Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Luminiq Danial's Date With A Pontianak

In preparation for OMG's Halloween-themed episode called 'Fright Night', I got the Contenders to tell me their scariest ghost stories, here is Daniel's story, .... thanks Doc Orc for sharing!

This happened to me about 2 years ago, in 2008. It was 3am, and I was walking with my girlfriend. I was sending her home, we were walking towards the main road to catch a cab home. In order to get to the main road, we'd have to walk across a playground and this playground is like, notorious for 'hantu' (ghosts).

So anyway, we decided to just walk and as we were taking the path that goes around the playground, she stopped me and said, "There's someone at the playground." 

She stopped walking and pointed at the swings. 

Sitting on a lone swing, clad totally in black, was a lady, swinging slowly. Her arms were by her side, not holding the swing, and her feet, I didn't see any feet, did not touch the ground. In fact, 'she' was totally in black and I could not see any skin at all. Her hair was very long and black, until her butt.

(summerr says : eeee, even just typing this my hands are shaking again.....)

We both froze, looking at what was clearly a Pontianak. 

We decided to take a bigger loop around the playground to go around her, and suddenly my girlfriend started to change. She started to screaming and yelling at me. She told me to, "don't think about anything, stop looking behind, let's go!"

As we got to the main road, I hailed a cab and we got in, and at first we both kept very quiet. I tried talking to her, ask her if she was okay but all she did was look at me and smile.

When we got to her HDB block, I started to walk with her. I always send her home right to her doorstep. But when we got to the lift, she started screaming and yelling at me again, asking me to leave, telling me not to follow her. 

We were both in the lift and she kept the door open, yelling at me to get out. By this time I knew, she had been possessed or something, so I challenged it, I said, "No I won't leave her!" And she said, "If you don't go out, I WILL KILL HER!" and then she laughed a very evil laugh. 

We argued a bit more, but it was clear she could possibly hurt my girlfriend, so I said, "If I leave, you promise you won't hurt her?" But all she did was laugh in my face. And then she got really agitated and started screaming and yelling. 

I had no choice, I left, and went home. 

My girlfriend called me the next day. She asked, "Why did you leave me at the park alone?"
(she took a cab home alone after that)

summerr says : 
OMG, you took the pontianak home with you?!!! WTH!

Danial says : 
To my recollection, this is what happened. To my girlfriend's recollection, she said one minute we were standing there together at the playground, and the next thing she remembers is I was gone. 

summerr says :
Whalieu......creeepy with a capital 'C'. Seriously, how were you able to go back and sleep?!

Last story at midnight tonight ...and it is just the spookiest one yet....there's photographic evidence....

Plus, don't forget to catch One Moment of Glory tomorrow night, Live at 8pm, on Channel 5 - its Fright Night!

xoxo, s. 

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