Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Paris Jackson

My heart goes out this little girl who's just lost her father.

She is 11 years old. Her brother Prince is just 12.

Forget for a minute that her dad is Michael Jackson, or that her aunt is Janet Jackson, or that she once lived in a huge mansion that had a park on its grounds called Neverland.

The fact is, she's an 11 year old girl who's just suddenly lost her father to a heart attack.

A father who was totally devoted to his children and one she appears to have adored.

In the 'slump' of his career this past decade, when Invincible's album sales were embarrassingly low and molestation charges overshadowed the man that was once Invincible, its easy to forget the Michael that was once at the top of the world.

Today, watching the Public Memorial Service at Staples Centre, I was so glad that everyone was reminded of how much Michael Jackson has accomplished in his lifetime. It was almost like vindication for a lifetime fan like me, who never believed in all the rumours (bleached his skin to be white (MJ has vitiligo), molested kids).

I loved him for all the good that he was always trying to do. He was a humanitarian from way back. 'We Are The World' was the very first song that helped showcase the plight of African people. And opened up the eyes of many to the suffering in 3rd world countries.

But most of all I loved him for his music. His music often moved me to tears. Heal The World, Man In The Mirror, Human Nature, Smile, You Are My Life to name a few..

So in the last decade when it seemed like Michael Jackson was getting weirder and weirder, I liked to think that he was using the time to raise his kids, spending loads of quality time with them, because they follow him everywhere and are homeschooled.

ET aired some rare home videos tonight that MJ filmed when Prince and Paris were little. You could not see him, but you could hear his voice. And he sounded just like any other proud Dad.

I later saw a video of him taking Paris shopping on her birthday just last year, and it seemed like something any regular Dad would do.

So, in believing that, in believing that the bond he had with his children was undoubtedly close...

My heart goes out to Paris.

I've already lost my Mom, and I was 28. And even at 32, I cannot imagine losing my father.

It is impossible to imagine what this 11 year old is going through.

May you keep watch over her Michael, because I know you're her guardian angel now.


ps.I just hope that the media will respect his kids now that he's not there to protect them anymore, and that his family will continue to protect them and shield them from the media (and the world) who will undoubtedly want more of them now that they have seen their faces. Plus, with media speculations about their mother's possible bid for custody etc, it could turn into a circus in the coming weeks.

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