Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SIngapore Idol Top 24

Just One More Post for the night!

After a rejuvenating bite of half a piece of chocolate swirly bread (YUM! From Provence @ ionOrchard! <-- first day open and I'm there already!) and a few gulps of cold water (thank gawd for fridges with dispensers), I'm once again flooded with ideas for a post!

But first, gotta check on the household :

Children still asleep? Yes. Wait.. i hear mumbling. Ah its The Daughter - she talks in her sleep just like The Husband and The Godma (the Singaporean one, yes she has more than one).

The Husband still asleep? Yes. Snoring.

The Helper asleep? No, yakking on the phone - who the heck is yakking with her at 4am?
Note to self : remind The Helper -sleep more talk less, no wonder the sugar was in the fridge and the margarine was in the cupboard!

So...for my last post of the's what I want to do...
I'm gonna predict who's gonna win Idol this year, with my Predict-o-meter. Just flutter fingers, roll eyes and the answer will come to me.

Oh but since y'alls don't know the names of the Top 24 yet, I can't share the prediction....hrm what a predicament. Didn't think this one through enough.....

I know...I SHALL NICKNAME THEM! Muahahahahhaha. Top 24 if you are reading this, don't bother guessing, I nicknamed you all, then shuffled it two to the left and 5 to the front then 9 to the left. When the names of the Top24 are revealed, I shall reveal which nickname belongs to who ok?
(ok Einsteins, even if you all figure it out, dun la let the cat out of the bag k? No fun for viewers!)


Singapore! Let's meet your Idol Top 24!

GIRLS (in no particular order)
1 Cackles
2 Dazed
3 Nurse
4 Pet
5 Bellydancer
6 Pussycatdoll
7 Ebony
8 Ivory
9 Goodgirl
10 Badgirl
11 Diva
12 Turtle

GUYS (in no particular order)
1 Teeth
2 Badboy
3 Ben
4 Worrymuch
5 Guitarhero
6 Colgate
7 Shimmer
8 Homeboy
9 Goodboy
10 Momma's boy
11 Glamourboy
12 Grammarboy

I almost named you all after LOTR characters, then decided aiya, so difficult to remember the spelling ...ish! Don't take the nicks personal, like I said it may not be who you think anyway!)

So from now til probably end August, I shall refer to the Top 24 using their nicknames. Lots more info to be revealed in the coming weeks...BFFs, Hook-ups, drama etc.
As of now, my predict-o-meter says *flutter fingers, roll eyes*......

And the winner is ....

....COLGATE! woot!

Here's what I got on COLGATE :
His favourite Idol Judge is Florence and he loves Perfect 10 98.7FM.
He's a Sexy Sagittarius *there are 3 in Top24* and from what I see, he definitely has the chops to sing it and WIN it!

Stay tuned for more updates and info on your newly nick-ed Top 24.

xoxo, s.

ps. 4.24am gotta haul-ass to bed if i'm gonna make it for their wardrobe fittings later today - see what I'm willing to sacrifice for all things Idol? I gotta get the kids up and ready for school in like...damn...less than 3 hours!

pps. oops in my excitement to get this post out, I forgot to do the post on Zaki! sorry Zaki, you next, promise!


  1. @siproducer go on, venture a guess then text me muahahaha.

  2. No need to guess. I know who it is!! And who you're thinking about and I can see why you predicted colgate!!