll be out Friday. 

2. More than one "complaint"? 
Apparently its not just ONE contestant that called up the paper. Its 'a few'. Now there's food for thought. Before the show yesterday I chatted with some of the contestants and a quick survey showed that everyone thought it could be 'someone' in particular. Even David (who follows the blog and my tweets back in Taiwan sent me a message, 'guessing' who it might be). 

Well, we'll just have to wait and see how all this unfolds. Fingers crossed Charlene gets them to name themselves. In the meantime, we've all got better things to do right? 

Ok thats it, gotta go work on the review now - I spent a good part of last night trying to find Irene and Miko :( success - even producers couldn't find them! Didn't even get a chance to hug 'em goodbye!

xoxo, s.

ps. To everyone who sent in really nice supportive emails to me, thank you so very much for supporting the blog, its really nice to know that you appreciate the work put in! Thanks guys!


  1. I hope they do let their names be known as we should thank them for making it a fair competition for the dozen people left on the show. Well done who ever you all are ;)

  2. After reading this "Scandal" I was shocked then I watched the show yesterday it did look like Irene quickly back pedalling last night saying if "Danny doesn't win I don't know who should?" And then Irene has a dig at Jill's hair? What was wrong with her hair? Irene's not saying anything positive about Jill anymore. Coincidence? Maybe it's true?

    At least this is keeping us entertained. Can't wait to read the full story. Sad to see all the pretty girls go last night.

  3. @robin

    good point there mate. however i doubt its very much true about irene and jill. dont think irene will let her career slip away just like tht eh! anyway, great observation there mate!

  4. @ Robin

    I observed that too! But if you put yourself in Judge I's shoes, whatever you say will not be right. For eg, she made a dig at Jill's hair and we speculate that the rumours might be true coz it makes her look guilty, hence she's trying to 'cover up'. If she said positive comments, we will speculate that the rumours are true, and that she is trying to help her friend.

    Either way, she dies! We are talking about the entertainment industry, and let's not forget where the story is coming from - THE NEW PAPER! And what does TNP like to cover? The juicier the story, the better. The more controversy, the better!

    Let's be discerning people and look at the whole thing objectively.

  5. Maybe there wasn't any 1 went to ''report'' at all. It might be the management stirring up a story to make the show ''happening''

  6. Someone is just aiming for a chance to create trouble Lo. And obviously trying to frame Rhythm n moves. Cos they are out without performing. Now the whole world think it's them. My opinion, if rhythm n moves are those people who call up news paper, they wouldn't have make it so obvious right, and right after they left the show. So people, pls don't get fooled those who trying to be coward and frame others.

    Fan of Rhythm n moves

  7. I would rather think it was dan thompson... He was the most arrogant contender ever after all... Maybe he felt he was humiliated after being eliminated twice, once by jill and 2nd by rhythm n moves so this is his revenge...

  8. Yea you are right anon! He was the worst contestant on the show because of his arrogance and his voice and moves were nothing great yet he was quite yah yah!

  9. Alright, so it's cfm Dan Thompson is 1 of the ''reporters''. Who are the other 2 as mentioned in newspaper? I don't think it's rhythm n moves cos i've seen them performing at boon lay's jurong point for OMG's roadshow and I think they are not so evil enough. In fact, I suspect the other 2 "reporters" are either 1 of the current contenders or close fren of jill, who was eliminated and went back to taiwan...

  10. The 2 ''reporters'' don't want to be named after all, that's what give me the clues

  11. you mean Dan Thompson admitted it was him? I didn't read the article (was never a fan of TNP), but if it was Dan Thompson, he's such a sore loser and hypocrite! Go and read the previous comments by him (and his 'housemate')on the other blog entries! And when I watched his perfomance on OMG, he's so full of himself! I totally agree with the above anons that he's so yah yah and arrogant. His ego must have been so bruised TWICE by OMG he had to start this... sigh.

  12. Yup, he's the onyl 1 out of the 3 agreed to b named... Hate him TTM!! He owns an event company and yet showing no signs of professionalism, sportmanships and respects for anyone on the show... Gd that he's humiliated twice... Tat sld hv hurt his big ego...

  13. Y this news only 1 tym thingy? The reported sld hv reveal the other 2 names!! If they dun wanna reveal, den I agree wif wad the previous Anon mentioned... Either current contestant or the 1 who went back to taiwan cos he was, and still is, very close to jill after all!!

  14. To the Anon who's crazy enough to think its David Lin - NO WAY! He and Jill are good friends, he would never do this to her! And anyway, he sent a video to support her too, it is in another post somewhere on the blog. Go watch it!

  15. I know they are besties and I've watched the vid... But we are humans afterall, anything can happen... The other ''reporter'' I still do think is 1 of the current contender...

  16. Why are you all so busy trying to point blame on who did this to Jill?

    Jill and Irene are guilty. Read the story. You look stupid defending her and trying to figure out who spoke to the NEW PAPER.

    Get a life idiots!

  17. just because you believe they are' guilty' does not make everyone else 'idiots'.