Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy OMG Day!

Debbie Gibson In Da House!
I still can't believe she's gonna be a guest judge on the show. I know she's here for Retrolicious and all but man! Soooo excited. For those of you who've been following this blog since Idol, you'll know @siproducer. And he's coming down to the studio tonight to 'groupie' with me. Still don't get why I love her - y'see, she is like the Taylor Swift of my generation - she wrote her own songs, had a great image, was a young teen pop sensation (granted Taylor is Country, but you know what I mean right?)

Don't know about you guys, but I'm curious to see what she's gonna say for each Contender and how she's gonna judge - I mean, what is she going to base her comments on - I'm guessing entertainment factor?

psst... don't you think she looks like Heather Locklear in this pic? Very Melrose Place type look right? So hawt!

Two go home...
Based on last week's judges ranking JMT and the Capoeiristas are in big trouble. Did viewer votes change their fate? Next in line for the chopping block are the Baos! 

The only one I can predict might be going home would be the Capoeiristas, and thats not because they didn't perform well - they were awesome. My guess is based on the fact that they haven't had enough time to build a fan base unlike the other contenders who have been on the show longer. 

We Say Bye Bye to David's "Singapore Dream"..... for now...
Monday night, the OMG! crew hung out together at Haji Lane to bid a fond farewell to one of their own. David Lin left the show last week. If you've read 8days you probably know what happened to him. If you didn't, well he lost his job as a funeral director's assistant at the funeral home (his boss wasn't happy he was taking so much time off to be on OMG!). Without a job, his employment pass would expire. And once that expires, he can no longer stay in the country. Plus he had less than 6 months validity left on his passport, and he couldn't get that renewed by the Taiwanese Embassy because he has yet to go back to Taiwan to do his National Service. Yes, they have NS there too. 

So this morning at 7am, David got on a plane and headed back to Taiwan. 

The OMG! gang had a great time hangin' out. For those of you who kept saying David shoulda been given a chance to perform one last time, the following video is for you guys. Here's David singing 'I Want It That Way' by the Backstreet Boys. This is what he would have performed for the 'Come On Baby Light My Fire' theme. He says it fits cos the lyrics go "you fire..."

While David carried on entertaining the crowd at Going Om with his session (you can hear him singing in the background of this vid), here's a side of Danny you don't get to see very often on OMG! - Danny the Magician. He really entertained us with his street magic (literally, cos we were standing in the street), check it out...

Here are some pics from that night ...


David says he hopes to come back in a year's time when his NS is done. Apparently he was approached by Channel U yesterday to act in a Chinese drama serial, but had to turn it out down cos it was too late - there just wouldn't be enough time to get the necessary paperwork done - NS is a-callin'!

Apparently David had spoken to Judge Irene about a possible stint with Fly but I guess nothing came of that. 

Anyway let's focus - its OMG Day!
Once two Contenders are eliminated, only 6 will remain. They will be joined by tonight's Challenger - Jigri Yaar Bhangra Academy. 7 will perform, and you will get a chance to vote once the lines are open. Vote to keep your favourites going for their $50,000 dream. 

I'll be headed down to the studio at about 6pm, so follow my tweets/twitpics k! Once elimination is done, I'll post up the voting numbers for tonight's Contenders + Challenger.

xoxo, s.

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