Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sleep? What Sleep?

Ok so this post was not conceived in the shower.

Its 5.10am on a Wednesday morning and I'm still awake. Why? Cos I'm watching TV.

I've had to catch up on my missed Red Thread and Project Runway episodes. I've just been recording them non stop for the last couple of weeks because I've either been holed up with the kids or watching Gossip Girl.

I'm so thankful for that little gadget they call mio TV right now. I set it like WEEKS AGO to record by series, so that smart lil piece of metal and thingamajiggies whirrs and buzzes and saves every episode week after week until I'm ready to watch - woo hoo, thank you SingTel technology (or whoever invented it) ! mio TV - 1, hubstation - 0 (cos you have to record it manually every week). Hrm, if only they could combine both services into one MEGA service...

Anyway, just felt I had to shout out that I'm hooked on them two shows too.

Am now contemplating sleep or ep 5 of Bachelorette.......

Such a tough decision man....

oh wait, gotta wait, finish this entry properly first.

Be smart, you're a Mommy now, the kids need you...go to SLEEEEPPPP....

g'nite y'all!
XOXO, s.

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