Thursday, October 21, 2010

Episode 11 : The Review

OMG! School's Out!
(and Danny and Jigri Yaar are out too!)

FD's away so we've got TWO guest judges tonight - 'Broadway Beng' Sebastian Tan and ex-Dancefloor judge George Chan. Both are theatre veterans and have definitely seen their fair share of good and bad performers. I loved that George actually worked out that $50,000 was equivalent to $550 per second for a 90-second performance. That sort of puts things in perspective. Sort of only, cos the longer you've been on the show, the less your per second cos is going to be! Still, quite a number to be motivated by. 

Looking back at the recap of last week's show, I felt like "Was it just last week that we lost the girls?" With PSC happening in between, it really felt like it was longer. The soundbite of Judge Irene saying, "Danny Koh, if you don't win, I don't know who should." was really ironic. 

Looking at the bottom 3, I would have thought Danny would be the one safe. No disrespect to Sean or Jigri Yaar, the former is new and the latter's performance last week wasn't up to par. Just based on the support Danny has had from Day 1 from both Judges and viewers, I think most of us assumed we would be safe. I'm sad to see Danny go, but I'm also glad Sean is staying cos I really want to see what else he can do with that voice!

On to the review...

Danny Koh
As if Danny's exit video wasn't bad enough, they had to cut to shot where Jill had tears in her eyes, and LMQ looking all glum, made me tear too. Danny's performance with the three girls called Sapphire, was fairly entertaining but nowhere near his usual stage bravado and persona. This routine seemed to cater more for the young ones than OMG. I would have preferred to watch a less 'dance-y' number and really concentrate on his 'close-up' magic using the girls. If he'd gotten through last night and performed this, I'd say he might have been in trouble the following week. 

Jigri Yaar Bhangra Academy

The three little girls that performed with Jigri Yaar were such sweethearts. Backstage they were playing with Sean's little girls and keeping them occupied during the long long waits. I have to say, I never expected to see Myra spin someone around, she's so little herself, so that was interesting to see. But then, aside from the fact that the 3 new 'members' are kids, the routine hasn't differed much from the first time we saw them. Its the spinning, the helicopter and the same dance steps to different music. Had they gotten through last night, I'm not sure how they would fair the following week either.

Contender #1 - Jill-Marie Thomas
Jill-Marie performed a mash-up of Kung Fu Fighting and Dynamite with her kids, some of whom are her cousins. The kids were mic-ed up and sang along too, but I couldn't really hear them, perhaps the mic levels were lower than Jill's or that Jill's got a rather loud voice.

What did the judges say?
Beatrice : Jill, I am a big fan of yours and I think that this item was so much fun and so cute. But its not your best performance vocally, and I really wasn't sure about the second song because it was messy to me.

Sebastian : You've got a good voice, I like your voice, just bad choice of songs. At this stage of the contest, you need to pick songs that really showcase your voice.

Irene : It doesn't mean that because you're very good at mishing-mashing songs that you should always mix songs, I think if you had just stuck to the first song, you would have gotten a perfect 10 from us. The kids are very adorable and you look like one of them, that's the part I liked best about this performance.

George : You really know how to work a crowd, very spirited performance, very energetic. The only thing is, I thought the item was a little bit static, you were standing mostly in just one place. 

summerr says : The costumes and the start looked quite promising, Jill after all is like one big kid, add in more kids, and it should work. But unfortunately for me, it didn't. I thought it started out alright, but as we've seen from the 'Sex On Fire' performance, Jill doesn't do well moving too while singing, her vocals get affected. The performance was fun and totally catered to the kids, but I think it did nothing to showcase Jill's voice or her as a performer. The second song looked rather messy too, not just visually, but vocally, the kids, if you could hear them, weren't really in-sync with Jill, so it all just looked really unrehearsed. I'm sure the kids all worked really hard, so good job on bein' so brave to perform (I would never have had the guts to get on a stage that big in front of that many people when I was a kid - still won't!)! Loved the Kanye sunglasses though!

Contender #2  : Luminiq Crew
Luminiq Crew brought in their youngest member Aziz, who's just 10, to join them in a role-reversal skit where Aziz is a teacher and the older Luminiq boys are his 'naughty' students.

What did the judges say?
B : One of your strengths is you know how to orchestrate yourselves, direct yourselves in these amazing situations. And you know how to put a story across very neatly and very very well. However, this little boy was unbelievable. I couldn't take my eyes off him - you've got to bring him back!

S : There's a saying 'never perform with kids', and in this case I think its true because he sorta outperformed you guys! That said, I think you guys are very cute, very clever ideas you have there, great breakdancing, good energy!

I : With Mr Aziz or without Mr Aziz, Luminiq I will see you in the finals. 

G : Good idea with the reversal of the roles right from the beginning. The little boy, he's giving you quite a few points on this one, his isolation, his head movements, his attitude, you are a star.

summerr says : 
If FD were here, he'd say "Luminiq Crew is back!". I totally loved this routine! Aziz did great, I wish I'd seen more of him. If he can do flips, I would have liked to see him do it. When the routine started I thought, aiya they gonna lipsync dialogue again? But hey, it worked. "Fatboy!" <-- funny.
I want to see more of Aziz now, I think he totally added value to the night's performance. Loved the 'puppet' segment of the routine - very in-sync! Good job boys on the choreo and the storyline. And I also liked their pseudo school boy costumes with the bow ties. Aiyo adorable.

Contender #3 : Singapore Char Siew Baos!
The Baos! did a mash-up of Justin Bieber's 'Baby' and Taylor Swift's 'Love Story'. With them were four adorable lil dancers and one pretty cool drummer chick, Allison.

What did the judges say?
B : I'm sorry this isn't one of your strongest performances. I feel that the number sort of didn't really come together and I really struggled to hear you.

S :  I think the drummer sort of stole the show. Watch your pitch, some pitchy moments. Overall, you have to choose the right song for this point in the contest.

I : I'm disappointed, because the last two weeks you got better and better, today you just went down. The song choice was no good, I couldn't hear a word you were saying and the music was louder than your singing Ruby. You really need to choose your songs correctly. 

G : I've got two problems. no1, the diction, I couldnt hear a single word you were singing, no 2, your stage presence, you cannot just rely on jumping around and acting cute, leave that to the kids, it'll work for them, not for you. So you gotta up your ante. 

summerr says : 
Unfortunately I have to also agree with judges on this one. Despite the currency of both the songs chosen (songs that are easily recogniseable are easier for people to accept right?) the whole thing was just a bit off. Actually 'Baby' wasn't too bad, but 'Love Story' was really where I struggled to hear Ruby. The music and all the choreography was overwhelming her vocals, sorry but it felt a bit school-talentime-ish for me. Allison did awesome though - good job to the kiddos. The little girl on right in black was also pretty awesome, sorry sweetie, didn't get your name, but you can gelek with the best of them! Baos! hope you'll do better next week k!

Contender #4 : Sean Harrison

Sean sings 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' by Queen, and he's backed up by 5 adorable lil girls gelek-ing their hearts out in the background :) Oh, yes they are mic-ed up and are singing too, but you can't really hear them over Sean's voice and the guitar.

What did the judges say?
B : Sean, you've got the X Factor, you have that, and thats what really caught our attention when you came on last week. I want you to pick a song that reaaallly shows us your vocal chops.

S : You've got a good voice, I watched last week's show and I actually rpefereed that performance. So try to find that back. But I can see you as a future star, a future professional singing star. 

I : I agree with Sebastian totally, A boy who likes animals, has a bad boy look, and sounds so cute crooning. If you don't win the $50,000, you should get a 5mil contract from the record companies.

G : Sean, clean, good voice, but I think when you pick a song like that and you've got five girlfriends on stage, you should sing/act the song a little bit more. And I think what Beatrice and Sebastian meant about last week's performance is that you've got that gift, that ability to switch from head voice to falsetto, a really clean transition, bring that back a bit, cos that's your strength.

summerr says : 
I'm really liking George Chan. His comment was the most constructive. If I were Sean, that specificity about the head voice/falsetto transition is a great help, I'd pick more songs that showcase that. To be honest, I didn't really like this performance. I liked the song choice. In fact when I'd heard him rehearsing backstage, I thought whoa, he's gonna ace this one. But somehow on stage, I felt that there was not much connection with the girls and like George said, not enough 'sing-acting'. There's a lot that you can do with a song as upbeat as this one, the song itself lends a lot of personality to the singer. Job well done to the 5 little divas backing Sean up. They sang their lil hearts out and hello - the blue one on the right and the pink one on the left has serious gelek moves man! Good job girls!

Challenger : CJ Crew
The K-pop crew of 7 babes added in 6 lil kids and 2 teens. The youngest kid in there is Alex and she's just 4, and totally adorable. Their performance is a mash up of quite a few songs, which I can't list cos I'm not k-pop enough :P But I recognised Super Junior's 'Sorry' song :). 

What did the judges say?
B : You girls can take on Luminiq Crew. Here's your advantage, you look really good, K-pop choreo is really nice to watch as well. Here's how you can win - you need to orchestrate your performance so that there are highs and lows. Give it momemntum. Give me a 90-second piece of great choreography, don't mish-mash it too much. Then I can see you at the finals. 

S : You are really entertaining. More tips - sharper moves, more accents on your moves, and bring out more of the K-pop glam. Cos I think you girls look great, so next week, MORE!

I : You need to glam it up if you wanna beat Luminiq Crew. You need to have a story to tell us, each 90 seconds you are given. If you do that, you will get a chance to fight for the $50,000 with Luminiq Crew.

G : You really captured the essence of K-pop dancing. The big word is - you were very synchronised, it was very sharp. Be careful when you splice a lot of music together, sometimes the movement doesn't match the dynamics of the music.

summerr says :
I actually really like CJ Crew. I didn't like the entire performance though. The kids coming in and out at the end felt very 'add-on-last-minute' just to satisfy the criteria for the theme. They were really really cute and all (OMG SO CUTE ARRGH! Especially with the tails and animal headbands!) and they did some moves with their Cheh Chehs, but it looked a bit like an afterthought (even though I am sure it wasn't). The other thing that I found confusing was the inclusion of the two teens. The segment where the boy did 'butterfly' was totally unnecessary. And the young girl in black/white was really good, she shoulda dressed like the rest of CJ Crew and that would make 8! But all that said, I really enjoyed the parts where CJ Crew actually danced in synchrony. I agree with George - they were very synchronised and that was the best part. Followed very closely by the fact that they are eye-candy - they look good. I hope to see more flashy-drama make-up and costumes next week - girls have an advantage where hair & make-up are concerned - it can really vamp up a performance.
Oh, and did anyone notice that Diyana was rapping live at the start? I really liked that part and wish they'd brought it out a bit more. Based on the rapping, sounds like she's got a good voice. And it didn't quiver despite a lot of the dance moves, so I'm looking forward to one day hearing them sing/rap more. 
Good job to little ones for coming to the show and actually 'remembering' to the moves on cue!

1. Sean Harrison
2. CJ Crew
3. Jill-Marie Thomas
4. Luminiq Crew
5. Singapore Char Siew Baos!

Based on the ranking, the ones in trouble are Luminiq and the Baos! I kinda disagree with the ranking. I would have ranked it : 
1. Luminiq Crew
2. CJ Crew
3. Sean Harrison, Jill-Marie Thomas & Singapore Char Siew Baos!

Sean's, Jill's and the Bao!'s performances were about the same to me. Good luck for next week guys, gotta bring your A game. 

Big Thumbs Up for the Lil Ones

Just wanna say that all the kids that came on the show deserve a big hug and pat on the back for their courage to perform and their tenacity at doing it. Everyone gave it a good go and they should all be proud of themselves. :) and if your Contender got less than positive remarks from your judges (or anyone, including me), it is NOT YOUR FAULT :)

The show overall ...
Maybe its the theme? I didn't really enjoy the singers performances as much. The two dance performances were pretty good. I guess you can do a lot more with physical choreography than vocal choreography for themes like this? I know its not easy working with kids, they don't always go left when you tell them left. 

Now that Danny's out, it looks like its singers vs dancers to the end. It could go either way at the finals, a sing-off or a dance-off. At this point in time, I wouldn't mind watching a Crew showdown - Luminiq vs CJ. I would so love to see how they can bring it to the next level. CJ already has the upper hand - they're part of a professional performing arts school. The Luminiq boys are street dancers. Street vs School. Nais.

Can't wait - next week's theme is FRIGHT NIGHT! Halloween's comin' a little early for OMG. Come on down to the studio, dress up in Halloween garb if you dare - promise I'll take pics of you and post them here :)

Two more will go home next week and we'll also meet a new Challenger. Who else have producers got up their sleeves. 

 xoxo, s.


  1. Derek here,

    Danny, u always have Rhythm 'N' Moves support. To Vertial & Roses, we all make OMG proud in our own way. The old 8 group of us are the elite of OMG. Way to OMG.

  2. I thought both dance crews were really good last night out!

    I guess the difference is that B-boys are more exciting with their flips and explosive actions, while Kpop is a whole different kettle of fish altogether, with more emphasis on being synchronized and catered for mainstream entertainment.

    Hope both do well!

    On a side note, I don't think the CJ crew should be labelled as a professional crew. Like Luminiq, they are just a bunch of dancers who take part in competitions together... Your post saying that puts them under unfair pressure don't you think?

    Just my 2 cents :)

  3. Jill Marie's kid's were the most.... professional? and they did the best. Their act was really good. Especially the girl who broke the board. It looked abit difficult. Quite. Very. Pro man.... PRO

  4. Nicole Chloe ThomasNovember 3, 2010 at 10:32 PM

    Haha. Awesome :P

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