Friday, October 8, 2010

OMG Episode 9 : The Review

Did the guest judge outshine the contestants?

Nine episodes into the season and the show gets a coup. We get Debbie Gibson in as a guest judge. In town for this Saturday's Retrolicious concert (woot! woot! Tickets are almost all gone so move quickly to Sistic to be there or be square), Debs (as her British friends call her) gamely grabbed an OMG clipboard and fit right in with our local panel.

The theme for this episode is "My Singapore Dream". Don't know about the Contenders, but I couldn't help having visions of the National Day Parade especially since it was just a few months ago. I know its open to interpretation but don't you think its still got this patriotic ring to it?

Back to Ms DeboRah Gibson. I loved how excited Gurms and Michelle were when introducing her that they basically skipped introducing FD altogether just so they could keep bantering with her. Poor FD. LOL! Even spotlight guy forgot to shine the light on him.

So what's Debbie looking for? Here's a vid I actually took of her in the prep room before the show. Had tried my best to upload it whilst I was there so that y'all could watch it before the show began, but sigh, Singtel failed me - even with a highspeed dongle, it said 555 minutes left (I have witnesses).
This week, elimination takes an even more brutal turn, two go home. Check out my exit/elimination post here.
And now, on to the review ...

Contender #1 : Jill-Marie Thomas
Dressed in a simple shirt, jeans and a scarf, the old Jill-Marie is back sans hair gel, rockstar eyeline and the pleather and wallet chains. Back onstage with just her accoustic guitar, Jill-Marie sings a medley (or the cooler term is mash-up) of "We Are Singapore/ Home/ Stand Up Singapore".

What did the judges say?
Beatrice : You made some brilliant choices tonight with your selection of songs. And there's really only one way to sing those songs and its with heart which is what you do so well, well done.

Debbie : You know with so many acts, they have so many bells and whistles and they cover themselves with dancers and production.  To connect with your voice is just the ultimate power. And you really connected with everybody. Its so great to see just pure simple talent out there.

Irene : Welcome back Jill-Marie Thomas. Stay this way and we love you!

FD : The Jill I love is back and the biggest compliment I can give you is that I want you to sing that exact song at our next National Day Parade.

summerr says : 
Boy am I glad to see the old Jill-Marie back. Don't get me wrong, I kinda loved it when she played dress-up with Sly and channeled her inner Ozzy Osbourne. But I like 'Just Jill' more. And like Judge B said, she sang with heart, and watching her sing those familiar songs, I felt like standing up. It was soooo NDP I was ready to wave my lil flag too! Way to go Jill, loved it! And yes, it would be such a treat to for once hear a Singapore song at NDP minus the fanfare, but add in the heart.

Contender #2 : Danny Koh
Doing a new 'trick' he's mastered in just a few days prior, and only practiced in full the night before, Danny had himself hoisted upside down on a burning rope while trying to escape from a straight jacket. Siao-ness.

What did the judges say?
B: Danny, you know you are my favourite drama queen. I am shocked at just how far you would go to wow us. Thank you!

D: In your goal to push people and push the envelope, amazing!

I: Danny I am falling in love with you. You always surprise us and push yourself so much. All Singaporeans should be like you.

FD: You are a shining example of what an entertainer should do. Push yourself. Go as far as you possibly can. There are no limits. You are amazing.

summerr says :
The very first time I watched this, I was at the makeup area upstairs, watching it on the tv set and I was biting my nails man. It was so nerve-wracking because the danger of the rope snapping and Danny falling on his head was real. Plus I had one of the other Contenders next to me saying, "Oh no, yesterday he did it faster, why so slow today?" Whalao, you tell me panic or not? I didn't even realise I was holding my breath until it was all over!

Having said that, watching it at home for the second time, it wasn't exciting anymore. But you have to give to Danny, even if he was well-trained and knew he could handle it, he's a showman, a drama queen like Judge B says and it just makes it all the more entertaining to see him 'struggle'. (Btw, he was so blur after being upside down for over 90 seconds that he help up the wrong number of fingers when the voting numbers were announced - so cute la!)

Contender #3 : Desert Roses
Don't you guys think Sophia is just the cutest? "We will use this fan to bring together two cultures to perform a dreamy dance for you." Desert Roses used chinese fans in their routine to fuse Chinese and Middle-Eastern culture together.

What did the judges say?
B : You are one of our most inspiring contestants because you have never failed to surprise us every week.While this is not one of your strongest performances, I feel, it was still a very sound and a very confident one, so thank you.

D : You girls are very beautiful, and the music came and it was very exciting but I didn't feel that the dancing quite matched. I wanted it to feel a little less safe and a little more unique.

I :  I have to be honest and say that I'm a bit disappointed in them today. I've seen them do better. They should not stay safe. Like Danny, they should shock us.

FD : I have to agree with the rest that it wasn't your best routine. But your techniques are always good. You get out there and you do what you need to do to entertain. You deserve to come back next wek, but you've gotta do a lot better next week.
summerr says : 
I have to agree with the judges on this one. Something was missing. Each time the Roses have performed on this show they've stepped it up. This routine seemed very much like their earlier repertoire, when they had first started out - there was no wow. In fact, I recognised this routine because they did it at the Jurong Point roadshow, except that they added in 3 feathers each on their heads and painted a mini Singapore flag on their cheeks. They also seemed ill-prepared for some reason, like their heart wasn't 100% in it too. 

Perhaps the theme was too difficult to interpret. Hopefully they stay on next week (cos I've also grown really fond of them) and we'll get to see what new tricks they've got up their sleeves for 'Lights, Camera, Action!' (next week's theme).

Contender #4 : Vertical Dancers
Irene and Miko did a lyrical pole dance to Corinne May's Song For Singapore which had a lot of what was, I think, meant to be synchronised spinning moves.
What did the judges say?
B : The sprinning was beautiful but I think that pole dancing is very difficult to marry with a theme like Singapore Dream. I found it a little odd in terms of how you interpreted it. But other than that the spinning was beautiful.

D : Yeah, it was wild hearing that song juxtaposed with those legs flailing open! But in all honesty that takes a lot of athletic and artistic ability and I applaud you. Cos it takes a lot of strength to do what you guys just did.

I : I have to disagree with both my judges, I think you have represented Singapore very well. We are very athletic, we just did YOG! And you're beautiful like Singapore the city.

FD : I love the idea of the slow music and the spinning on a pole cos it is always pumping music when we see pole dancers so I like the difference.

summerr says : 
When the girls first told me the idea, I was like 'huh? that's a weird song choice, and a bit overkill right since they played it so much before NDP'. But the minute their routine started, I was wrapped up in the 'beautiful' 'slow' setting. It  was very graceful and ethereal somehow. But then, mid way I noticed the girls weren't synchronised anymore and Irene was spinning at half the speed Miko was. I was kinda thrown off by that and it got worse for me when I realised Miko was doing tons more moves. It looked like Irene was having some trouble catching up with the choreo midway and I was so disappointed for them because it had started off so well. But then, no one seemed to notice (the judges made no references at all), so good for them!

Contender #5 : Singapore Char Siew Baos!
The Baos! do a mash-up of  The Beatles' 'Hard Day's Night' and the Cranberries hit 'Dreams' which is about 'working hard and having dreams'. Very Singaporean. Which they are. Says so in their name :)

What did the judges say? 

B : Baos! there is something that is just so right about this performance. You guys are so cute. And what I love is that you just don't take yourselves too seriously and that's what makes you so vibrant as a band.

D : I agree. It's like the second coming of the Partridge family, only that the chick is not just shakin' a tambourine, you're beltin' it out sister!

I : Ruby you are shining as the weeks go by, well done sister!

FD : You guys have totally understood what the 60s were all about. That is the best performance you have done yet.

summerr says :
I LOVED IT! So fun! I loved their coordinated side to side steps. I loved the grey vests (they were all bought from Mustafa and for Dom, they got two vests and he wore one on either side and had the back sewn together - too funny right?) Ruby looked adorable. Jacob's 'square' hair and glasses were nerdy cute. It was just so fun! Loved that they even threw in a bit of 'Hey Jude' in as a bonus. And again Ruby let loose - wooot!

Ok granted the vocals weren't the strongest, but in terms of entertainment value, I'd rank them a good solid 8.5! 

Contender #6 : Luminiq Crew
"We are tryng to portray ourselves entering an international dance competition. So that's our Singapore Dream." That's an interesting way of interpreting the theme - good job thinking out of the box boys!

What did the judges say?
B : When it comes to humour, comedy, story, attitude, personality iu guys score top marks. But if I were to see through all that, you have to go back and spend a little bit more time on your choreo. Cos you're having so much fun that the choreo is starting to slip a little bit. It's not getting new.

D : I love that you don't take yourselves too seriously. The personality is amazing. If I were to come back next week and see you, I would love to see some new unique moves. I feel like I've seen a lot of that before.

I : I've seen these moves the last 7 weeks. You are a very good team, but somehow I feel that you've gotten a bit complacent. A word of warning, some of  the other contenders are picking up and working very very hard on their acts and surprising us every week. you cannot be complacent. Show us what you have and more.

FD : We know what you can do, and commplacency is absolutely right. Everyone is stepping up their game, so you've got to step up your game.

summerr says :
Totally felt like I was in the principal's office for a bit there. But I totally hear what the judges are saying. Like Desert Roses earlier, Luminiq's routine seemed a bit off, a little lacklustre compared to what they've been bringing week after week. They've always been in top form when it comes to interesting concepts but tonight's performance seemed unprepared and not as thoroughly thought through as their previous Zombie/Glam/Bed routines. They looked like the Luminiq we first saw back in August. Something was off, even the synchrony was a little messy. Maybe I've gotten so used to seeing them up it every week that I'm expecting too much?

I do hope Luminiq stays on because I would love to see more from them. Next week's theme has a lot of room for interpretation and drama - I'm looking forward to being wow-ed - LMQ don't let me down ya! :)

The Challenger : Jigri Yaar Bhangra Academy
4 Guys and 1 tiny girl in very shiny shimmery red/white/gold outfits. What has their performance got to do with the theme? Well apparently they'll be moving really fast, just like fast-paced Singapore. 

What did the judges say?
B : Welcome to the show! I am a fan! Especially the human helicopter there, well done!

D : That had so much spirit, so much uniqueness and something traditional about it, yet something new that young people could relate to, it was accessible, you guys just leapt off the stage! That was one of the most exciting things of the evening!

I : It's been many weeks since I felt like I wanted to get up and dance. Thank you for bringing the fun and spirit. I really wanted to join you guys just now.

FD I'm a big fan of Indian culture. I love Bhangra. Myra you are amazing, I've never seen a girl do that before, you were absolutley brilliant. Buuuuttt, you were messy. Hvaing said that, you entertained me for 90 seconds, what the hell! :)

summerr says :
What a way to join the show mid way right? Jigri Yaar brought it with their energy level - especially Myra who was the tiniest but the one with what looked like the most enthusiastic hand thrusts and kicks. Loved the spinning people. But like FD, I too felt that it was really messy. At points I couldn't tell what was going on or where to look. I think even  the camera got confused because we didn't really get to see Myra's helicopter stunt, by the time they cut to her, it was done! So if they stay on next week, I hope to see more coordination at the same energy level.

Judges Ranking
1. Jill-Marie Thomas
2. Danny Koh
3. Jigri Yaar Bhangra Academy
4. Singapore Char Siew Baos!
5. The Vertical Dancers
6. Luminiq Crew
7. Desert Roses

Overall I have to say, last week's theme of Fire was a waaay better show than last night's Singapore Dream show. I only wish Debbie had come on the show last week so she could see just how amazing our Contenders can be. I think the problem with the Singapore Dream theme was the vagueness of it all. But I guess whoever came up with the theme could argue that therein lies the challenge - to come up with something relevant yet entertaining.

Oh well thats done. Next week's theme is 'Lights, Camera, Action!' I'd say theatre or movie related. Everyone can go 'Hollywood'!

Thank you Debbie Gibson for bein' on OMG! It certainly lightened up what could potentially have been a less than spectacular show. Her presence definitely upped the glam factor. 

What did you think of the show and of Debbie Gibson? Agree or disagree with the judges' ranking? Who did you vote for? Who do you think will be going home next week - another TWO will be cut and another NEW Challenger will be joining the show.

xoxo, s.

ps. Seen someone who's got real talent that you think should be on the show? Nominate them - email NOW!


  1. I didn't watch this episode but it looks like I didn't miss much. And it looks like Jill is still the Judges choice, this bloggers favourite and with a team of mediacorp friends she's already won... so sad and embarrassing for Singapore.

  2. @annoymous

    she deserve it, didn't she? she played the game well, and ofc she needs recognition. apparently, you didnt watch the prev eps in which she was bottom 2. and how is this the "judges choice"? you're just being a mean person, so please, recognise talents, and stop thinking its so sad/embarrassing for singapore. cheers.

  3. Amazing! she was the bottom two and still got through hahaha! Nice story. Oh yeah because whatever you see and hear is what is really going on with reality TV. David lost... not likely looks more like he lost his job and so they made him lose because he had to leave the country. Well done OMG. You messed him up big time with your free roadshows and rehearsals and performances.

    They have no shame in lying to the public. If Jill has played the game well (cheated) that's because they have set it up that way for you to believe it. Unlike you I can recognize talent and spelling. The real talents were booted out fast. Danny Koh is the only one left that has stage presence showmanship and could put on a great show.

    To answer your question Nicholas, No I don't think Jill deserves it. Jill is a busker (and not a good one) At the very most could sing in the corner of a bar. Time will tell after the show is over but i don't believe she has the staying power to hold a 2 hour concert on her own. Not even 15 minutes.

    I'm not being mean just being honest. And it's sad that she has used her contacts to bring down what started out and could have been a good TV show.

  4. @ Anonymous:
    1. If you did not watch the last episode, you do not get to bring any of the contenders down.

    2. You are starting to sound like a jealous (ex)competitor who also happens to like hiding behind the anonymity of the computer. Such cowardly act just to bring people down.(One name comes to mind when I think that you might be an ex-challenger/contender)

    3. For you information, Debbie Gibson thought Jill was the best for episode 9. I would like to see how in your warped little mind you can twist the story around to say that mediacorp/judges MADE Debbie Gibson choose her.

    4. It's obvious that you are just being mean, and not honest. Have you seen Jill hold any concert on her own at all? If you haven't, stop making mean comments about her being a 'lousy busker' or whatever.

    5. You seem to be so GOOD at 'recognizing talents'. Congratulations. Seems like Danny is the only one who impressed you. Can you dance like the Desert Roses? Can you even hold yourself on the pole like the Vertical Dancers? Can you make people smile just by watching your happy energy on stage like the Char Siew Baos? I think they are all talented in their own right, unlike you, who seem to enjoy going out of your way to bring them down and make them feel bad about themselves. If you were so good, join the show and show us YOUR talent. Oh, but if my guess was right, you were probably booted out and you are just being a sore loser now.

    TO all the contenders who might be reading:
    Please continue to do what you doing. I've enjoyed watching all of you and have been impressed one way or another! Please ignore nasty comments made people anonymously, as they usually make such remarks only because they can stay anonymous. So don't be bothered by what they say coz they are not worth it! As a non-performer, I recognise that you can't please everybody, what more when you have the courage to put yourself out there on the stage for the whole of Singapore to watch!

    - Theresa

  5. Hi Theresa, I'm Steve, is that better that you need to know my name? Jeez! I'm not a person from the show just someone with an opinion and yes knowledge. Nice try trying to turn my comments into some one from the show.

    Someone needs to speak the truth around here.

    I've now seen the show online (apart from Danny again what waste of time) and the only reason Debbie picked Jill was she can tell, like most of us that she will win. But only compared to what this show can give us. It's not saying a lot. It's like saying who is the best Mediacorp personality? Who cares? Find some real talent. A lot of people think this, I'm the only one mentioning it. But go ahead tell everyone how great they are and how you know who I am. BORING!

    I saw how happy the latin guys were to be out of the show. Haha! that was funny. Once again I'm being honest not mean there is a difference If I was being mean about Jill I would say Fat and Ugly. But I'm talking about what I think she's able to achieve outside the show. I have a right to an opinion FREEDOM OF SPEECH You can disagree but don't try to shut me up. That's evil. It says post a comment. Not write praise and pretend everyone that's on the show is great and those that are out are writing on blogs nasty things. Give me a break...


  6. Go desert Roses you are very pretty. Steve while you are brutal and hash my friends of mine that really don't like Jill either and say much worse. I guess you think your Simon Cowell.

    To Theresa I dun see why dat has to be some "jealous ex competitor" just because they don't like Jill and other people on show. Look like Steve upset you and you big fan ROWL

  7. ENOUGH!!! can you people stop picking on jill or anyone else.. yes i know the above states post a comment, but it does not equal to slapping them on the face..

  8. is steve dan's housemate again?

  9. Wow Steve, kudos to you, you really managed to twist the story around why Debbie Gibson chose Jill as her fave. You win hands down. (Though the second half of your story was quite hard to understand given my little brain, unlike the knowledgeable you.) Haha!

    Sorry if I think you sound like a sore loser. Like what you say, freedom of speech/thought!

    - Theresa

  10. if this is going to be about so and so again.. its getting really boring.. Who is to interfer with Debbie's personal choice??? Isn't it ridiculous that you are telling us over and over again that Jill is bad.. Yes, Steve, we all know that Jill got Dan booted out and you are sore over his lost, whether Jill can or cannot perform on her own is not for you to judge. Being in the entertainment industry, you win some, you also lose some. You cannot please all..As what i have said previously, i have heard comments with my own ears that some do not like Dan's performance..But do.. And to pick on danny so many times, seems that you have a grudge on him? What did he do to make you so sore about his performance???

  11. I'm all for Danny, I've never have said a bad word about him. Re read my comments carefully girlgirl. I said besides Danny the show was a waste of time. Danny deserves to win. As far as I know he doesn't have friends in mediacorp. So who are you people? Girlgirl? Theresa? if that's your real name. Why am I Anonymous? Why don't you attach your full name? or email? or phone number? It's called privacy. It's sad you have to turn my comments into a conspiracy or soar loser wanting revenge.

    That's like me saying you are all Jill writing or her girlfriend Rebecca Tan. Unless you put up some real ID don't think your some authority because you put up Bam bam or Girl girl Or Theresa.

    But keep writing you all amuse me ;-) hahahaha!


  12. I'm not Jill's friend, that is for your info.. Im Danny's friend, plus supporter..(not that I know him from watching omg, knew him way before that) waste of time.. hmmm??? No comments..I just stand by my friend in whatever he does, giving him the support he needs. Same for you as you, supporting Dan. The comments that I'm reading sounds and looks as if you are one jealous contender or supporter.. Apologise if i did cause you distress..

    And I'm not Theresa..neither Bambam

    Danny deserves to win so does any of the contenders.. All I know is that Im quite sick and tired of people blasting others on how badly they suck..If they are so good, why not come on the show and be a contender? If you do not want you favs, idol, friend or whatsoever to lose, then VOTE..

    Thanks Steve for informative insight..

  13. I heard that Mark Lee is gonna be guest judge for tommorow! Looking forward to hearing his comments! I'm sure it will be funny! yaaaay! Let's all watch! (But if you think its a waste of time, please don't watch it and spare us your negativity)

    - Theresa

  14. Wow! that was fast. Do you work for mediacorp Theresa? I barely left this page. You and Eelynn are saying I'm one jealous contender. Suggesting I'm Dan. I'll have to tell him about this when I see him next. Hahaha!

    To Eelynn, good on you for supporting Danny Koh. You'd understand that if you invited everyone in your office to come and watch and see your friend Danny Koh lose to someone you found out later had cheated by using theirs contacts in Mediacorp to get through wouldn't you feel the need to spread the word and let people know?

    That's me too! a friend that wants justice. Dan is the opposite. He doesn't believe in attacking other performers he said. Doesn't mean I can't ;-) But stop trying to pin every negative comment about Jill on me or Dan. I didn't write half of what's on a lot of these pages. There's one guy talking about hating her. I don't hate anyone.

    Let Jill be out so Danny can win and get his street magic TV special and justice will be served.


  15. Steve you are hilarious. I saw it on the OMG facebook page.


  16. By the way Steve, I NEVER once said or inferred or even suggested that you were Dan. Read my posts carefully before you attempt to start anything else. And I NEVER pin every bad post on Jill on you. When I comment and when I 'pin' something on you, I make specific reference to you, my dear Steve. If you feel that everyone is pinning all negative comments on you, you gotta ask yourself why. It's got nothing to do with me.

    In any case, I'm sick and tired of debating over such silly stuff with you. I realised that it's a waste of my time. Enjoy your life, Steve.

    - Theresa

  17. Sidetracking a little guys, can we not have any more comedian guest judges? Mark Lee... zzzz.

    Suhaimi(or however you spell his name) was a joke(literally and not!). Humour over constructive comments for the contestants though does bring some entertainment value for the show, it undermines the role of the judges in the first place.

    Not forgetting 50% of the score comes from the judges, its a little unfair to the contestants to leave it to someone who wants to generate some chuckles from the audience rather than a judge(most of the guests judges gave pretty good comments though) who takes stuff seriously when they need to.

    Afterall its $50000 at stake isn't it?

  18. Cheat... This show is cheating. David & Rhythm n moves out like that?? Sigh...


  19. I thought OMG would be worth watching for me (personal preference, which isn't necessarily right, or better than yours in any way, just that there's something I want to say and will say it. You have your opinion, I respect that, but my truth is what I think) for me for at least two more weeks. How wrong I was. I personally love to watch RNM, Desert Roses and Vertical Dancers. Perhaps, you might say that they are not as talented as other teams or something like that, but they entertain me, and I like what they do, so that makes my truth.
    Last week, I saw RNM go home, I really wanted to watch them perform. I know that Desert Roses and Vertical Dancers will undeniably be taken off in the next two weeks, I expected Vertical Dancers to go home first, then Desert Roses (I mean, I still know what the reality is, looking from previous episodes and everything). Maybe they really didn't do a job that they could have done last week (as claimed by the judges, though I am entitled to my own opinion and they to theirs), I liked Desert Roses performance btw. I love stuff that fusions with Chinese culture, so I love the ribbons and the wushu. (which is why RNM and Desert Roses)
    This week, I guessed that Vertical Dancers would go (sadly) because I believe their fanbase is smaller than that of Desert Roses. But how was I to know, how was I to guess? That BOTH of them would be going home this week.
    In which OMG is not worth watching (I stress, personal opinion) to me. That was faster than I anticipated, so that's it for now OMG, till next time. Thanks for the memories.
    I really want to watch Desert Roses, RNM and Vertical Dancers perform! T.T

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