Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jill-Marie and The Ghostly Yellow Boots

In preparation for our Halloween themed episode called 'Fright Night', I got the Contenders to tell me their scariest ghost stories... here is Jill-Marie Thomas's story. Thank you Jill for sharing.

I generally don't want to believe in these kinds of things. I get scared easily and believing in it will make it worse.

I used to work at the zoo, for the Night Safari actually. I do the shows. Of course I had heard lots of stories about the place, especially since our work is at night. At the time I was working there, behind the Night Safari was a huge construction site because the zoo was expanding. So, you'll know that there are definitely a lot of ghostly stories floating around. 

Ok, so I did the show. And after the show, we're all expected to clean up for the night. If you're part of the backstage crew, you're expected to feed the animals after the show, which is backstage. 

People would always say, "If you work at the back, better be careful." We've seen someone go at the back and come back with ohr-chenh (blue-black bruises).

So, like I was saying, backstage, behind the animal cages, was like jungle and also construction for the expansion. This was back when we used to do the show at the front of the zoo.

One night, I was on backstage duty la. I headed to the kitchen, which was at the end of a sort of walk way and the animal cages lined that walk way. You have to walk past the animal cages to get to the kitchen. That night, the walk way was in darkness because the show had just ended. The kitchen was the only place where there was light. 

Whilst I was preparing food for the hyenas and the otters, I suddenly heard footsteps. Like very hurried footsteps, as though someone was running towards me. 

I turned quickly to see who it was, but I saw no one. So I radio-ed the team and asked who was around the back. They radio-ed back and said that they were all out front having a debriefing and asked me to hurry up and join them. 

I freaked out a little then.

I said a prayer, like 'please protect me' or something like that and continued with what I was doing. 

Right then, the hyenas started to make their 'laughing sound'. They were like growling and laughing*. The otters too seemed agitated.
*The Hyena's 'laughing sound' is actually the sound they make to show displeasure.

I walked towards the hyena cage, and as I got closer I could hear them growling and hissing and sounding very upset. The construction area is actually directly behind the cage. And as I got closer to the cage, I looked over it and I swear, I saw a pair of yellow construction boots in the jungle. And OMG, the boots were coming towards me - just boots! 

While the hyena growled, I dropped the food bucket and ran!

I don't know if there have been accidents at the construction site or if people have died or whatever, but what I experienced was just too real for my liking. They didn't make me do backstage duty for a while after that. 

summerr says : 
Eeeee. So scary. I can just imagine what it must have been like to see the animals hissing and growling like they see something and you're all alone....GAH! Why you didn't run earlier is beyond me, I would have run the minute the growling started!

More comin' up soon! We've got stories by CJ Crew's Diyana, Luminiq Crew's Danial, Vik and Afiq and the Baos! Ruby and Jacob.

Don't forget to catch your fave Contenders on One Moment of Glory tomorrow night, Live at 8pm, on Channel 5 - its Fright Night!

xoxo, s.

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