Wednesday, July 1, 2009


woo hoo! i have managed to solve the problem!

But it was like a weird groundhog day thing (which always happens to me when machines or technology is involved). The Husband will tell you otherwise - he says (and I'm sure all engineers will cheer and share his opinion) that machines do what you tell them to and if you input the wrong sequence of events/orders you won't get what you want.

I like to think otherwise.

That machines hate me and are just out to get me. How's that for irrational? :)

But don't get me wrong - I love my TV :) and my netbook...and my Neutrogena Wave thingy (best $13 face massage ever lor).

I did the exact same thing I was doing all night last night and for some strange-ass reason this time it worked. It had to do with the blog settings which last night for some reason despite being changed, never really took effect.

In desperation I tried it ONE MORE TIME and voila...worked! Timestamps are now accurate on this blog!

Just like this morning.. the car wouldn't start... I put the key into ignition and turned it and the radio came on, but the battery didnt kick start....the RED battery light was on...

I was like, Nice One, Car! On the one day I have you to do the marketing and run errands, you decide to cop out, just Suuuper.

I thought maybe I did it wrong...maybe I forgot to do one of the 'sequence-of-events' things like.....I dunno, close the door, step on the brake, put on my seatbelt, .. or .... rub my nose and pull my left ear for good luck - dunno wtf happened la.

SO MANY TIMES I friggin took out the key and started over....
slowly...purposefully...carefully...and the damn battery STILL refused to come alive!

Not a sound I thought DIE la.....cannot run errands.
I sat there and tried calling The Husband like 10 times (ok 3 times).... but no answer ....probably on some international conference call (or maybe actually he went to the loo and didn't bring the phone - basket!).

Meanwhile the kids, all strapped in and ready to GO were fussing mommmmyyyy lets gooooo, why are we not goinggggg...sigh...

So I literally opened the door, pretended to step out of the car (hovered above the seat and sat down again) and then shut the door and gave it one more try...and whaddayaknow...the damn thing came to life....

I tell you The Car is out to get me ...... I swear its payback for all the scuff marks the kids leave on the chairbacks and gazillion cereal and biscuit crumbs strewn all over the seats and carpet (I bet you The Car (who is Singaporean) exchanges notes with his counterpart in KL about the Milo stains on the backseat and has therefore decided to teach me a lesson by stressing me out with false starts in the morning).


Ok Car, You Win.

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