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OMG Episode 10 : The Review

Lights! Camera! ACTION!
That was the night's theme and it was up to the Contenders how they wanted to interpret it. Pretty much everyone took it pretty straightforward - they all did something related to the movies. 
Right off the bat, OMG! lost two of its best contenders. Eye candy Desert Roses and Vertical Dancers were sent packing before we could even get used to our eyeballs popping out at their super sexy outfits. Sigh, and when Miko spoke, to thank everyone while choking back tears, made me feel like crying too. Yesterday was Irene's 20th birthday, must have been really sad to get eliminated the day before. Backstage right after, all five girls were in tears. Sigh, thats the way the show goes... people will leave...
(sorry no pics of the Vertical Dancers, like I said, they disappeared)

Anyway, Mark Lee was the guest judge for the night and true to form, his 'Inggrish' brought about quite a few chuckles.  Language aside, had he been a judge on a Mandarin-speaking programme, I think he'd be as nit-picky as Ping Hui - he seems to notice the little things more. Interesting. Maybe next time he's on, we should have a translator so that he can give more detailed comments. But I loved his humour nonetheless, its so broken you can't help but laugh with him. To Danny : "You're a guy right? Wah piang everything go so fast black black how I know whether guy or girl?"

In line with the 'movie' type theme, each Contender got to meet their favourite local celebrity. So lets kick off the review here.

Contender #1 : Jigri Yaar Bhangra Academy
Less one member this week, Jigri Yaar is down to just 4. Base man Malv had to exit the show due to work commitments :( so Jigri Yaar is left to carry on the  OMG journey with Myra, Arwind, Yuvraj and Sukhy. They're routine is inspired by Bollywood. I loved that they chose Utt - he's so cute!  

What did the judges say?
Beatrice : 
I think that last week you exploded on our stage, you had an energetic and spirited performance. This week, i have to say I am disappointed. The performance is disjointed and lacks that verve, while you're beautiful dancers, it didn't fire for me as it did last week.

Mark : 
Actually a bit disappointed, you have to be more cheerful, and no power, and your timing was all out.

Irene :
I think that it's such a waste that you have a fantastic female lead in your dance group and she knows the lyrics and she is miming. I feel that the male lead was not miming with her. To me, you kicked out two of the best acts in OMG and you are not treasuring that. If you get through to the next round, please be more prepared.

FD :
The star of your troupe is the young lady. The rest of the troupe is a mess.

summerr says : Whoa, harsh. Too harsh maybe? Energy level is bound to be down when you're short one man, but I guess that shouldn't be an excuse. I kinda have to agree with Beatrice that it seemed a little disjointed. I wasn't sure what the 'story' of the dance was. Although it was quite obvious Myra and Arwind were like totally giving it everything, I can't even comment on the other two cos my eyes were training Myra most of the time. Like FD said, she was the star of the troupe. Time to up your game guys.

Contender #2 : Singapore Char Siew Baos!
The Baos! performance is inspired by the soundtrack of the movies from the 80s. Their fave celeb was Edmund Chen who, according to the Baos!, is just the sweetest, nicest guy ever. Ruby so cute - star struck haha! In the end, they performed a rawkin' mash up of Wind Beneath My Wings and What A Feeling.

What did the judges say?
B: It fels like every week you get stronger and stronger and more confident. Wonderful entrance and a very strong start and you've actually lost a lot of that bouncing around, you just stood still and just belted. Well done I loved it.

M : I'm so surprised that Siew Mai (Ruby) can sing so well and I'm so surprised that Twa Bao (Dominic) can blow so well. The only thing I didn't like was that you brought me back to my old school days, it wasn't a good time for me. But anyway, you are the one!

I : Every week when I look at the Baos!, I feel like they're my children. They are growing and growing, especially you Ruby, you take all the comments from the judges and you belted it out today. You picked the two favourite theme songs of my life, not only that you have transformed from Char Siew Bao to Fine Dining tonight!

FD : The sax is back I love it! You guys for the second week in a row have shown good you are, old school rocks!

summerr says : 
Fine dining indeed! Woot! You go Baos! Absolutely rocked it. I loved it too. I loved the look especially. Its real nice when you guys 'look' all dressy dressed! And Ruby, dear sweet Ruby turned into a fluffy haired diva man. Loved the frizz, loved the eyes, loved the shoes, you would never know she was totally sick in her stomach the whole day by the way she owned it. Good job you guys - still very shiny happy people. 

Contender #3 : Luminiq Crew
The crew is also down one member. From 7, they are now just 6. Faiz, the youngest member of the group, has had to withdraw due to some family predicaments. Hope it all gets sorted and he's okay. As for the rest, its time to step it up after last week's disastrous comments and bottom 2 ranking by the judges. Their routine is inspired by a combo of two movies - The Matrix and Ip Man. 
What did the judges say?
B : I give you guys top marks for comedy. tihs was a much better item than last week. more thought better choreography

M : I am so surprised Ip man can meet Matrix. Your slow motion is really slow motion and really all together.
I think you are the one, very good. (So far, he has two 'the one's. LOL!)

I : I think its very good that we scolded you last week, you definitely have upped the act ten times so welcome back to the show. And please don't go down from here. Keep it up boys!

FD : I'm glad to say the cheesy-ness is back, the corny-ness is back, Luminiq Crew is back!

summerr says : 
This routine was definitely better than last week's. It was more coordinated and more conceptual. Apparently the boys were pushed for time last week with a lot of other commitments thus their choreo last week suffered. I'm glad they had a bit more time to think this week's one through despite losing one guy. Keep up the morale guys, don't lose steam now!

Contender #4 : Danny Koh
His performance is inspired by the movie Wesley Snipes vampire movie Blade. Notice the blades, goth make up and trenchcoat? Plus this week, he has an assistant!

What did the judges say?
B : Danny you are a boy wonder. I think you've constantly proved to us week after week that you're no 'one trick pony'. And like I said, you're always my favourite closet drama queen.

M : I cannot breathe. Everything go so fast. I not even enjoy, then everything disappeared. I never enjoy, then everything come out again. I think you are better than one of the Taiwanese illusionist. You're good. Really. You're good. You're a guy right? Wah piang everything go so fast black black how I know whether guy or girl?

I : Danny Koh, if you don't win, i don't know who should.

FD : To take one trick and make it work so well in 90 seconds proves that you are a master of your craft!

summerr says :  
As usual, Danny delivers. On Sunday night, Danny texted me saying he had a huge headache and had no idea what he was gonna do this week. He said that about the same time the week before, before he decided on the upside down straight jacket thing! Week after week, Danny has delivered, I can't wait to see what else he's got up his sleeve (aside from the rabbits, doves and countless kerchiefs I'm sure he stuffs in there). Loved the Glambert get up and all the drama-mama moves.

Btw, I saw the assistant's arm had a huge gash and I was like, 'OMG did Danny do that?!" To which she smiled and said, "no la, that's old," then pointed at a scab nearby, "this one was from the basket!"

Contender #5 : Jill-Marie Thomas
Jill-Marie sang a mash up of Elton John's 'Your Song' and Gaga's 'Paparazzi' (looks like mash-ups are the way to go right?) and for the first time ever she played the piano - which she picked up on her own. I guess the word 'Paparazzi' is practically synonymous with the words 'lights', 'camera' and 'action'. Haha, good one.
Although, I wished that her segment with Kumar would have had more of him - he hardly said two words :( 

What did the judges say?
B : Jill you look and sound beautiful. There's nothing to say, you do this so well, guitar, no guitar and now with a piano, you do this so very very well.

M: Lovely. Is this your first time playing the piano? Really good. You look like you enjoy the show and the competition. Which means, every week when you come to the show you will bring something new - good!

I : This is the first time we're hearing you play piano and I think you did very well. But I don't really like the hair. But great performance, great remix of three songs in 90 seconds. Thats awesome.

FD : I disagree, you are gorgeous! We saw a whole new Jill and I loved it. I've heard Gaga's Paparazzi, your version is better.

summerr says : 
This performance actually reminded me of when Duane did Pokerface on Idol. It was a great performance, likewise so was Jill's. I think the whole deconstruction of a dance song and rearrangement into a simple accoustic melody is what gets us. I didn't like the 'Your Song' part of it  much, not a big Elton fan, but the minute she took it up a notch to Paparazzi, I was hooked. Nais!

Um, ok, have to agree with Irene, the hair.... I say nay babe. NAY. Return to wardrobe plis.

Challenger : Sean Harrison
 Sean's song is Five For Fighting's 'Superman (Its Not Easy)' and its the theme from (one of my fave) tv series Smallville! Sigh, Tom Welling, those abs, that smile, those eyes (and sometimes vapid expression) - love him. I actually cornered him at a reception to take a picture - I was such a groupie! Oops, sorry, back to Sean, yes, so its his first time on the show and whoa, that VT, about songs 'speaking' etc. Intense. But that's how Sean describes himself as a performer - intense. He wants you to 'feel' the song. Did you?

What did the judges say?
B: Who are you? Where did you come from? What took you so long to get here??? Welcome to the show, I'd better see you next week ok!

M : I always tell people that singapore has a lot of talent. He's the one. I love your voice. I love your song. Sometimes simple is nice, don't too complicated. I love your everything. Good.

I : I closed my eyes when you were singing coz I wasn't sure if it was the CD or it was you. Thank you Sean you were amazing!

FD : You are immensely talented. and the audience will know what I mean when I say this - NOW we have a fight on our hands.

summerr says : 
I thought Sean got off to a rough start, and I was thinking 'oh no, how?' But about half-way through, he seemed to find his stride, lost the nervousness and just got right into the song. Watching the show back, I could see he relaxed right after the bridge. His voice changed when he sang, "I can't stand to cry"...and whoa, from there, I 'felt' the song. So overall, I think he did good. I think he has a real nice tone to his voice, something none of the judges really touched on. And I love that he's not all glammed up and overdressed, he's just like this 'vagabond' who stumbled out on the OMG! stage waiting to be 'discovered'. Naaiis. Thanks to Twohill for pushing him to join. 

Judges Ranking : 
1. Sean Harrison
2. Danny Koh
3. Jill-Marie Thomas
4. Singapore Char Siew Baos!
5. Luminiq Crew
6. Jigri-Yaaar Bhangra Academy

I would have ranked Danny first, and given a 3-way tie to all the singers at #2. I enjoyed them all the same! I think pretty much everyone tried to up their game that night. Actually, right before the show, the vibe I felt backstage was really glum. Even the Baos! ordinarily shiny happy personalities weren't as shiny/happy. The LMQ boys were super quiet and in various states of slump all everywhere. What was up?

One of the producers said it was probably the mid-season 'slump', when everyone's energies are low  because they are tired, "it'll pick up again, when we get to the end," she assured me. 

Cheer up OMGers! I know its hard work, and it sometimes feels like no one appreciates the hours you put into the show. Its even worse seeing your friends go home week after week, cutting two a week is brutal, but hey, remember guys, its not just about the destination right? You guys have all gotten so many 'moments of glory' already - enjoy it and keep the shiny-happies up from here on in!

Well, that was Episode 10 of OMG! What did you think of each Contender and who do you reckon will be going home next week. Another two will be leaving the show and a new Challenger will come in thereafter to challenge the remaining 4. The theme is 'School's Out!' and they'll all be 'working with kids' this week for their video clips. 

Oh but before that, the Top 8 (that means Desert Roses, Rhythm 'N' Moves and Vertical Dancers too) will be performing this Sunday, live, on the President's Star Charity Show, do make at date this Sunday for PSC at 7.30pm on Channel 5!

xoxo, s.

ps. I LOL, every time Michelle said 'everybody', I kept hearing Barbarella saying 'hello evrybahdy! LOL!

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  1. Mark was a disgrace as a judge. Channel 8 actors/actresses couldnt speak proper English much less giving contructing comments on the show.

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