Friday, October 1, 2010

OMG Episode 8 : The Review

OMG was on fire!
The night's theme was 'Come On Baby Light My Fire'. Cheesy name and could have been a very cheesy show, but the result was quite the opposite. Every single Contender really made the effort to step up their game and work around the theme and the show was very watchable. 

Clad in either red or black, all the Contenders looked ready to put on an awesome show. What I didn't know was just how awesome it would be. Based on the previous week's show, I expected more of the same with perhaps a slight gear change here and there. Having watched the show back on tv, imma say they revved those engines. Biggest kudos goes out to the lovely Roses and the effervescent Ruby who growled and snarled her way through 'Relight My Fire/Mr Vain' but still kept her bright smile firmly in place! 

Review sans pics.
Sorry folks, to keep from hogging this review any longer, I'm releasing it sans pics from the show. The Marketing team has kindly taken pics and sent the to me, but unbelievably, my yousendit link says 2 days left. The catchup on isn't out yet either, so I can't even take screen grabs. That'll show me to spend the entire live show tweeting instead of taking my own pics! Pfft! I need to grow another set of hands.  Sorrrreeee!

Anyway, on to the review anyway...

What did y'all think of Michelle Chia as guest judge?
I thought she was pretty cool. As a seasoned host, Michelle had no problem expressing her opinions, fluently and quickly. She also  had a lot of energy which was great. The guy Contenders were all a bit drool-y around her haha. 

"I have very high expectations of all the contenders here because they are going for $50,000 and that is a lot of money. They'd better make it work and wow us."

Elimination Announcement was heartbreaking
Everything about OMG elimination was brutal. The straightforward announcement coupled with the rather 'menacing' looking red spotlight, (as in green for 'go' and red for 'stop, your journey ends here'), seemed designed for maximum drama and heartbreak. I don't know about you, but watching David's expression really broke my heart. Sure the guy didn't do his best last week. Mine is a totally 'emo' standpoint - I've grown rather attached of the Top 8, and if it was any of the other 7, I would have been just as sad. 

On to the show proper...

Contender #1 : Luminiq Crew
This week's concept saw the boys in red track suits jumping out of a makeshift bed made of two stacked queen sized mattresses - trying to impress show sponsors Sealy Posturepedic by any chance? :) Coincidence I say. They even added in actual fire - Azmi had gloves on and was literally holding FIRE in the palms of his hands before doing a forward flip off the bed - phwoar!

What did the judges say?
Beatrice :  
There's nothing to say as long you boys keep that up, we will never sleep in this audience. Well done.

Michelle : 
Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with fire on the bed? But I must say, I've seen you before on previous episodes, I really feel the energy now that I'm live here watching you, you've done a good job. I like the spinning.

Irene : 
Luminiq Crew is still the best dancers in the whole of Singapore!

FD : 
What Luminiq Crew does best, (is) you entertain for 90 seconds. That's what you do.

summerr says : 
Awesome job boys! The concept with the bed was totally fresh and out of the box. I loved that they added in the element of fire. I love that someone other than Faiz and Vicky was centrestage (I say this without taking away anything from Faiz and Vic, they are awesome power movers). As usual, they brought their own flava and 'tude, music mixing was good. Loved it! 9/10. I woulda liked to see even more 'real' fire! If everyone did the fire thing together with Azmi it woulda been SUPER COOL!
(Note : Yes, Faiz is missing from the pic, thats cos he wasn't around for the photoshoot that happened on Raya weekend)

Contender #2 : Singapore Char Siew Baos!
I love how the boys bully Ruby. So cute la. She's so cute la. The Baos! are so cute la.  But OMG if I was on that cable car I would have screamed bloody murder if they actually stood up and jumped or swayed that damn suspended capsule gah! Note to self - never go anywhere near Mount Faber with the Baos! They sang a mash up of Relight My Fire and Mr Vain. So cheesy, but oh so good. 

What did the judges say?
B : Ok musically you guys always do it for me, well done. Thank you for taking a chance. I've never heard you sound so good.

M : Well previously Ruby you've kinda been the flower on the wall, but today, you've managed to steal the thunder from the saxophonist, so well done, you shared the stage. 

I : I'd like to welcome back the sax, the old sax is good. And its really nice to hear Ruby being part of the boys.

FD : I tend to agree with Irene, there's nothing like a dirty sax, but  what everybody has said is true, Ruby you finally stood out, you guys brought it again this week, well done! 

summerr says : 
Ruby was over the moon with all the good comments. Heck, she was glowing so much she WAS the moon! LOL! I really enjoyed their performance - upbeat as ever, and this time we even got to hear Dom sing a little bit more which was cool. But dude, I miss your hat. Put the hat back on! And you know, the Baos! remained true to their shiny happy people roots, because despite all of Ruby's growling and snarling throughout the two songs, she managed to maintain her Colgate white smile - never waivered - must be a Bao! secret. 
Good clean fun. I likey. 

Contender #3 : Jill-Marie Thomas
Things you never knew about Jill-Marie Thomas - she used to work at the Singapore Zoo! Jill-Marie sang Kings of Leon's 'Your Sex Is On Fire'. 

What did the judges say?
B : Jill-Marie Thomas come light my fire baby!

M : You managed to steal the hearts of all our audience! However, I would wish that you would sing a bit more while standing still. The running could have affected your vocals. But still you were good.

I : I think you did a great job today but I do miss the Jill-Marie Thomas branding which is Jill-Marie with her guitar and just be yourself. It was a bit risque for me. 

FD : It wasn't your best vocal performance. But you have Singaporeans eating out of your hand. If this show has found a star, its you. 

summerr says : 
I actually didn't get to watch Jill perform this in studio, I was watching it on the tv in the make up room. So I don't know what the judges heard live, but on that lil tv set, it wasn't great. But now, watching it back sans the noisy Luminiq Crew yapping away beside me, it wasn't as bad as I had thought initially. I thought it was very brave of Jill to come out without her security blanket (the guitar) and try something different - running into the crowd was a nice stunt not yet done on OMG. But I think what let her down was the choice of song. And like Michelle commented, the tons of moving about affected her usually steady vocals.
About song choice, to paraphrase Randy Jackson, "Dawg, for me for you, that song just wasn't for you, for me I mean. For me, it wasn't right for you, dawg."
Jill's image has always been wholesome and honest. Even last week, paired up with Sly and rawked out in eyeliner, tall hair, pleather and chains, Jill was still approachable and honest. Tonight, she seemed out of character. And I actually kinda cringed every time I had to see her bite out 'Your Sex Is On Fire'. Not your typical family song choice. And it just didn't go with her down-to-earth image. I would have chosen Babyface's 'Fire' mashed up with something like 'You Light Up My Life', done the Jill-Marie way. 

Contender #4 : Vertical Dancers
As usual, Miko and Irene pulled out another 'trick' from their never ending supply of tricks. This time, they brought out a new prop - a large hoop. You know, the kind that canaries sit in in their cages? The girls came out sporting feather boas too. They performed to "Fire" by Babyface & Des'ree.

What did the judges say?
B : Wow those eyelashes are knocking me dead. Thank you vertical dancers, you never fail to surprise us and stun us. You have been absolutely amazing every week.  

M : You guys were fantastic. I know its really tough to do that, and you proved that you are not just sexy but have skills...and strength. Very good. I love it. I just love it. 

I : You're my inspiration. You're sexy, you're acrobatic, you're beautiful, you know what, I wanna grow up to be like you. 

FD : As always you are brilliant and now we have a whole group of 14-year olds watching the show wishing they were 20!

summerr says :
I really really enjoyed this performance. Right up to this point of the show, it was my favourite. The song set really set the tone - relaxed yet sexy. No pressure. The pace was slow but fluid and each pose looked symmetrical and flawless. I wasn't even aware of the 90 seconds I was so wrapped up watching them. Like Michelle said, I loved it, just loved it!

Contender #5 : Rhythm 'N' Moves
Taking a departure from their usual angry/serious/kancheong martial arts infused routines, the boys decided to 'cook up' something more lighthearted in a jazz routine. Dressed up as chefs with real props from woks to noodles and actual fire, it was a nice change of tone and pace for Rhythm 'N' Moves.

What did the judges say?
B : You took me complete by surprise this week. If you had brought one more martial arts performance, I would have been bored. So well done, you took a chance, and this is by far my favourite performance from you.

M : From seeing this, we should have a new programme, 'How to cook a dish in 90 seconds'! But honestly, I would have loved to see a little bit of martial arts in there. But I was totally entertained. You really stuck to the theme and you did a great job, I couldnt take my eyes off you.

I : I really must applaud you for putting this comedy element into your act cos you're always so serious. You know what, Luminiq Crew watch out.
FD : You guys have proved that you don't need to completely rely on your martial arts. That was a fantastic 90 seconds and a brilliant ending!

summerr says : 
It was like watching a musical version of Iron Chef. And I loved it. The whole concept is so unlike what we've been seeing from the boys that it instantly grabbed my attention. Derek told me earlier backstage that Liang Bin "has a serious problem....he's too serious". Well, you guys have definitely shown that there are more facets to Rhythm 'N' Moves than everyone thought. It was great to see so many different sides all in one night - instead of Derek, Fen took centrestage tonight in the video clip. And instead of chinese dance, they offered up something more like jazz. A little out of sync at the start, but overall, it was great fun to watch. Loved the 'fire flinging' at the end!

Contender  #6 : Desert Roses
Dressed in what is probably their most elaborate outfits thus far, the Desert Roses looked mighty impressive even before they went on stage. Big red flowers and bejwelled head chains up top, shiny shimmery brassieres in the middle and what can only be called randomly shreded pants on the bottom, the girls were hawt! And those fire fans - lagi hawt!

What did the judges say?
B : You girls are fearless. You are the bravest girls I have ever met. Visually stunning.

M : You girls are really brave, to wear so little on stage every week. And now playing with fire, and you had so much, I could really feel the heat when you were near us. You did a great job, i was SOOO impressed.

Irene was so impressed she actually stood up mid-performance and started clapping!

I : Cannot tahan. Cos in the beginning they were just good and pretty and then they got hotter and hotter. SO if next week's theme is 'explosion' you all explode ah? Eh, they're a very literal group you know!
Thank you for bringing the fire to us cos the studio is very cool.FD : I have four words for you. Awesome. Oh. My. God.

summerr says : 
Holy cow - best ever now! Those fire fans looked really dangerous - the flames were so huge it looked like it was licking their arms. Its like the Roses kicked it up a notch this week. I loved the look of concentration on Sophia's face when there was a close up - so unlike their previous performances where it looked like they had a smile plastered on at every moment. For me, this was their best performance. Loved it!!

Contender #7 : Danny Koh
Watching the video clip and then the actual show was like watching Superman change. Mild-mannered and bespectacled by day, browing book stores and looking for quiet; by night, Danny turns into Darth Danny (this be Jason Baos!'s term) complete with light sabre-ish looking thing and Matrix-like trench coat.

What did the judges say?
B : Your performance tonight was not about skill, it was about drama.... you knew how to give yourself an entrance. To me you are actually a closet drama queen i love it!

M : I must say you really have showmanship. Something about playing with fire, men playing with fire is just extra sexy and the adrenaline rush, so I was reallty captured by your performance. Very good.

I : And what makes Danny even more hot is that he goes to the library in one VT and next minute he's playing with fire. 

FD : Danny, I love the new outfit, its a nice change. I was afraid after Desert Roses performed, I thought what is Danny gonna do? 10 out of 10 dude. 

summerr says : 
Danny had to invest quite a bit in the light sabre that made him Darth Danny :) It actually fizzed out before his routine ended proper, but I guess the impression was made already by then.. Beatrice was on the money when she said it was less skills more showmanship today. Totally. The Arnold Schwarzenegger voice that boomed out "Switch off the lights. Close your eyes. Feel the energy inside" seriously set the mood. Felt like I was in Vegas or something. The sparks were pretty cool - such a pity it fizzled out early. 

Challenger : Capoeira Argula de Ouro Singapore
Loosely translates to The Capoeira Association of Singapore, this group of 7 guys includes Master Ousado who founded the Association here. But only 4 actually performed the martial arts dance, the other three, Master included, provided the backing track and vocals. 

What did the judges say?
B : It was beautiful it was skillful, however, if you're coming on to challenge the other Contenders, tonight, every single contender this evening broght on an elemnt of fire - where was your interpretation of the theme? Other than that it was beauyful

M: You guys made martial arts look so smooth and so graceful. Do you take disciples? Can I be your student?

I : How can you sing and dance and fight all at the same time?  

FD : Capoeira is brazilian martial arts that's mixed with music. You brought brazilian culture to Singapore. It was beautiful. 

summerr says : 
Out of everyone on the show tonight, the Capoeiristas were the only ones who wore all white. I was looking forward to seeing them perform and to be honest, in studio, it didn't impress me as much as it did when I watched it back on tv. The camera helped me focus better on whoever was doing the tougher 'stunt'. The guy with the tied up dreads - loved his tricks. All that spinning, handstands moving into flips and backflips and some b-boy-looking movements - woo hoo!

And like Michelle said, they made it looks so fluid and smooth and effortless. Made me feel like I could just go up there and swing my legs upside my head. I was so wrapped up watching their performance I didn't even notice they hadn't incorporated the theme of fire in their routine. I guess they lost some points for that, considering they were ranked last by the judges - see ranking below. Oh well, for what it was worth, it was nice to see them perform, I never knew we had such good local capoeiristas - am assuming dreadlocks guy is local. 

Judges Ranking : 

1. Desert Roses 
2. Vertical Dancers
3. Danny Koh
4. Luminiq Crew
5. Rhythm 'N' Moves
6. Singapore Char Siew Baos!
7. Jill-Marie Thomas
8. Capoeira Argula de Ouro Singapore

Overall, OMG's 'Fire' theme resulted in a pretty good show. It was entertaining from the get-go, everyone upped their game on every level imaginable. I ranked Desert Roses #1 too. They were my favourite performance for the night, followed very closely by the Vertical Dancers. I loved the attitude on the Roses faces for this performance - they weren't their usual smiley selves. Their more 'I mean business' expressions made me feel as though they'd 'grown up' in a way and wanted everyone to take them seriously. That coupled with the danger element of all that fire swooshing around, definitely best act of the night. 

My bottom 3 are the same as the Judges. The Baos! were good, but so was everyone else and I had ranked them way higher initially, but as the show went on, their ranking slipped and slipped. :( Sorry guys. Great job and props to Ruby who really came out of her shell - loved the growl/smile. As for Jill-Marie, sorry but the vocals just weren't up to mark and the song choice was just not the right fit. I miss the old Jill-Marie.And no disrespect to the Capoeiristas, they were very cool, but the fact that they didn't incorporate the theme made them stick out a little. Would love to see what they will do with next week's theme - My Singapore Dream - if they get through. 

Newbies vs Oldies
I wondered if the Challengers coming in fresh would be at a disadvantage and Judge B had something to say about that : 

"I think all Challengers now are actually at an advantage. You've had a chance to watch the show and watch the Contenders. You then know exactly how to actually present yourselves to get those votes. I think its an advantage to come on and challenge them now."

However, I have to agree with Judge Irene too. She said : "What I find most inspiring about this show (is that) the contestants came (to the show) quite raw and have become more and more refined, more polished." 
So, being on the show this long has its advantages too, you kinda learn as you go along how to work the camera and work the stage. Newbies may find it a bit disorienting. 

What do you guys think?

Join as a Challenger! Email NOW!
I'm still waiting to see a cheerleading squad come on the show! And I recently saw a contortionist on one of those Taiwanese shows - she was amazing and soooo pretty - I want to see that on OMG! She was balancing a glass of tea on the bottom of her foot as she rolled around the floor and bent this way and that! Where are you people? Come on the show - not for the $50,000 but all the exposure! (The more I think about it, the more I feel the exposure you get on the show is worth more than the prize money!)

Voting lines are now obviously closed - I wonder whether the voting public agreed with the judges or have managed to re-rank the Contenders. 

Two are going home next week. *bite nails* But on the upside, we can look forward to guest judge Debbie Gibson comin' on the show!

xoxo, s.

ps. David we'll miss you!


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  5. To Viewer above. You're absolutely right viewer. But you should know by now reality shows are not real. It's all pre planned and pre organized. Good luck with the audit but I'm pretty sure the books will be cooked.

    Enjoy the show for the entertainment but don't believe what you see is what is real.

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