Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When Will Wednesday Come?

Why is Wednesday so FAR AWAY???

I want to watch the NEXT episode of Bachelorette - cannot tahan already....fasterrrrr!

I watched Ep 7 last night, and jaw dropped from the start to end.

WTH does Jillian see in WES? I mean, blinded by love is one thing, but this is ridiculously obvious that he's not here for her....

Plus, there's the shifty eyes, awful exaggerated Southern drawl....the guy has NO GOOD written all over his face. (and not even in the delicious devilish way that Chuck Bass has 'BAD' written on him!)

See what others think about him here...

I shall blog more about it later....in the meantime, here's what I have to say in a nutshell (or picture)...
gotta dash cos my kids are up and they don't like it when mommy is 'working on the computer'!

Right now, WEDNESDAY just can't come fast enough (despite being less than 9 hrs away)

(Eh mio TV ppl , what time you all load the next ep ah? 12am? I will be sitting and waiting at 12am tonight man....
need my Bachelorette fix...)

*note to self : mustn't sound like such a hardcore Junkie all the time...

Yes! Now its LESS than 8 hours away, only 7 hours and 52 minutes to Wednesday!!!

mio TV don't let me down...please have Ep8 ready to go at 12.01am (ok i give allowance 5 minutes...12.05am ---> Wednesday already waaat!)

xOxO, s.

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