Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Top 24 Stylings

Last Wednesday & Thursday, I got to meet up with the Top24 at their wardrobe call for Saturday's big photo/trailer shoot.

They were being styled by resident Mediacorp stylist Annie (whom I did not have the pleasure to meet but read all about here).

WARDROBE at TV Building is an intimidating place. You are surrounded by racks and racks of clothes, backed by rows and rows of tall shelves filled to the brim with more clothes, accessories and shoes, packed in narrow lanes between ironing stations, steamers and seamstresses with pins and needles!

What's more, those shelves are on wheels, moveable only by the big rotating wheel on its side, so if you get clamped in, reaction time to save you is dead slow - big phobia for me - trapped in between shelves at Wardrobe, sure cannot get out in time like in those Indiana Jones movies!

But it was no sweat for the bright as sunshine 13 that showed up, all recuperated from Bootcamp and back to their regular 'high' selves on a rainy Wednesday and the remaining 11 that popped by on Thursday.

I had a lovely time hangin out with them while they took turns to get kitted out for what was sure to be an awesome photoshoot. Cos wherever this bunch goes, they radiate energy.....Thursday's bunch were friggin' bouncin' off the walls!

So what does a member of the Top24 do while idling and not IDOL-ing?

Sing. Hum. Goof off. Sing. Goof off sumore. Camwhore. Sing. Get interviewed. Camwhore some more. Sing some more. Can you see a trend?

Some of the more vain ones (what am I saying, ALL also damn vain) came out to strut their stuff for the others to see, evaluate and approve...Nice not? Fat not? Pass ah? Can get more votes in this? Show more skin? How?

Here's a pic of Ebony. She's really tiny so they had to CLIP her dress at the back with pins! They took in like 6 inches at the back to make it fit! Do not be fooled by her petite stature, her vocals are the powerhouse type!

I caught a glimpse of Momma's Boy's handphone whilst he was emptying out his pockets for the fitting and ALAMAK! SO cannot make it lor...... its so old and used the numbers aren't even there anymore! Anyone got a handphone to donate to this poor fler so he can vote for himself when the time comes (skali end up voting salah cos he pressed the wrong keys?!)!

I also spotted this ADORABLE mini dogtag bracelet on Ben. Apparently its from Chomel. Gotta start going back to Chomel again (I used to be a Chomel groupie when I was younger, I had like 27 scrunchies! Shoot me, shoot me now for saying scrunchies in this millenium!). But yes, MUST go back to Chomel. After which MUST dig up more info on cute bracelet and cute Ben :)

Ok, so time to whip out my Predict-O-Meter *flutter hands*flutter hands* roll eyes*.....

Girl Idol....and its gonna be.....IVORY!

Ivory has a very cool set of pipes. She's also just very cool. The kind of girl that other girls are cool with, but then again, she's a Gemini. Geminis are classic split personality cases, I should know, I'm a Gemini too! But hey, they also say Geminis either totally love or totally hate other Geminis and for now I get a really good vibe from this one.

What's that? You want more gossip? Did I hear about any hook-ups? Hrm, lemmesee...

Oh yea, I did actually. TWO to be exact.

Hook-up #1 : Glamourboy & Cackles
They make a formidable couple. Seriously. You DO NOT want to cross them, they can bitch yoah ass to Canada and back and they still wouldn't be done. Think Karen from Will & Grace... on Prozac. But they're lovey dovey to each other, definitely BFFs, maybe more....

Hook-up #2 : Ben & the Bellydancer & the Pussycat Doll
What this? A 3-some? Hrm, word around camp is that Ben's a little bit of a Ladies Man. Can't blame him, he IS pretty ;) and not too bad with the words. But aiya, whats wrong with a little bit of flirting at this age right? Plus, I found Ben to be a really sweet guy.

So, should Ben be with the Bellydancer or the Pussycat Doll? I shall go consult my astrological charts and report back later!

Til then, I'm putting the Predict-O-Meter (this term is getting to be a pain to type) to bed....*yawn* wtf 4am already?! Time flies when you're having fun with the Idols.

xoxo, s.

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